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Comment Silly (Score 2) 215

50 mSv is an allowed maximum yearly dose for workers in a radiation environment. At least here in Sweden you can get ordered to take 100 mSv in an emergency (or wartime), and then another 100 if neccessary, and so on up to a maximum of 500. Of course, thats if there is no other option. 5 mSv is, as many others have said, not very much. Hell, its less than medical techs get every year.

Comment Re:Give them the same terms they gave Germany (Score 1) 1307

Actually Germany paid back a lot of debt involuntarily. The eastern parts of Germany, occupied by the Soviet Union, was thoroughly pillaged in an organized and orderly manner. Everything from railroad cars and toilet seats to complete disassembled factories was sent east. The railcars didnt even have the same gauge, but the Soviets didnt care. Add to that slave labour by millions of German POW:s in Gulags for many years, all intended to pay back the Soviet people. So, in 1953 when Germany was formally divided the debt was unpayable due to geopolitical considerations. Germany got a haircut on the debt, the GDR paid back the rest of it, the DDR didnt pay a single dollar.

Greece needs reforms and probably some serious debt relief, but not beacuse of Germany or the ECB or the IMF, but because of corruption and a taxation culture that is completely inadequate for a modern country.

Comment Re: This is the Problem. (Score 1) 246

Nope. Everyone gets the same coverage. Its paid by your employer, you never see that money on your payslip even. There are no tiers. Taxes are high, but we actually get good stuff for it. Despite the taxes we have the one of the highest standards of living in the world.

There is private insurance that basically lets you cut the line in certain cases, mainly ailments where an operation isnt time critical. We do have a few small private specialist hospitals that accept patients that pay their own way, but they work within the system as well. I had an operation on one of these hospitals, paid for by the standard single-payer insurance. Worked just like on any other hospital.

Comment Re:Start jailing the rapists (Score 1) 752

Avpixlat is a sewer of anonymous bigotry, lies and propaganda supported by SD, a political party whose prominent members of parliament enjoy taking drunken walks on the streets of Stockholm with iron pipes in case someone wants to mess with them. Fria tider is even worse, its thinly disguised white supremacist bullshit. Yes, we have asshole bigots in Sweden as well.

Comment Re:Why teach fractions to kids in the first place? (Score 1) 194

Not true.

Fractions are important for later mathematics and for understanding things like percentages, decimal notation, scale, parts of the whole, ratios, I could go on. Early work in fractions helps foster a better way for kids to think about mathematics. We use few fractional measurements in Sweden, but its still an important mathematical concept. Also, using graphical representations of fractions frequently leads to misunderstandings or fixations on fractions being just pieces of a pie. When you actually try to do math beyone adding up to one whole pie, bar, octagon or whatever a lot of students hit a brick wall unless you have worked with multiple representations and thinking about fractions as numbers, not pieces of a given whole.

Comment Re:I'm a tech coordinator for an Ohio district (Score 1) 375

Why on earth would you lock down an iPad? We have about 100 iPads at my school (its 1-1, iPads for 10-12 and laptops/chromebooks for the older kids) and very few technical glitches. But then, ours arent locked down and are on an open wireless network. I have no problem managing the use of the iPads in my classsroom, they are used when and how I say. Sysadmins and others tend to have a very narrow focus on tech in schools, at least thats my experience. Open standards and a good infrastructure is whats needed, not lockdowns, bureacracy and management.

The device itself is a tool, its what I as a teacher do with it that makes a difference. I teach math and science at a school near Stockholm in Sweden. All my students in math turned in their own video explaining how to separate any number into ones, tens, hundreds and so on the other week. I get the kids to think and act and I get a great overview of their math vocabulary and basic thinking. We use it to watch videos with short lessons and explanations of problems, to do homework and write on our classroom blog. We use them for documenting science projects by writing, snapping pictures and making videos, we train multiplication tables and watch clips from Youtube and sources like myself and other teachers at the school.

The iPad is a complementary tool for my teaching. What I teach doesnt change when you add technology, but how I can teach and how the kids can learn does. Last year I had three computers and 34 kids at a different school. I still teach the same things, but I can do a lot more in the same time now.

Comment Re:$30 MILLION WILL ONLY COVER THE FIRST 31,000 (Score 1) 393

You are missing the point. iPads cant replace teachers, they are a tool. A very useful one, but they cant replace humans. Teaching takes a lot more than just telling the kids which page to start reading from or grading homework. Sure, some stuff can be bought canned, and I know of your fondness for multiple choice tests over there, but its not enough if you want real results.

Comment Re:Cost (Score 1) 393

Maybe it includes some infrastructure money as well. Network infrastructure for 640,000 iPads wont come cheap, will it ? Deploying wireless access points in schools is a pain as no school looks like the other and the (generally) concrete construction doesnt help. I know we had some issues with wildly varying costs in our small school district, and that was for a smallish network, not one capable of several hundred simultaneous connections per school.

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