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Comment Re:What about Amazon Prime? (Score 1) 70

We use the Amazon apps on our Tivo and PS4 and their interfaces are HORRIBLE. I won't even watch Amazon Prime video anymore. I want to tell it "never, ever show me non-free content" but it "forgets" that constantly. There are no good discovery tools, basically just search. It's pathetic. They have a long way to go in order to be competitive. I think their chief concern is to get you to purchase something. Prime Video is an afterthought. I wouldn't even pay $3/mo for their service.

Amazon also offered free photo storage, and it's even worse. The app (at least on the Mac) appears to have been written by a high school student. It's amazingly bad, so I gave up there as well. You get what you pay for sometimes, and with Prime that's "free" shipping only.

Submission + - New Technique Turns Random Objects Into FM Radio Stations

An anonymous reader writes: A new technology is enabling everyday objects, such as posters and clothing, to be transformed into FM radio stations, according to research from the University of Washington. The team has introduced a technique called ‘backscattering’ which uses ambient low-power radio signals to broadcast messages from random objects to smartphones in the local vicinity.The researchers hope that the development could help support various smart city applications, and picture a future where anything from a poster at a bus stop to a road sign can transmit audio updates and information to passers-by. During testing, the researchers were able to use the backscattering technique to create a ‘singing poster’ which could send out the music of an advertised band to smartphone users at a distance of up to 4 metersand to cars in an 18-meter radius.

Comment Re:Vizio (Score 1) 44

I recently bought a Samsung. I would have gone the cheaper Vizio route but this issue held me off. Samsung isn't necessarily better but at least they tell you ahead of time in the terms and you can simply not connect it to the internet if you so wish. Vizio was deceptive and unrepentant about it. That lost them a sale from me.

And indeed, that's what I purchased. I didn't realize until later that viewing most Samsung's off-axis results in a terrible picture. I'm not happy about that, but it's too late now. And their upscaling of non-1080p content is significantly worse than my 10 year old Sony, which is frustrating. But it's not a Vizio, so that's a plus.

I haven't set up any of their "smart" stuff since it's mostly useless as far as I can tell. I have enough devices that can play Netflix and Amazon video connected already, I really don't need one more. So far I have an old Bluray player, PS3, PS4, Tivo and AppleTV. All of which can play video from those sources and others.

OLED screens are down a lot and I'd likely get one of those now if I were in the market.

Comment Vizio (Score 1) 44

I was in the market for a TV last year and this sort of stuff is why I ruled out Vizio immediately. Everyone wants to compete on price so they have to make it up somewhere else. Pretty sure we'll soon be paying a subscription for the content AND the TV you watch it on. Well, some people will, not me. I'm watching less and less on TV each year.

Comment Re:The new "I got nothin'" (Score 1) 68

So, you failed as a business at what you specialized at, and now you're going to "pivot" to a field that's already over-crowded with others who've failed and are making the same pivot.

No, no. They have no idea what to do because people don't want super-expensive lock in to overly complex products, so they are throwing out the latest buzz-phrases in order to seem relevant to investors. What are they going to make an IoT smoke detector that costs $500 and requires an annual service contract?

Comment Re:Carly Fiorina bashing (Score 1) 68

I haven't looked at the Yealink IP phone, but I do see advertisements for them from my telecom vendors. We settled on Polycom phones a while back. We upgraded to SoundPoint IP 650s and have been very happy. They are sufficiently open, although their config stuff is a bit obtuse. But at least it's all open enough to do what I want relatively easily. They just work and sound great. We looked at Avaya a while back, and everyone with prior experience we talked to said "run away!"

Comment Re:It is clutter not advertising (Score 0) 244

Speaking of which, Slashdot itself it unusable without an ad blocker. Every time I've tried without one I get redirected to some crap site. Literally every single time. I even tried from the gym on the ellipticals. Can't even read Slashdot there.

I'm constantly amazed at how many crap scripts ABP blocks. 34 on Slashdot today. That's insane.

Comment Intended Market? (Score 1) 80

For any mass-produced product, this will likely be significantly more expensive than including an ARM processor on a single logic board that controls the other functions of the product, e.g. a TV. People want cheap electronics that look cool, not upgradable ones. Apple understands this, although I personally hate it. I just don't see much potential for this, although it's cool.

Comment Re:DTS:X and Atmos already out. (Score 1) 192

Not sure what the article is referring to, we've had DTS:X and Atmos enabled Blu-rays and receivers for quite a while already...

That's likely just a bit stream which has no meaning per the spec. I think the spec is allowing for a higher-level way of sending that sort of audio, such that you could decode Atmos into some number of PCM streams placed in 3D space vs an Atmos bit stream. Not really sure how that helps anyone.

I know my AppleTV decodes surround sound into straight PCM surround which it sends to my receiver. I guess this would be similar, but with N spatial channels.

Comment Re:Interesting side effect: No pardon for Hillary (Score 1) 534

It's a well known open secret in Washington that the Obamas don't like the Clintons and particular Hillary.

Obama's legacies are for the most part going to be washed away. Obamacare, the TPP, and other policy initiatives will be undone the second Trump comes into office. It would be an insult to Obama's memory for him to pardon Hillary and even Barack knows this.

I don't expect him to let her off of the hook.

Seems people either are 100% in love with the Clintons or 100% hating them.

I don't really understand Obama's strategy with his presidency. He came in with such grand promises. The first thing he does is to shove ACA down everyone's throats without even letting the Republicans add a single amendment or really even debate it. That torpedoed any credibility he had to work across the isle and made the Republicans only want to seek revenge. Granted the entirety of his 8 year term they did nothing useful as a result and looked like fools. So Ohama then decided to do everything through executive orders, which will now be all wiped away. Leaving his legacy as what?

Even the ACA as written left most of the actually policy up to the discretion of the executive branch. Trump can't overturn the law without Congress, but he sure can sink it in a single day by rewriting the implementation details that Congress abdicated. That whole thing is a train wreck form the beginning.

Comment Re:Interesting side effect: No pardon for Hillary (Score 2) 534

I am thinking in this case Obama is getting a twofer : that is to say, he not only gets to not pardon Snowden (who has embarrassed Obama) but also gets to signal to Hillary that she is not getting.a pardon either without explicitly saying so, without making it look like there is strife within the Democratic Party.

That would be pretty savvy on his part if that's how it plays out. I never believed he'd pardon Snowden, and his statements in Germany were misleading at best, but a subtle signal to Hillary via this interview would be pretty genius.

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