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Comment Crashplan between friends (Score 1) 366

You probably have a friend with a similar question. The solution is that you buy a backup disk the size you need, they buy a backup disk the size they need, you both install it at the others place and then you run Crashplan between yourselves. That gives you off site version controlled backups.


Comment Re:Cords and cameras (Score 1) 43

Also inserting reality should ne done wilth cameras and not via clear lenses like Google Glass

Lag is the reason why inserting via cameras, processing, then displaying fails. We humans aren't really good at tens of milliseconds of disconnect from what our senses tell us and what we see.

Clear lenses (like Sony SmartEyeglass, in front of your eyes, unlike Google Glass) has zero lag on real world content (of course).

Comment Re: Really.. Really??? (Score 1) 271

No, if the errors are systemic they can absolutely change the trend. Not only within a measurement system (human readers rounding to nearest half degree) but most definitely when you switch measurement devices (bucket intake on ships).

Most research in the world would benefit from having professional statisticians help out with the statistics. It's simply quite hard to get right. One principle that is never used as it should is the Bonferroni correction.

Comment Re:We all need to be nervous. (Score 1) 271

Remember this is the warmest month ever recorded, which makes it the warmest month since the last Ice Age (we passed the historic peak since the last Ice Age a decade or more ago). And that makes it the warmest month in the last 100,000 years.

Uh, no. Where did you get that from? "recorded" goes back to the mid/end of the 19th century - not further.

It was warmer than today for thousands of years during this interglacial (~8000 years ago) - known as the Holocene Optimum. In some parts, like anthrax-ridden Siberia, it was up to 9 degrees warmer than today.

(Yes, I can link the actual papers if you really don't believe it - but it's not difficult to put the keywords into a search engine)

Comment Re:Yea Sure (Score 1) 704

"the evidence strongly suggests that fraud is the likely explanation. These problems have been occurring since at least 2004, and are certainly present in the current 2016 presidential primaries.

The documentation consists of statistical graphs analyzing data from five presidential cycles, as well as off-year races from across the country. The data illustrates that there are unusually large discrepancies between small precinct and large precinct election returns, and noticeable differences between hand-counted and machine-counted precinct results. Even in isolation, the data gives cause for concern. Thestatistical evidence is reinforced by physical evidence and congressional hearings: manual recounts that do not match the totals of the machines being audited; and testimony under oath about direct knowledge of tampering with electronic voting equipment."

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