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Comment Re:With all due respect to Mr. Hawking and us... (Score 1) 280

Even more, I would argue that such a "species" would not want to live in a gravity well anyways. I would suspect that advanced species would place their "habitats" in nebulae and asteroid belts and such where resources are plentiful and movement is easier. Once you are on a planet, it takes insane amounts of energy to move away from it.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 852

Why the fuck is this modded insightful. Trump has incited his followers to violence, appeals to neonazis and white supremacists, and has caused holocaust survivors to say "he seems familiar".

Trump and his supporters are a poison in this country, and suggesting Hillary Clinton even comes close to being as evil is delusional.

Comment Verizon Will Bleed Customers (Score 1) 222

Having as much data as you want changes usage patterns. I stream music and movies on my PC, and never would dream of it on my phone with Verizon. The *second* another carrier has the same coverage - Verizon is going to bleed customers who decide "actually I do want to use my phone to stream media". Since Verizon markets streaming media apps - they are feeding the very hunger that will take away customers who want to see those promises delivered on.

Comment Re:Slashdot questions (Score 1) 241

You heard me. C.

I agree. BASIC enforces terrible logic skills. Scripting languages may be useful to teach logic, but ultimately, you need to deal with "the machine". C can be tedious, but it is far less tedious than Assembly... which does not encourage logic in the same way that BASIC does not.

Kudos for you to go against the current on this one.

Comment Re:Very cruel (Score 1) 429

I found a small lizard in my apartment once. I just looked at him as he stared terrified at me. I politely stepped well away from him and went into the living room and sat down.

I ran across him from time to time over a year or two but I think he finally left or died.

I never had any bug problems while he was there. :)

I moved out shortly thereafter.

Comment Re:If true, why are we subsidizing it? (Score 1) 539

Religious institutions, such as the Salvation Army and religious hospitals and shelters, fill many gaps that the government would otherwise have to fund.

Why would the government have to fund these "gaps"? The Federal government is for managing relations between the internal States and also for managing relations with external States. There is no requirement for the Federal government to deal with individuals.

State governments can do what they want, limited only by the laws of the federal government granted by the US Constitution. I am not aware of any laws requiring that the State keep people from starving or freezing to death.

Comment Re:No Steve Jobs (Score 1) 133

I started writing an IRC bot almost 20 years ago. It has been running non-stop now for at least 17 years. It is 1.0 and has never crashed, hiccuped, or shown any anomalous behaviour. The source code was publicly available and some fairly evil hackers tried their best but the only thing they could do was DDOS the server it was running on.

Granted, I do not think the code was pretty or elegant, but it was/is rock fucking solid. I could post the code again if anyone showed any interest in it.

Comment Re: Shocking! (Score 1) 527

If you have some alternative explanation for where the additional energy being absorbed by higher CO2 concentrations is going, be my guest and provide it.

Clearly, it is going into our bodies. Why do you think there is an obesity epidemic?

Sorry, I thought it was funny and wanted to defuse the volatile situation. ;)

Comment Re:Firefox doesn't get a break (Score 1) 208

Anyway, what I'm taking from the comments on this article is that Mozilla really shouldn't read Slashdot, because most commenters here hold that Mozilla really cannot do anything right.

Any time that there are multiple people commenting about something, you will get mutually exclusive comments. If you read the comments without involving your ego, you can get some extremely useful insight into what is going wrong with your development.

I argue that the Firefox team SHOULD read the comments. Perhaps then they would start giving more control to the end user. Same with Gnome. Open Source software should give all control to the user without the user having to rewrite the source code.

Comment Re:WebExtensions API (Score 1) 208

perhaps even to the point of hosting their own addon site as mozilla's addon site goes to hell (err, i mean gets chromified).

Just yesterday, I turned on a computer that I have not used for 4 years. I fired up Firefox and clicked update. It went from version 14 to version 43. I then had to update it again because 43 is not the latest. Needless to say, the really cool theme that I had on it was not compatible and had no update so I went looking for other themes that could work.

Wow, I could not really find any themes like I used to be able to. I did manage to see three themes while scrolling through dozens of pages. It seems like the Firefox folks do not like the idea of us making Firefox look the way we want it to look. WTF?

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