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Operating Systems

Submission + - Thick to Thin? - A Good Idea?

notaspunkymonkey writes: I currently work in the IT department of a BPO organisation, and have been given the opportunity to investigate some pros and cons to switch from our current Windows Desktop and Laptop solution, to a new and exciting thin client solution.

We have nearly 5000 desktop computers which are due to be refreshed around the globe, and are looking to either save money from a deployment or administration perspective. This potentially goes hand in hand with our efforts to centralise our data in 2 main data centres.

What experiences do people have with any vendors, or switching to this kind of infrastructure? All potential vendors will have you believe that its simple and users love it, however in the real world this is often very different, any horror stories out there?

Submission + - Thin Client Solutions

notaspunkymonkey writes: I work for a company which is looking at implementing a thin client solution for our office based workers; and was wondering what the slashdot crowd have used, or have experiance with, and what works the best.

Here comes the snag.. we have a vast enterprise all geared up to use Microsoft Products, and the powers that be have no plans to change this at all — I know there are dozens of solutions out there, just wondering what type of solution works best.

Linux recommendations are welcomed anyway — as I would like to be able to offer open source alternatives to each Windows recommendation in the hope that they realise the money that can be saved, and the Kudos which could be earned with our more Open Source friendly clients.

Submission + - US Army unveils Heat Ray Guy

notaspunkymonkey writes: The BBC is running a story about how the US has developed and may begin to use a new Heat Ray Guy which causes non harmful effects when used against humans. The Reuters journalist who agreed to be shot with this new Ray Gun has described the sensation as similar to a blast from a very hot oven — too painful to bear without diving for cover. Is this the US Army R&D body flexing their muscles in wake of China displaying their Satellite shooting prowess? BBC Article Here

Submission + - Internet Education - for bullied children

notaspunkymonkey writes: The BBC is running a story about children who are no longer required to go into School — I know that this is currently being run in countries where children are hundreds of miles away from the nearest school but is this the future of education? Story Here

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