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Comment Re:I would invest (Score 1) 156

Webvan was great. So was So is Uber.

Unfortunately, none of those companies had/have a chance without investor money to subsidize their services. Once forced to actually pay their costs, they will have no choice but to raise their rates or go out of business. With Webvan and, customers left when the rates went up. Same will happen with Uber.

That said, I'm happy to spend investor's money to save a buck. Use it while it's there!


Okay, but what exactly is Uber spending $1.2B on? I ask this seriously. I understand a scenario where you have to build up inventory and all that - it takes capital up front and you won't get it back quickly. But Uber? They have a $100K app and some rented servers? I mean, I'm missing something *really* big somewhere. I don't see how they can blow that much cash with nothing to show for it.

Comment Re:More than one type? (Score 2) 166

I came here to make fun of "chemicals" as well. It's not that I don't think this is a problem, it's that people use the word "chemicals" when they mean to say "dangerous chemicals". Water is a chemical. I'm made of chemicals. It's ignorant to use the generic word "chemical" when trying to scare someone.

Comment Re:Ouch (Score 2) 227

Gradually over time, they began relying on it more and more. With the 2.0 liter diesel engine, they didn't want to pay Mercedes to license the urea injection system. So they began used the software instead. (On the 3.0 liter engines which have urea injection, it appears to have been used as a crutch so they could get away with putting in a smaller, cheaper catalytic converter and not have to use as much urea.)

Seems like you could build a urinal into the driver's seat and kill two birds with one stone here.

Comment The problem is easy to fix (Score 1) 236

Look, this is simple. We just need government workers to show up and actually work. Yeah, crazy talk, I know.

Rachel from Cardholder Services advertises on Craigslist in Orlando. How difficult is it to just use their services (I know they're calling people at the FTC) and track them down? Use existing laws to put them out of business. There are plenty of options for those willing to do the minimal amount of work.

Comment Re:not happening. (Score 1) 279

Canada uses the same voting system as the UK, but we have nearly double the number of voters than Canada, we don't require *any* ID to be shown to vote (you get asked your name and street address, thats it - its illegal for the officer to ask for ID) and the UK still has a near zero rate of election fraud. Its so low that individual cases of people turning up to vote and finding their name has already been crossed off make the national news.

The vote fraud that happens in the US is typically dead people "voting" for Democrats. There is very little fraud that is actually tracked down and prosecuted (which is why liberals in our country like to claim there's no voter fraud) but some hilarious cases have come to light. In TN here, for example, there was a really contentious state senator race a few years back. Someone went overboard with the fraud and in a precinct near his home that had 100 registered voters 150 voted. So, yeah, it happens. Requiring an ID fixes most of the problem. There are also reports now and then of Democrats driving homeless people around to various polling places to vote multiple times, usually rewarding them with cigarettes.

In case you think I'm biased (I'm not) Republicans have other interesting methods. One which they've been caught doing is using automated phone calls to areas that vote heavily D and letting the folks know that the election day has been changed.

Ugly dirty crap. But when we try to implement common sense reforms (like ID to vote) you can see who screams loudest and deduce who's going to be impacted most by it.

Comment Re:Kapew (Score 1) 176

They're right here INSISTING that well, okay okay, it got built, but IT'LL NEVER WORK! Because turns and trucks and bridges and all KINDS of DUH OBVIOUS real-world stuff (not that they've ever seen it, holed up their moms' basements) that those stupid "engineers" CLEARLY haven't thought about before pissing away MILLIONS on this thing!

In other words, a normal day on Slashdot. :)

Honestly, all of those things *are* problems. But the problems won't get solved (or the whole thing shown to be a major debacle) without building it and playing around with it. This is v 0.9, give them some time to work out the kinks and see how the rest of the city interacts with it. Another problem I see is the fact that all seating is on the second floor, meaning the elderly and handicapped are going to have a harder time of it. But, again, they're not done, they're just getting started.

At least they're trying *something*.

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