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Comment Re:WTF??! (Score 1) 125

Emacs users have more time for commenting on slashdot.

Because Emacs is more capable and much faster to use they finish their work quicker and get to relax and peruse idiot ramblings on slashdot while the vim users are still typing away.

Right, so if all the vim users are still finishing their work, who is writing the idiot ramblings on Slashdot?

Comment Re:Well... (Score 3, Informative) 218


That's not what "statistically significant" means. What it does mean is that the result is unlikely to happen by chance. If there have only ever been two fatalities while driving on autopilot, there really isn't enough data to be confident it's not a random cluster and so the number is not statistically significant.

Comment Re:Great firefighters (Score 1) 243

It is not a fact. RMS can be calculated from the peak value of the mains voltage; e.g. in the USA is about 120 × 2, or about 170 volts.

This is incorrect. The 120V AC quoted for US domestic power supplies is the RMS voltage. The peak voltage can be calculated by multiplying that by the square root of 2. i.e. The peaks are about +170 and -170 volts. The equivalent DC voltage for the US mains (in power delivery) is 120V.

Comment Re:problems, lol (Score 1) 232

Exceptions are not possible in C for the same reason that they are not possible in Objective-C even though they exist. There is a vast quantity of code in the C world that is not written to be exception safe. So if you throw an exception in your callback that you passed to library, the unwinding of the call stack may cause all kinds of resource leaks and other issues.

Comment Re:What Authority ... (Score 1) 564

There are EU regulations about government assistance for corporations. These are in place because Europe has a single market and government subsidies for one company are the same as tariffs for everybody else. The EU thinks that Apple paying corporate tax at 1% when the official rate is 12.5% in Ireland amounts to an illegal subsidy.

Comment Re:Money (Score 1) 564

The bill is for eleven years and includes interest. Plus Apple did pay some taxes in Ireland, probably around a billion euros. To give you some perspective, it looks like Ireland collects around €45 billion each year in all taxes and around €7 billion in corporation tax. This €13 billion would be a substantial windfall for them.

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