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Comment Re:Rules? (Score 1) 315

I did wonder about that to be honest but have come to the conclusion that they want to keep people hanging on to get a proper look at it.. If they have not tested it yet they are pretty ambitious to want to fly 6000km!. It has also been picked up by the BBC who are running the story here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/africa/7821979.stm They only have badly mocked up pictures too????

Comment Re:Rules? (Score 1) 315

I agree - it looks awesome.. that is something that I can see a serious practical use for, especially in places like Australia with massive areas of land with little or no population / buildings to speak of. Would be very cool if you could fly most of the way to your neighbours or nearest town and then drop down, pack the "wings" away and drive into town..

Comment Re:Those that haven't already changed... (Score 5, Funny) 455

My wife has just come over to me (she listens to Radio 1) and told me that I need to install another browser on all our machines.. I guess she has never noticed that we are a Ubuntu household!! At least the message is getting across to normal non techie users at the moment that IE is bad..
The Internet

Submission + - Internet Addiction (yahoo.com)

Recovering Hater writes: A couple in Nevada charged with two counts each of child neglect have blamed internet addiction. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070716/ap_on_re_us/ne glect_internet_addiction. Even though they had enough food in the house the children were malnourished and starving. The parents could not be bothered to feed them because they were too busy playing online video games.

Salary Negotiation for an IT Position? 149

HerculesMO asks: "I am a Windows Systems Administrator and work for a pretty large corporation. I know that I'm underpaid for what I do, and as such, I've been looking for another position. The problem is however, that a lot of potential positions ask for what you are currently making -- and it's a bargaining chip that the company I interview with will (and have) used to negotiate salary." Given that businesses usually base the salaries of new hires on their previous job, how can one arrange a fair salary if they were badly underpaid?

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