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Comment Re:Interesting side effect: No pardon for Hillary (Score 1) 534

It's a well known open secret in Washington that the Obamas don't like the Clintons and particular Hillary.

Obama's legacies are for the most part going to be washed away. Obamacare, the TPP, and other policy initiatives will be undone the second Trump comes into office. It would be an insult to Obama's memory for him to pardon Hillary and even Barack knows this.

I don't expect him to let her off of the hook.

Seems people either are 100% in love with the Clintons or 100% hating them.

I don't really understand Obama's strategy with his presidency. He came in with such grand promises. The first thing he does is to shove ACA down everyone's throats without even letting the Republicans add a single amendment or really even debate it. That torpedoed any credibility he had to work across the isle and made the Republicans only want to seek revenge. Granted the entirety of his 8 year term they did nothing useful as a result and looked like fools. So Ohama then decided to do everything through executive orders, which will now be all wiped away. Leaving his legacy as what?

Even the ACA as written left most of the actually policy up to the discretion of the executive branch. Trump can't overturn the law without Congress, but he sure can sink it in a single day by rewriting the implementation details that Congress abdicated. That whole thing is a train wreck form the beginning.

Comment Re:Interesting side effect: No pardon for Hillary (Score 2) 534

I am thinking in this case Obama is getting a twofer : that is to say, he not only gets to not pardon Snowden (who has embarrassed Obama) but also gets to signal to Hillary that she is not getting.a pardon either without explicitly saying so, without making it look like there is strife within the Democratic Party.

That would be pretty savvy on his part if that's how it plays out. I never believed he'd pardon Snowden, and his statements in Germany were misleading at best, but a subtle signal to Hillary via this interview would be pretty genius.

Comment Re:To answer the question. (Score 1) 624

That, and simple laziness. Too lazy to load a real news app? Just scan Facebook. Too lazy to fact check what you hear? Hey, if it sounds right to me, it must be correct - who wants to bother with all that Googling, anyway?

Hard to tell which is greater - the laziness or the gullibility. Occam's razor doesn't seem to help here!

Comment Re:Blame the news websites. (Score 3, Insightful) 624

The point the author of the article WANTED to make, I believe, is that the quality of news is slipping on legitimate news sites (due to whatever., blah blah) and THAT is causing people to either seek out alternate news sources, or give those otherwise dubious sources credibility since they appear to be spewing the same BS as the legitimate sources are.

Comment Re: Simple (Score 1) 322

They started the bundled updated shit last month. I downloaded updates for one Win7 machine early in the month just after Patch Tuesday (The LAST ONE for me!) and did my other machine about two weeks later, and I noticed they had added the "October 2016 Rollup Update" for Windows and a similar-looking turdball for .NET.

So it begins...

Comment Re:Another Revenue Source for Carriers? (Score 1) 97

That gives you local caller ID names, kind of a local whitelist. With landlines there is a "name service" that provides a number AND a name, usually (when not blocked, spoofed, etc.) but that doesn't get sent to the cell network, apparently. So, the latest version of Android has it half-baked in as a paid service feature or something.

Comment Re:Another Revenue Source for Carriers? (Score 2) 97

AT&T is pulling that shit too, apparently My mother said something like "My caller ID names are gone, and it's just numbers now. It said something about the free trial being up." that must be what she was talking about, she just got a new Galaxy 7 Edge with AT&T service.

I'm on Verizon and I get names and numbers as part of basic caller ID service, AFAIK.

Comment Re:Galaxy 7 (Score 1) 126

The problem was also present in later cars too, I think the Mustang and Crown Vic had the same issue, they sandwiched the gas tank vertically behind the differential pumpkin. That way in a rear end crash, it crushed the gas tank and ruptured it. They fixed it in later models by mounting the gas tank horizontally atop the pumpkin. The Pinto Wagon had problems with the gas filler neck too, IIRC.

I had a Fire Engine Red 1972 Pinto in high school. I had a "Danger: Flammable" bumper sticker on it as was the fashion at the time!

It was a great car, it's top speed was 77 MPH on a flat road, pedal to the floor and you couldn't redline the engine. The German 1600cc 4 cylinder engine was one of the best ever made. The Canadian 2300cc one was a bit more powerful, but the 1600 was more reliable.

Got many miles on it until it finally required a manual points adjustment (tune up) every week or so. I even had sex in that car, and man, that was very difficult, but not impossible! :D

As for the phone, I have an S7 Edge and it's great, no battery issues. They should have used the same ones in the Note, but they probably had to make it smaller for the pen storage area, I'm guessing.

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