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Comment Re:Mossberg is an Apple fanboi, valid point though (Score 1) 568

the 16 GB of storage on the iPhone is typically filled with music

I've yet to see any studies saying that's typical. Possible? Yes. I wouldn't say typical. However, just to play along, let's say it is typical. The space allocated for applications is for the individual to decide. The individual has ~16 GB to arrange applications, music and video. As it's being reported in the article, the space allocated for applications is set by the manufacturer.

There is a difference between "I only need this much space for applications" and "I only have this much space for applications."

Comment Re:This is about finding a common infection point (Score 1) 180

What happens to all the folks (us?) who have been gloating over the security of our Macs, Linux, smartphones etc. when these apps get broken? Time to eat crow?


The moment you believe securing your system is not an issue, that's exactly when it becomes an issue.

As Windows and Mac user, I don't trust either of my systems to be any more secure out-of-the-box than I can throw them. You don't get to ignore any responsibility for your system's security and have the privilege of being a link-clicking blind-downloader simply because you picked the "more secure" computer.

Comment Re:Who says "we" are drawn to it? (Score 3, Interesting) 870

I had a distaste for the movie prior to seeing it, but that was because whenever I asked someone who had been raving about it for details on the plot, they could only tell me how "pretty" or "awesome" everything was. I didn't make fun of it (because how can I make fun of it if I haven't seen the source material outside of a 90 second trailer?) but I was vocal in my disinterest in it simply because no one I knew could give me two sentences worth of story description.

This weekend, when my wife and I needed to get out for a little bit, we gambled and saw it. To my surprise, I didn't hate it. In fact I enjoyed it. I wouldn't say it's the best movie of the year or going to sweep the Academy Awards like I've heard from some, but it was very well done.

Don't get me wrong, I still criticize the movie. Specifically the design of some of the wildlife (some of the designs just seemed to vary from impractical to unnecessary). There were some things that just seemed "alien for the sake of alien".

Yes, it's a "going native" film like Dances with Wolves (even Cameron said that was part of his inspiration) but it really does stand on it's own.

Comment Re:Conroy is a Traitor. (Score 1) 200

I don't follow. How would it make Abbott a hypocrite if he opposes internet filtering?

I believe the GP meant to imply that proclaiming oneself as Catholic and speaking out against censorship could somehow mark one a hypocrite. I assume the anticipated knee-jerk reaction would consist of "He says he's a Catholic, but he doesn't want your children to be safe on the Internet" or something along those lines. I suppose the natural response would be "The responsibility falls to the parent, not the Government", though that doesn't win over as many voters as one would like.

Comment Re:It's about time (Score 1) 380

I truly believe it was more 50-50 than either creator would have liked to believe. Yes, Kirby and Lee had wonderful joint projects. The Fourth World did not take off as well as expected (but was still pretty darn good). On the other hand, "Who outside of comics..." has heard of Stan Lee's "Just Imagine" or "Ravage 2099".

Most times, Stan's method of "writing" was letting the artist dictate what happened on the pages and going back and writing the dialogue to fit the scene, maybe giving one or two plot points. Anything he actually tried to write completely by himself was horrible.

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