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Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 1) 249

You got a temporary offer. They will jack the prices back up to the previous level after some period of months.

Yeah, two years. I forgot to mention that. Typically, though, when Comcast gives a "temporary" deal like that in two years time that'll be standard pricing for that service level. That's the way it's always been. I just hope that I can ditch the cable box in two years.

It's obvious that tv isn't a big deal now since the local channels are coming in at 720p. They might be doing hbo/showtime at 1080p, no idea. But netflix and a-prime are better to look at.

Comment Re:Saving Money (Score 2) 249

I went 100% data something like 10 years ago. Then Comcast called me up and said "hey, we'll throw in basic cable for $5/month more", so I said "fine" and took it. We didn't watch much - the kids watched Disney Channel when they were much younger but that was about it.

Then I moved and went back to a data-only plan, which went from $50/month to $70/month for some reason, I think because it got faster.

Anyway, fast forward two years and last month Comcast called me up and said "hey, for another penny each month we'll throw in basic cable plus a premium channel *and* take you up to 300Mb/sec". I said "Sounds good, I don't need the cable". Long story short, they literally wouldn't upgrade my cable speed until I'd connected the stupid cable box to my tv and turned it on.

The only good to come of it (besides the ass-kicking speed) is that when it started crapping they sent a tech out who finally figured out what I'd been telling them for two years - there's a problem in the wiring between my house and their office.

Anyway, the point is that they would not increase my speed without forcing me to get cable. At least I'll be able to get netflix on the comcast box thing soon, although I also need amazon prime and youtube to get even close to replacing a roku.

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 88

In an RDBMS context, NULL and blank are two very different unrelated concepts. If you don't know the difference you'll make yourself look stupid.

NULL in an RDBMS context and a "null pointer" in C have nothing to do with each other beyond the word "null". As you get into different languages these terms may be used in various ways that are unrelated, fully related, or only tangentially related to an RDBMS context or whatever.

Comment Re:Do away with them (Score 1) 88

I say get rid of nulls. They cause all kinds of problems and bloat up code. The few times you do "need" them can be handled other ways.

For example, check to make sure the data structure has values (elements) before running an "average" operation on it. If you don't check and there are no elements in it, then it should throw an error rather than produce a null.

Perhaps nulls are used in RDBMS because it's not easy to use conditionals or error handlers in queries to deal with an empty structure or no rows. Maybe have the Average function return two values (columns): one with the result value, and another column with a the count of elements averaged. If the count is zero, then the result value is invalid (not informative), but would be set to zero for consistency.

A potential problem with getting rid of nulls is that languages may have to support them for backward compatibility with existing stuff that produces nulls.

The more you type, the bigger the hole.

In RDBMS terms, "NULL" means "we don't know the value". It's not "empty", 0, false, or anything like that. It is "unknown".

Take this dataset:


The average of those is 2 ( (0 + 2 + 4) / 3 ). The count is 3. The sum is 6. The max is 4 and the min is 0. The RDBMS doesn't count null values for those operations because nulls are not known.

Likewise, NULL != NULL and NULL = NULL both give no value because it's unknown.

NULL is not "empty". It is not "undefined". It is not "blank". This is the source of your confusion. NULLs are absolutely necessary in an RDBMS context - at least for people who know what they're doing.

In terms of C programming, "null" usually means a pointer that has a literal value of 0. Unix-based operating systems always set the first page of mapped memory to be inaccessible as an easy way to catch references to 0 pointers. That makes a null pointer an easy way to say "there's no value here yet". But it's really not the same as a NULL value in an RDBMS context.

Comment Re:Does anyone care what Trump thinks? (Score 1) 527

The last I'd heard, news fact-checking organizations were reporting that he told the truth 15% of the time. Why would I ever care what the opinion of someone like was?

And I've found the "fact-checking organizations" tell the truth about 10% of the time. These are the people who claim Hillary told the truth about her email server.

The people of the United States are still smarter than that.

So are you, Bruce.

Comment Re:Win/Win (Score 2) 113

Oracle avoids a $6 Billion lawsuit

Oracle nets $200 million after a small reimbursement

Oracle potentially gives away software that creates a lifetime dependency on their products going forward

Oracle hasn't actually given away any software yet


for Oracle

Exactly. I love the $60M in "software" - that cost Oracle $0 in the short term and in the long term sets up a dependency that'll be the gift that keeps on giving.

Oregon got *screwed*, and apparently the folks in charge don't understand it.

Comment Re:Some hacker, he's not found anything real (Score 1) 333

If you can't find something stupid said by anybody in that list in 3 seconds of Google, I can't help you.

You're too stupid to help anyone. It's the job of the person making the assertion to back it up. Don't think so? Then I causally assert that Trailer Trash likes to have sex with pigs in the mud, and leave you to disprove that assertion.

Crap, I *knew* not to send that video to my ex :(

Comment Re:My iPod Touch 6 Has This Flaw (Score 5, Insightful) 204

Just... barely works. Sometimes you have to breathe on the screen a little to get it to recognize your finger.

Disappointing, given how expensive it was.

This is why I miss Steve Jobs.

The obvious problem is that your finger is defective, and Jobs wouldn't have been afraid to tell you that.

Comment Re:Some hacker, he's not found anything real (Score 1) 333

Yeah, but Duke has a "real connection" to Trump, right?

Wasn't really the problem.

More an issue that Trump handled it poorly. Trump's amnesia for David Duke..

Even his VP can't do it.

But as far as I know, Hillary Clinton doesn't that problem, she's already identified Jeremiah Wright.

Yeah, 4 years ago. At this point shit Hillary said 4 years ago is claimed to be racism if Trump says it.

What's amazing to me is that Trump is easily the worst candidate the GOP could come up with - definitely within my life time - and they still have to make stupid stuff up about him. He's bad enough in reality.

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