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Comment Re:Welcome to Sweden (Score 1) 513

If you search really hard you might be able to find a Swede or two that aren't fluent in English. Otherwise, don't bother learning it. You'll get around perfectly fine in English throughout society.

(Some of my employees who have immigrated do take the time to learn Swedish, but I'm hoping that's because they have long term plans .. )

Comment Re:Welcome to Sweden (Score 1) 513

You can be hired under the concept of "prövotid" (probation), but many workplaces do not use that, especially in sectors where we have a lack of qualified personnel like in tech.

(It's not really fired, then, either. It's just that the employer would not need to convert it into regular employment, without having to specify why.)

Comment Welcome to Sweden (Score 3, Informative) 513

There are countries where this is not idle talk - please be welcome to Sweden. We treat dads and moms equally when it comes to parental leave, and you'd be hard pressed to find a manager who's not understanding of family emergencies. That includes the HR departments.

/one such manager

Comment Re:Volume is key (Score 1) 208

Uhm. I wrote the post you're referring to, and it was positively a reply to a post about Beanie Babies:

"The key element left out of this comparison is trading volume. At one point, certain Beanie Babies were worth more than gold, but the trade volume was low, and the Beanie Baby economy never took off. It's trivial to drive up the price of a commodity on low trade volume."

My post countered the covert claim about the price of Bitcoin being a result of low trade volumes with the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars in no way makes the price artificially high because of movements on an illiquid market.

Comment Re:Volume is key (Score 1) 208

Here are the trading volumes on the different exchanges over the last 24h. I'm quoting only the top tree between BTC and local currencies - there are many many more.

Bitfinex $39,590,400 (BTC and US dollars)
bitFlyer $37,823,900 (BTC and Japanese Yen) $16,917,200 (BTC and Chinese Yuan)

A few hundred million dollars over a single day is not likely considered "low trade volume".

Comment Re:Lovely (Score 4, Interesting) 87

It's fine that you don't, but those of us who are aren't really worried. Client side encryption means not trusting the transport layer - even https.

No 1Password data is put at any risk through the bug reported about CloudFlare. 1Password does not depend on the secrecy of SSL/TLS for your security. The security of your 1Password data remains safe and solid.

(I use LastPass myself)

The security I get from having unique 14+ char completely random passwords for _every_ site by far outweighs the slight possibility that access to both my encrypted binary as well as my master password slips out. The by far easiest attack vector for that would be hacking my systems, and if that happens any system I log on to can be snooped then and there as well.

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