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Journal Journal: Payday!

Today is payday and what do I spend my hardearned money on ? Books of course.

I went out and bought David Webers latest Honor Harrington offering. Needless to say it is great!
The Honor Harrington Saga continues with new plot twists and turns. The man can write, trust me.

I bought two other books too, "The butchers bill" by David Drake and "Midshipmans Hope" by David Feintuch. What is it with all these David authors ? They keep on turning out high quality SF year after year. Throw in a bit of SM Stirling, Eric Flint, John Ringo and Steve White and you have the most vital section of current SF. Except for Mr. Neal Stephenson and Mr Peter Hamilton of course, they play in a completely different league than others. Along with William Gibson they rule the world.

So, thats my rant for the day. CYA L8ter.

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Journal Journal: Another day in paradise

So, this is my first journal entry on Slashdot.

I have a confession to make today.
I like Windows XP. Please dont hurt me!

It looks nice and the only time it crashes is when I run half-life mods. I can live with that. VNC and ssh via PUTTY to my server works great for my linux needs. My preferred OS is UNIX, and the number one spot is reserved for Mac OS X. If it was available for intel machines I would buy it tomorrow. It looks good and Apple has at least a five year lead over Microsoft who has a lead of about two years on the linux desktop.

Well, thats it.

CYA later.


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