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Comment Re:The Sun does Science (Score 4, Informative) 296

Well Slashdot is quoting a science article from the Sun 'newspaper'

I missed that. Non-UK Slashdotters might not know that The Sun (a Murdock newspaper) is the trashiest daily paper in the UK, even worse than the Mirror. A Sun factoid is that the editorial policy imposes a ~1000 word vocabulary set up in the spell checkers (it may be 2000, variable, but very low anyway), to use a word outside which a writer needs special permission from the editor.

Comment Re:I've been conteplating a move like this (Score 1) 84

"Alexa, where can I find a Philips head screwdriver?" and instead of directing you to the nearest hardware store, she directs you to a drawer or cabinet containing one.

Wrong. It will lie that you do not have one in the house and then then bombard you with adverts for local hardware stores.

Comment Re:Wood burning is not clean (Score 5, Insightful) 111

Firewood comes from treesthat take decades to grow (if not longer) . We burn through it in a fraction of that time.

Even then you are assuming that new trees are planted to replace the old ones; in the UK where I am they are not. As it happens I have a large garden by UK standards, about an acre with 25-30 large trees. Three blew down in a storm two years ago; these were ~ 30 ft trees, ~ 15" diameter trunks. I do have a wood burning stove and I have already burned their wood. At the rate trees grow you would need several acres of woodland for every house to achieve a steady state just for heating. Most houses have nothing like that, not even mine, and certainly not in the UK.

Comment 18" Guns were the RN's Largest (Score 1) 432

the Royal Navy ranged up to 16" guns on battleships

That should be 18". HMS Furious (launched 1917) was a light battlecruiser*, one of the "Glorious" class designed with two 18" guns in single turrets. While still being buillt however the forward turret was removed and replaced by an aircraft launching ramp, though it was still classed as a battlecruiser. The firing of the remaining 18" gun turned out to be shattering to the ship so within a year the Furious was rebuilt as a complete aircraft carrier - the first ever. It went through WW2. The other "Glorious class ships were completed with 15" guns.

The surplus 18" guns were fitted to some monitors (coastal bombardment ships) or in shore batteries.

* A sub-class of battleships

Comment Re:Shift of responsibility (Score 1) 65

How can they simply say "oops, money was taken from your accounts" and get away with it?

They have said nothing of the sort. There is no question of customers not getting their money back, and Tesco have said so. In fact it did not even need to be said. This is the UK, not the Central African Republic, or the USA.

Comment Re:Why trust a cheap supermarket to be a bank? (Score 1) 65

That's what you get when you trust a company that deals in low-price groceries and let them run a bank... They are not the same thing.

First of all, Tescos in the UK are not a "low-price groceries company". They are middle market. Low-price means Aldi and Lidl.

Secondly, the UK government guarantees to recompense customers of bank and building societies by up to 75,000 GBP if the bank goes bust. If Tesco were unable to make up for the lost money that would count as going bust. I have an account with Tesco Bank and even if I had lost anything in this hack, I would not be at all worried.

In fact I'd be more worried if my money had been lost from a large bank because so much money might be involved that the UK government might start thinking up excuses not to pay out. OTOH, if they would not even bail out a small bank then they would lose all credibility in the financial world - endangering the entire UK economy.

Comment Re:Uhh (Score 2) 121

In 2012, an enterprising young Gizmodo blogger published the story of Shiva Ayyadurai, an MIT lecturer and renowned liar who pretends he invented email. Today, he adds another achievement to the resume, marrying Fran Drescher. Fran, you fucked up

.... Gawker probably would have lost this if they had taken it to trial. These are falsifiable claims

What is falsifiable here exactly? Let's go through it :

... an enterprising young Gizmodo blogger published the story of Shiva Ayyadurai .....

The enterprising-ness is just a matter of opinion. It's true that they published something about Ayyadurai, perhaps not the whole of his story (I guess it didn't describe his birth for example, or how he sits on the shitter) but an interesting part of it; this is a reasonable use of the term "story".

... an MIT lecturer .....


... and renowned liar who pretends he invented email .....

True. He certainly is a liar to make that claim, and he is renowned in that many people have heard that claim and know it as a lie. I already had heard of him as a liar and I am no-where close to the story. Lets have a hand count on it.

... Today, he adds another achievement to the resume, marrying Fran Drescher. .....

Is Ayyadurai claiming it is not an achievement?

... Fran, you fucked up! .....

If untrue, this would be a defamation of Drescher, not Ayyadurai.

All sounds like normal stuff for a tabloid coverage of a celebrity. Ayyadurai wanted fame - this sort of stuff is what comes with it. Ayyadurai lied - this is the kind of flak to expect.

Comment Re:Humans are a virus (Score 1) 234

Unlike the vast majority of plants and animals, we've actually figured out how to control our population (in the developed world, of course).

It isn't even working in the developed world. The people who actually want the Earth to become like the city of Coruscant, or like in Soylent Green, only use the relatively stable numbers of the indigenous people of the West as an excuse to import immigrants. Unfortunately the people who want this tend to be the more influential - business magnates who want the short term cheap labour, and politicians who love bigger crowds listening to them.

Comment Re:DGW - Dinosauric Global Warming (Score 4, Insightful) 234

Arctic ice is floating and hence, unlike glacial and continental ice it has a limited range of total thickness - you can look it up.

Sorry, why didn't the writer of the article (or at least the summary here) look it up and quote it to us? The GP's point was that an area seems to be meaningless without a thickness being given (which his mention of 1um was surely meant only to highlight, not as a serious suggestion *). The same point brought me up short too when I read TFA.

* Technically, it is a Reductio ad absurdum, a valid debating tool.

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