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Comment Re:Whoosh... (Score 2) 214

They may have voted, but if 65% wanted priority given to alternative energy sources over fossil fuel development, yet half of all the voters, roughly, voted for the candidate who is "Captain Coal", then clearly, a lot of people voted AGAINST THEIR OWN INTEREST.

Right, because Hillary would have totally owned this one <eyeroll>

The Democrats idea for promoting "alternate energy" is giving large sums of money to Democrat donors like Solyndra. It doesn't actually help anybody except the cronies and the party, in case you're wondering.

Comment Re:Why separate by race? (Score 1) 122

If there is an actual medical/statistical reason for separating groups like that, I'm genuinely curious, otherwise whats the point?

Because there are actual differences between the races - both genetic and cultural - that can make a certain disease more prevalent in different races. This is a good example, by the way.

Comment Re:Sad to see Trump... (Score 2, Interesting) 318

The problem with Trump and most of his campaign is that he's promising a quick, easy solution to a difficult problem: how do American workers stay competitive in a stage of increasingly easier global shipments?

And the problem with Trump's alternative is that she claims there was no problem. Democrats don't seem to get the utter incoherency of their position: America has no problems and Trump can't fix the really bad problems that America has.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 1) 1546

So, um, why shut it down? Odd, isn't it?

LOL! Not really.

As someone else said, surely the Saudis care greatly about these issues. Their fundraising dried up - the only reason they were able to handle the 2% overhead is because they didn't need to advertise and it was a pay-for-play scheme. When the "play" side disappeared, so did the "pay" side.

Comment Re:Perhaps globalism might be in fear for once. (Score 3, Insightful) 1546

You think there's going to be ~less~ fraud and abuse under a Trump presidency?

He's got a Dept. of Education cabinet pick who blames a clerical error on her being VP of her mother's charity for 17 years, an HHS pick who passed laws to specifically help his stock picks (and I don't mean made it easier to trade stocks - he bought stocks and then helped pass laws that made those company's stock prices go up), and a pick for Sec State who wants to reduce sanctions on Russia so his former company, Exxon (they're tiny, you might not have heard of them), can get billions of dollars worth of investment off the ground there, also helping his stock prices.

Shine on, you crazy diamond.

Yes, even if all that's true it pales in comparison to what Clinton would have done.

Did you that the "Clinton Global Initiative" just shuttered operations? I mean, who could have seen that coming? You'd think since she isn't President of the USA she would have more time for her, um, charitable work. It's almost like it was a massive scam meant to give the Clintons a slush fund to live the big life on "donations" from people who wanted to buy influence. Nah, couldn't be.


Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 397

The preferred alternative of pure monitor plus streaming box could be marketed as 'modular TV'.

My monitor is probably close. It's a vizio 42" UHD TV, but has no tuner. So it's not really a "TV". It does have "smart" stuff built in - hulu and such, but I can also go on my phone and open netflix, choose a movie, and then tell it I want to watch it in 4K glory on the monitor. It rocks.

It doesn't have a microphone or camera, but it does directly connect to the internet. But it actually does what I want a TV to do, which is to allow me to watch netflix and amazon content at high resolutions.

As a comparison, comcast just added netflix to the cable box that they insist I use in order to get 300mb internet, but they only show in 720p. Bastards.

Comment I've spent a lot of time in retail (Score 0, Troll) 159

I've spent a lot of time in retail and - news flash - everybody does that. When Kroger has a "plus card" deal they always show you the "savings" vs. the MSRP, even if that's not what the item was priced at before the sale. Publix does that with their 2-for-1 deals - you get two items as the MSRP of one. You will save good money doing that, but it's not exactly half price.

This is normal. Once again, Canada shows why government must, of necessity, be reined in.

Comment Re:So they didn't enable cheat mode (Score 1) 246

By not disabling the cache Safari will just reload the web page from disk, instead of downloading it all over wifi. In normal use you don't sit around reloading the same page all day, you surf to different web sites, so caching extends battery life to unrealistic levels.

On your normal web site, the actual page content is a pretty small part of the overall download. As images, stylesheets, and javascript files are cached the only thing that loads from page to page is the actual HTML. I develop using Rails, and we have an asset system now that allows us to tell the browser to cache the non-HTML assets for a year, so they'll hopefully never be reloaded. If using standard jquery and such, you can use a CDN that'll have the same sorts of policies to promote caching.

Turning off the cache is not a normal setting, and Consumer Reports should *not* be doing that while claiming to do "real world testing".

Comment Re:Automatic. (Score 1) 483

This stuff is so clueless. I live in the very low tax state of Tennessee, and our roads are at least as good as California's. Indiana and New Hampshire have horrible freeze/thaw cycles all winter long (I spent my first 30 years living in Indiana) that destroys asphalt. We don't have this here or in CA, and road maintenance is simple in comparison.

Our sales tax is about what CA's sales tax is but we have no income tax. With proper spending it can work.

Comment This is a bit of a repeat (Score 4, Interesting) 232

So, this is a bit of a repeat, but I'll answer as I did last time. I have a Citizen Eco-Drive Skyhawk:


Mine's a little different as I bought it as Service Merchandise which closed in 2002. I think I got it the year that they closed and paid $300 or $400 for it. It's still my watch.

It doesn't run Android or anything. But it has a slide rule around the bezel and is actually made for making some aviation calculations simple. It also handles all time zones, shows utc on the face at all times, has a couple of alarms, a countdown timer, and a stopwatch. It's solar powered and I've never replaced the battery. It's also water-resistant. I've never had trouble with the watch. I just now realized that it's 15+ years old, and has lasted far longer than any other watch that I've owned.

I know there are some amazing computerized watches out there, but a slide rule is the ultimate nerd accessory, right? Also, show me your second generation Apple Watch in 15 years.

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