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Comment Re:But is Wayland better? (Score 1) 226

On top of that they're doing the #1 thing you're not supposed to do in development: completely rewriting a working system.

Common misconception. You shouldn't completely rewrite a working system if there isn't a need. But what if there's something that working system doesn't provide you need to succeed, or an associated cost that's a deal killer? The FOSS world (and the proprietary world) are both filled with successful examples of people rewriting working systems. Starting from scratch isn't always a bad move.

Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 1) 176

Clearly, you should publish a paper proving that this theory neatly wraps up all of the unexplained observations that motivate dark matter theories and gain yourself a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution.

I have been working on writing a paper discussing this topic for more than a year now. Is it wrong to discuss ideas before publishing?

Why would I want a prestigious tenured post at a top academic institution? I do not require money or fame; furthermore, I already have a nice, well paying job.

Thank you for attacking me Sean (Shawn?). Your denigration is very useful and open minded.

Comment Re:Not really a Good Result (Score 0) 176

Lack of new physics means that we have no explanations for the myriad of things which need new fundamental physics to explain sch as what is Dark Matter? and why is the Higgs boson so much lighter than the scale of quantum gravity?

Gravity is merely a byproduct of the properties of spacetime.

The 'time' aspect of spacetime flows faster the further you get from the mass that created the spacetime. This 'time' differential is what causes the effect known as gravity.

Dark matter does not exist. Galactic rotation curves are the way they are because there is less mass near the edge of the galaxy, which means time is flowing faster near the galactic rim. Hence, the illusion that the stars on the rim of the galaxy are moving objectively faster than they should.

Comment Spend Money (Score 1) 312

Hire better, more senior people. Hire more staff if you are understaffed. Because if you have enough developers, and they are seasoned, then together you'll come up with a process that works for YOUR company and YOUR team. Or - be like too many companies in a race to the bottom of underpaying, understaffing, and then complaining when it doesn't work out. Or worse - thinking some process or tool will save the day. It won't, and if it did - you wouldn't deserve it.

Comment My Mind Changed (Score 2) 477

Commenting to remove my mod points. I did some reading about Gorean subculture (including Larry's blog post about his experience). Let's clear some things up:
  1. The controversy here specifically is about Gorean beliefs/culture, not the BDSM orientation (using some of Larry's terminology here).
  2. Larry's articulation of his beliefs/culture are nuanced and a credit to him. They made me take a fresh look.
  3. There are some members of the Gorean community who write anti-women screeds. But that's no different then members (sometimes prominent) of major religions. That shouldn't damn the whole sub-culture.

After reading Larry's blog post (and I recommend reading the whole thing) - I've come away realizing Drupal is in the wrong here, and the community is absolutely right to stand up for him. This isn't a man publicly arguing women are less than men. It's a man who is into BDSM and who enjoys a master slave relationship within the context of his romantic/sex life in a way that is wonderfully aware of active consent. That's fine. Some men and women enjoy being dominated, others enjoy dominating. Some like that to mix with how they live life - and that's also fine.

What isn't fine is ignoring the Gorean side of this or failing to see the problems with that culture - just as we need to see the problems with any culture (for example Judeo/Christrian/Muslim culture and how they view apostates, women, and non-believers). I believe we can be critical without blaming everyone in those cultures or destroying those cultures. It's fine to disagree and debate.

Drupal should reinstate this guy (since that seems to be what he wants. Though personally I'd argue he should join a programming community that better respects diversity and values people more.

Lastly I'll add this. It is worth considering that viewing women as less then men can be harmful, even deadly. It leads to treating people as mere objects, restricting their human rights, etc. Look at women in Saudi Arabia for instance. But I'm far more worried about that threat coming from conservative fundamentalist religions than from a sex subculture inspired by novels.

Comment Re:They never learn (Score 1) 98

This is news, and the "this is not news this is expected" crowd is brain dead. Yes it's news when a software company replaces a useful product (that they may have built marketing on) with a less useful product as a tie in for another service. It's worth criticizing google for this as much as it is pointing it out.

Comment Re:The cost of drugs for rare diseases? (Score 1) 311

But, when we as citizens don't insist our politicians address campaign finance reform, policies favoring corporations will continue to guarantee price gouging will continue. Campaign finance reform should be made the top issue... Every. Single. Election.

It is sweet that you think it is apathy from the public that is inhibiting campaign finance reform. It must be cozy inside that little world of yours. Come out and take a long look at the guns, blood, and enslavement that actually inhibits such changes. Enjoy. :)

Comment Re:Ah, italian taxi drivers... (Score 1) 215

Ironically, on my last trip to Italy, the only person who ripped us off is a taxi driver.

Same here, but in the Netherlands. I almost called the police but it was my last day and I did not need the extra 38 euros he was trying to extract from me. Missing my flight would have been more inconvenient than just letting him have the fucking money. Disgusting that there are people out there so desperate for money that they will steal small amounts at any chance. What kind of desperate life must they be living?

Comment Re:What about paid emulations? (Score 1) 116

In the case of game system emulators, they should have just said that they're banning the emulation of proprietary game systems (not officially endorsed by the companies owning those game systems in the first place). That policy would have been sensible enough.

I disagree. Why should they even care? Are they afraid that original Xbox games will be playable on the Xbone?

Again, playing in someone elses sandbox is a prescription for trouble for you. For myself, I will never participate in the Microsoft Store.

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