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Submission + - Valve loses Australian court battle over Steam (

angry tapir writes: Valve Software has lost court action launched against it by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission. The Australian court case centred on the refund policies of Valve's Steam digital distribution service. Some of Steam's refund policies contradicted the statutory guarantees of the Australian Consumer Law, the court found. A hearing on penalties is yet to be held.

Submission + - Global majority backs a ban on 'dark net,' poll says (

An anonymous reader writes: Seven in 10 people say the "dark net" — an anonymous online home to both criminals and activists fearful of government surveillance — should be shut down, according to a global Ipsos poll released on Tuesday. The findings, from a poll of at least 1,000 people in each of 24 countries, come as policymakers and technology companies argue over whether digital privacy should be curbed to help regulators and law enforcement more easily thwart hackers and other digital threats.

Submission + - Microsoft Confesses Surface Tablet Could Impact Partner Relationships (

MojoKid writes: "In the latest Microsoft report issued to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, Microsoft actually opened up and admitted the obvious that the Surface tablet may "weaken support for Windows among Microsoft’s partners in the PC industry, known as original equipment manufacturers, or OEMs for short." Those notable lines are just a couple in a document that is around 100 pages long, but they're meaningful. Microsoft is being open about the fact that the very partners it relies on to sell Windows-based laptops and desktops will now be competing with Microsoft in the tablet arena."
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Submission + - Pictures of the June 9 Anti-ACTA Protests Surfacing (

Dangerous_Minds writes: ZeroPaid reported yesterday that June 9 would be a global day of action against ACTA. Today, ZeroPaid is gathering numerous links to galleries of the protests. The cities involved include Göteborg, Mannheim, Frankfurt, Kassel, and Brussels. Are you aware of any other cities that took part where pictures are surfacing as well?

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