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Journal Journal: No more in this journal


There's were my thoughts will end up - not here. I don't trust an american site to allow me free speech - too many new laws in the US restrict this.

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Journal Journal: Confession from my foe 2

Here's the confession from the person who's moderating all my comments down because of my signature. Written as an Anonymous Coward ...

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Journal Journal: Think twice 9

I get all my old posts moderated down -1 Offtopic whenever a certain person gains moderator status (or if he has multiple accounts, I don't know). See my history for proof. I also get numerous replies to my signature attacking my person.

That's weird. It seems that USian Slashdot posters are like the rest of the american John Does - they actually believe that Israel is nice and that all arabs/muslims are terrorists. How come they're the only one with this view? How come there are daily protests in all big cities in Europe against Israeli warfare against Palestinians? How come food-chains in Norway are boycotting Israeli fruit because of this? How come USA is the only nation stopping UN from dealing correctly with Israel? How come myself - 27 year old Swedish white well-educated male with neither jews nor muslims as close friends give money to Palestinian help-organisations and actively in mail and in my Slashdot signature URGE people to actually learn the truth about the most serious conflict in the world themselves?

I know, do you? The last time this was brought up here at slashdot a USian slashdot poster told the moderators to mod myself and another poster down before we "strapped bombs to teenagers" or something as stupid.

Remember: Nelson Mandela was marked as a terrorist by the South African leaders, and put in prison. All freedom-fighters have been called terrorists. If you'd care to read up on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict we might have chance to stop the US arms supply to Israel. Rockets against rocks, you know.

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