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Comment Re:Larger MCU for existing devices? (Score 1) 348

You don't seem to understand how it works. You made an assertion that you cannot update an 8 bit device in the field. All that is needed to prove your assertion false is one counter example. Temples provided that counter example.

In fact any device that can be programmed can be updated in the field provided there is a reasonable means of replacing the programming. e.g. replace an EPROM, have a firmware updater etc.

Comment Re:Always (Score 1) 765

The lesson to be learned is the companies are not people.

Wrong. Companies don't make decisions, they are not sentient. People make decisions. It wasn't the company that fired you, it was a person working on behalf of the company. They fired you because they thought that was in the best interests of the company, or more likely in the best interests of themselves in the context of the company.

Comment Re:loyalty is a two-way street (Score 1) 765

Walking you to the door is not necessarily firing you. I used to work for a company where where, above a certain promotion level, employees were supposed to give three months notice. However, because they were frequently in sensitive positions, they were often walked to the door the minute they handed in their letter of resignation, but they always got their last three months of pay.

This was in the UK, elsewhere YMMV

Comment Re:Do Processing unit makers build alikes? (Score 1) 127

Which is peculiar because the 6502 should have not nearly as many as 40k transistors.

That's explained by the fact that it is not a 6502. The processor architecture is his own 16 bit design. This is a really impressive achievement. He designed the processor architecture from scratch, wrote an assembler and simulator and then built the thing out of (mostly) discrete transistors.

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