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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 239

We generally do better on time than you. Here's my experience:

FedEx: delivers in front of the garage door. Lies and said they put it by the front door. You leave in a hurry and run over it. I've got a number of free things as a result. Packages are often squashed.

Amazon Delivery: late about 15% of the time. They give you nothing for being late. Their tracking indicates it took 12 hours to go 8 miles in south Jersey. Traffic isn't that bad. For home delivery, they sure to deliver late. I've had them come at 8pm.

USPS: generally decent, unless it's via that idiotically pathetic Smart Post which almost guarantees you will have problems.

UPS: generally on time and delivered in good shape.

Comment My first prime (Score 1) 129

This was the first year I was prime and could take advantage of prime day. I was very disappointed. The few things I wanted sold out in minutes or even seconds. Gift cards, in particular, sell out in less than one second. I think I bought one kitchen thermometer that wasn't really even that cheap, but I needed one and it was reasonable.

Most of the stuff seemed to be crap that they wanted to get rid of. I browsed several categories, and it was just such random crap that I'd never buy. Why don't they just call it "prime clearance" since that's mostly what it is, plus a few decent items that sell out in short order.

I actually had several things I wanted to get (bed sheets, some electronic devices, household goods, etc.), but couldn't get any on prime day. Either nothing on sale or they sold out too fast. Pretty lame.

Comment Re:Not Invented Here Syndrome? (Score 1) 295

I would assume the reasons were more technical. Apple was fully capable of working out a deal if they thought it would be of value. The problem with ZFS is that it consumes more hardware resources. This is fine for a server because with additional hardware it performs quite well. People buying a server generally do not care about a couple gigs of RAM. But considering that Apple was selling laptops outfitted with 512MB - it was not a good fit. Any filesystem supported by Apple would also have to operate well over USB. If FreeBSD support for ZFS over USB is any indication, it is a bad idea (as I experienced with FreeNAS.)

That's probably one reason. Apple stated that APFS will run on the Apple Watch on up to the Mac Pro. Their cloning functions seem taylor designed for their Time Machine backup. It's also optimized for flash and SSD storage, and supports flexible encryption. I heard no mention of volume concatenation or redundancy features like many modern file systems offer, but most Mac users would never need that.

Comment Re:Why only the top 3? What about other top 10 cms (Score 1) 222

I've used both Concrete 5 and Drupal. Concrete 5 isn't as powerful, but is easier to use for normal users. I'll set up a web site for coworkers and but I definitely don't want to be involved every time they want a new page. Granted it's been a few years since I've used Drupal, but it was a confusing mess of crap before. I used Jooma as well, and while it looked nice, it was rather convoluted. Concrete 5 seems easier for newer users and is very easy to maintain. Concrete 5 isn't perfect, but neither are the others.

But honestly, picking from any of those three would be a decent choice. I'd stay clear of wordpress since it's just too basic for doing anything but a blog. Anything I wanted to do required some skanky plugin. And being a top target, you really have to stay on top of security updates.

Comment Re:Always used to use Newegg (Score 4, Interesting) 174

I've found that searching for components on NewEgg is much easier. It's almost impossible to search for anything on Amazon that's not totally mainstream. I just put together a PC for a media server, and I purchased everything from NewEgg. They were either cheaper or I could actually find the products quickly. I don't really want to read page "1 of 234" containing random products with no relation to what I searched for. Thanks amazon.

I hate all their "marketplace" sellers (although NewEgg is doing this crap, too.) Amazon is becoming crap of late. Reviews are useless in many cases, partly because they group tons of similar products into a single "product" (especially bad with movies.) I was searching last night for LotR on Blu-Ray and their descriptions don't even say what's on the extra discs. Useless. And marketplace sellers sell cheap knockoffs that mess up reviews of genuine products. I've ordered a product based the description only to get something else. The seller then says "oh some other seller changed the description." What's the point of having descriptions, then, if any idiot can change them?

NewEgg is still pretty decent to deal with and getting someone to help you is MUCH easier than with Amazon. Everyone I've done a chat with at amazon was totally clueless. One even re-ordered my order for no apparent reason, which I then had to return. Amazon is becoming the Mos Eisley of shopping anymore: a wretched hive of scum and villainy. Good luck trying to find decent coin batteries, Lion batteries, chargers, etc. They sell them, you'll just never find them.

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