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Comment Competitors don't get it (Score 5, Insightful) 71

Oh so I can pay 2x and get something 2x faster. Wow. And I could pay 2x of $60 and get a whole chromebook or used laptop that was 8x faster. Or a I could buy a cheap android phone and have my rockchip with a touch screen and battery for that $60.

they just don't understand the price point logic of $35.

Likewise going the other way you can buy a cheaper and more powerful board like a Pine or an Orange PI, save yourself $10 in parts and then pay about $300 in time and effort (assuming your time is worth $50/hour) to get a linux distro and and all the needed packages that actually works on it. the orange PI's are junk because a usabale software set only gets ported a year or more after the board has been on the market. I bought one once, and had to download several different distro's for it till I got one with drivers that would support the Key board, Blue tooth, and screen I was using. And even then it was only using just 1 of it's 4 processors and no graphics acceleration from the Mali chip. that took hours to wade through. then when I tried to install other code the libraries didn't compile. Fast forward 3 years, and it works fine now but the rasperry PI 3 eclipsed it.

The whole point of the RPI is a bomb proof little circuit that has loads of well testd software so it's not the project, it's the thing you put into the project.

Comment Re:Next up dead (Score 1) 379

My Panasonic 50-something in TV is *not* a smart TV, and it's about 2 years old. I specifically shopped for a "dumb" TV. The features of smart TVs will quickly become outdated and cumbersome, and I hope to keep a TV for a good 10+ years. It was cheaper than the smart versions.

Comment Re:Just attention seeking, no substance (Score 1) 552

The whole thing smelled of bullshit from day zero. It's much easier for the US to get someone extradited from the UK than it is for them to extradite someone from Sweden, so the whole running-to-the-embassy thing never made sense, except as a possible means to escape being tried for rape. If the US really wanted him, they'd have had the extradition process started with the UK long before Assange went to the Ecuadorian embassy.

Comment Simple interfaces. (Score 1) 180

the car radio is great for simple eye's free interaction. It's also good for discovering new channels both locally and as you travel. It's a great human interface. Cuing up something on my phone to play it tedious, clumsy and I end up laying the same things too often. Even streaming blows as it's just too complex and too many choices.

Someone needs to make a radio dial like interface for streamed music. limited selections so it stays not complex but evolves in with new music and also has things like NPR or BBC or whatever news channels you like.

Comment crap versus quality (Score -1, Redundant) 228

I have a bunch of really nice quality tools, socket sets and squares and digital calipers. I alos have five times as many disposo-tools I get from the $1 bargain bin. Cheap chinese crap. But it's convenient to have spare pares in my car or kitchen tool box and such. they work but they have their limits. Their main use is they are cheap so I can toss them out as they break.

Likewise I have way more android phones in drawers and chromebooks and windows machines than I do nice apple computers, laptops and tablets. But when I'm actually doing anything it's on my apples. THe others I use for my kids when we travel, or as controllers for games or as things I bought for cheap to try and see if I'd like them (chromebook). Their main benefit is they were cheap and disposable. Most have defects now like bad buttons, or bad batteries.

SO yeah here I am a canonical mac user but even I own more crap devices that are not mac. But Mac has 95% of my use-share.

One thing I would never buy is an expensive PC or Android device. They might very well have the same build quality as an apple. But that's not my use case. I only want the others because they are cheap and so I can have lots of them.

it depends on how you count. I'd count what people use.

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