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Comment Re:But but but! (Score 1) 231

"Well, yeah, cheaper launches would translate to more economical space travel. Duh. But we probably want to get people up there alive, too."

Life is overrated, we have had insurances for that for centuries. (or not)
Ask any miner if you don't believe me, the might explore in the opposite direction but it's much deadlier than space and no glory at all.
Don't be such pussies.

Comment I don't see it (Score 1) 294

"In French, for example, the pronoun on can stand in for "he" or "she." English has no such equivalent; " ...

"We could use "one," but that is a very impersonal pronoun."

I hate to disagree, but 'one' is _exactly_ the same thing as the french 'on'.
They words even have some sort of resemblance, don't you think?

Comment Lazy is the rule (Score 2) 266

Being an old fart, in my day, I remember the worst performance problems were caused by programmers with their own badly written library of functions and objects that they included everywhere, most of those were from their very first weeks of being a programmer and they sucked badly.

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