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Comment Re:Umm safety? (Score 1) 305

Because dealerships want to charge customers as much as possible for any work on the vehicle.

£200 for an electronic radio key is just daylight robbery. Then they'll also try and charge you for topping up your oil, doing a "30 point safety check" etc.

Frankly why they don't have a usb port the user can download firmware from the internet, then upload the new firmware to the engine management unit I don't know.

Hell they can sign the binaries so that ricers can't modify it ... but then again, auto manufacturers aren't computer companies, and certainly won't buy in the crypto expertise to do it properly. sigh.

Comment Re:"standards-based web platform" (Score 1) 170

Last I looked, NaCl is moving to llvm bytecode, allowing on the fly JITting to x86, Arm, etc.

The only thing that'll be really annoying is there will be no way to access hardware directly. I wrote a PC/SC plugin ages ago to do just this.

I guess the only way there now would be writing a signed Java applet...

But wait ... I can't do that on OSX, because ... Chrome is a 32bit app!

Comment Re:Not autonomous? (Score 3, Insightful) 356

Because otherwise, it's simply an RC aircraft. They've been around for 30+ years. "Drones" are new, "RC" is old. But the meanings are the same, depending on who you are talking to.


Since there's a perfectly good word with an identical meaning, use "unmanned aircraft" for any without a human on board. Use "RC" to mean remotely controlled. And use "drone" to mean weaponized or self guided.

I'm of the opinion that "Drone" should refer to autonomous (flying) vehicle. The question of it having a weapons or surveillance payload is irrelevant.

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