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Comment Re:log files (Score 4, Insightful) 275

If a person is intelligent enough to perceive the need for a device, obtain the device and install the device

They will perceive the "need" when a salesman or ad persuades them that they need it. They do not even need to be aware that the device will be part of the IoT, only that they "need" a toaster or whatever.

They will obtain the device by pulling out their wallet. (Soon it will become impossible to obtain anything else.)

They will install it by plugging it in (have you never installed a toaster before?).

I don't know where you think intelligence comes into it.

Comment Re:Corporate suicide! (Score 1) 221

Has anyone at the top of Microsoft figured that corporate suicide isn't an achievement they should be aiming for? They keep trying harder for it every year and eventually, with enough effort, will be proud recipients.

No they won't die. Have you never seen The Terminator, Westworld or similar films and stories about The Thing That Won't Die ?

Microsoft is that - The Thing That Won't Die. No matter how much it is whacked, or whacks itself, it just gets up again like a zombie with even more wounds spouting pus over anyone who goes near it and keeps on walking and trampling with empty eye sockets and flailing arms, just like in a horror movie.

Comment Re:Two words. (Score 1) 475

> You buy a car from X company and can get replacement parts from anybody.

Thats absolutely not true. Most car manufacturers use slightly customized off-the-shelf parts exactly to stop you doing that.

No, you are wrong. There is a thriving market in replacement parts made by independents. Perhaps you are trying to say that a water pump meant for a Ford engine wont fit on a Chrysler engine; but the GP's point was that you can get pumps (and most other parts) from independent makers, like Crown.

Comment Re:Porn Watching Indicates A Sad Human. (Score 1) 301

I think it's unlikely that no woman in the entire world would want you....The real problem is that finding someone who wants you is hard.

Exactly, it's a communication problem. Like the tragedy of the commons, it is the arse-hats who foul up the system, like scam dating websites, double-talking jocks, gold-digging women etc.

We would all love to date an insanely hot engineer who can hold a great conversation

Stop when you said "engineer", by which I assume you meant an intelligent high-ish earner. Drop that requirement and the field is much wider. I got on best with working-class girls who were somewhat dimmer than most - those self-aware of this compensate by trying harder to be attractive and sexy, and tend to be impressed by a guy much better off and from outside their own social plane. More intelligent girls tend to have tedious issues like advocating vegetarianism or Esparanto, while "duller" girls will be happy to go along with whatever their guy wants.

I never expected or wanted an intellectual sparring partner.

Comment Re:If you're an ugly nerd, RTFA and follow directi (Score 1) 301

I RTFM about what really attracts most women, not just in the first 10 seconds but in conversation.

What conversation? The most "conversation" I get from most women* is them saying like "Fuck off". Takes less than 10 seconds. I've always been well off and not even ugly; I just don't look like Brad Pitt, and you cannot very well walk around with a flag on your hat saying how much you earn. I never had a conversation with a girl my own age until I was 25, not counting the "fuck offs".

* Only exceptions are ones I've met via dating clubs. When you meet them by arrangement in meatspace they are in a somewhat "captive" situation so they converse at least for a while.

Comment Re:Hardcore? (Score 1) 181

As a kid you don't really care about anything sexual, until you're told that you're not allowed to have anything to do with it.

Nice theory, but I don't recall anyone telling me as a kid I was not allowed to have anything to do with it, but it didn't stop me being drawn to pictures of naked women if I came across them, certainly by the age of 8 in what you might call a proto-sexual way. I recognised my reaction as being like nothing else I experienced (still is), and I did not care to discuss or share my feelings with others around that time, or long after.

Educate your kids,... and they'll do a better job managing it./p>

I cannot help feeing that people who consider that sex is just another nice thing (maybe) to be "managed" like good food or a refreshing stroll and a functional way of making babies, playing it down in that way, are missing something major in their constitution.

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