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Comment Re:A serious question (Score 1) 109

I'm seriously curious - what the hell is my data worth? I went online yesterday - bought BBQ sauce. I've been buying BBQ from the same place for the past 20 years (mail order in the days before the interwebs). I've probably been buying it at the same rate for the past 20 years. What is that data worth to someone?

Thanks for that info on your buying habits. I've just sold it to, got quite a bit for it too.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 305

"It seems obvious: The more we learn about other people, the more we'll come to like them."

Who ever said that? Eventually people get annoying. Except for me.

Why was this modded "Funny" rather than Insightful?

Some people, "people people" you might call them, do like other people the more they learn about them. That's why politicians, for example, and certain other types of "people people" are always trying to thrust themselves into your life with speeches and handshakes etc - because they think you will like them more for it. However I am more likely to vote for a politician who just publishes a list of his proposed policies and STFU.

Other people, including me, tend the more they know about other people the more faults they see and the more irritated and annoyed they are. I don't know any South Sea Islanders and so I have nothing against South Sea Islanders. OTOH I wish my next door neighbour would go to hell, he is an arsehole.

Comment "Enjoyment" ?? (Score 1) 216


Microsoft is claiming that when customers connect to Office 365 services using a legacy version of Office, "they're not enjoying all that the service has to offer.

"Enjoying" is a bloody funny word to use in the context of office software. If I wanted to spend the value of a subscription to Office 365 on "enjoyment" there are many things I'd choose first : fairground rides or ice-creams for example. A year's subs would even stretch to a hooker.

Comment Re:Time to switch (Score 1) 216

Your whole company must be in the 1% of the population that uses ALL the features of MS Office. What business are you in? I'm not asking the company, just the industry, since that is really weird.

What you said is a widespread fallacy. No one use all the features of MS Office, but many people use a subset of features that are only available on MS Office.

Perhaps they do, but usually because the features are there and not because they really need them. They are a Microsoft method of locking people in.

I work in an engineering office. All the "office" work on a PC that I and the others do here could be done just as well in Notepad and a stripped-down email app.

Comment Re:No trust (Score 1) 38

I have the same feeling. With some services where I don't care if I lose access if I stop using my Facebook account ..... Otherwise I try to sign up directly on the site I'm registering for to use.

Only as long as it remains possible to sign on to sites directly, and not via FB or some equivalent shit hole.

It is already the case with many "popular" websites that you can only join in (I won't say sign up) via FB, Disqus or Google Groups etc.

Comment Re:Fan-fold Fan (Score 2) 174

I did not know what the IBM number was, but we called them chain printers.

I remember a guy with several big stacks of fan-fold print-out on a barrow, coming through an archway into a courtyard of Imperial College, London, on a windy day. As the wind hit him in the open, the paper un-fan-folded and rose up and to top of the 10-floor surrounding buildings and wrapped over the roof.

In those days, if anything went wrong in a program run then, AFAIR by default, the mainframe did a core dump onto this paper. You knew your program had crashed if you got handed a print-out that was 6 inches thick.

Comment Re: Really, Microsoft? (Score 1) 327

What other consumer- grade OS which can be freely installed by OEMs is there? It's not like the average person on the street is going to bother learning Linux.

The average consumer is in the browser all the time - for webmail, Facebook and porn. The underlying OS makes no difference to them as long as they can see the icon to launch the browser.

Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 1) 82

What happens when there are a decreasing amount of POTS subscribers and an increasing number of cellular subscribers? The total revenue going towards the cost of maintenance of the POTS equipment and the employees starts shrinking. Eventually it gets to a point where there is risk associated with the "subscription fees" not being able to cover the total cost.

Except that the "maintenance" issue is bollocks. I'd like to know where my 19 GBP per month standing charge really goes. What BT need to maintain, and its capital cost, is lightweight stuff compared with my electrical power provider, and their standing charge is half that.

Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 1) 82

People subscribe to it because most internet in the UK is via ADSL or variants which is delivered through the POTS system.

That is right. Cell phone coverage is not good everywhere (almost unusable where I live) and land lines are much faster for data. I am suprised the situation is not even worse in the USA, being much larger and with more remote area.

Comment Re:Yes, "line rental" is for POTS (Score 1) 82

Also, doesn't POTS still work when the power goes out?

Yes they do, provided the exchange still has power...

In the UK all exchanges have battery back-up AFAIK.

Thing is almost all modern phones you can buy require power.... However if you can find a basic POTS phone ... or even better - just a speaker and a pen knife, you can strip the wires and dial by touching the wires together for pulses ...., I don't know if POTS still actually support decadic dialling.

No, pulse dialling no longer works. As I am not one to throw things away, I still have an old (but tone dialling) phone I can plug in if I have a power cut. It is also good for fault finding around the house system.

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