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Hardly  Monday October 24, 2016 @02:39PM  2
   attached to Internet is Becoming Unreadable Because of a Trend Towards Lighter, Thinner Fonts
My 100 year calendar can do it as well  Sunday October 23, 2016 @02:58PM  2
   attached to A British Supercomputer Can Predict Winter Weather a Year In Advance
Re:Raised bar will be bypassed  Saturday October 22, 2016 @05:05PM  2
   attached to Cisco Develops System To Automatically Cut-Off Pirate Video Streams
Sigh  Friday October 21, 2016 @05:43PM 3 2
   attached to 43 Million Weebly and 22 Million Foursquare Accounts Stolen
Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?  Thursday October 20, 2016 @04:32PM  2, Funny
   attached to Prosecutors Say Contractor Stole 50 Terabytes of NSA Data
Normal  Thursday October 20, 2016 @04:45AM  5, Insightful
   attached to 32GB iPhone 7 Has 8 Times Slower Storage Performance Than 128GB Model
Re:Am I the only one  Thursday October 20, 2016 @05:06AM 1 2
Re:OMG that's a dodgy check  Thursday October 20, 2016 @04:55AM 1 1
Re:Unmeasurable results  Thursday October 20, 2016 @04:54AM 2 4, Informative
   attached to Hillary Clinton's Campaign Creates Way To Make Money From Donald Trump's Tweets
Because Windows Sucks  Wednesday October 19, 2016 @06:10PM 15 5, Insightful
   attached to OMGUbuntu: 'Why Use Linux?' Answered in 3 Short Words
Re:Cost?   Tuesday October 18, 2016 @03:42PM 1 3
   attached to CO2 To Ethanol In One Step With Cheap Catalyst
Really?  Tuesday October 18, 2016 @03:44PM  2
   attached to Apple is 'Intransigent, Closed and Controlling' Say Banks
Doesn't work  Monday October 17, 2016 @11:44AM 1 2
   attached to More Performers Are Demanding Audiences Lock Up Their Phones
Maybe  Thursday October 13, 2016 @07:06AM 1 2
   attached to Doctors Perform Better Than Internet Or App-Based Symptoms Checkers, Says Study
Wow!  Thursday October 13, 2016 @07:08AM 1 3
   attached to Yahoo Patents Smart Billboard That Would Deliver Targeted Ads To Passersby or Motorists
Mmmmh  Thursday October 13, 2016 @07:11AM  2
   attached to Senator Wants Nationwide, All-Mail Voting To Counter Election Hacks
Wot?  Wednesday October 12, 2016 @03:37PM 3 3
   attached to The Washington Post Tracked Facebook's Trending Topics For 3 Weeks, Found 5 Fake Stories and 3 Inaccurate Articles
Welcome  Wednesday October 12, 2016 @11:46AM  3
   attached to NASA To Allow Private Companies To Hook Up Modules To ISS
Not sure  *Sunday October 09, 2016 @01:35PM 4 5, Informative
   attached to Why Is Science Fiction Snubbed By Literary Awards?
Normal  *Saturday October 08, 2016 @06:01AM 2 3
   attached to Teens' Penchant For Risk-Taking May Help Them Learn Faster, Says Study
Obligatory  *Friday October 07, 2016 @06:17AM 1 2
   attached to Apes Can Guess What Others Are Thinking -- Just Like Humans, Study Finds
Re:Mapping my house  *Thursday October 06, 2016 @10:32AM 1 2
   attached to Google Releases Open Source 'Cartographer'
Re:and this is news because?  *Tuesday October 04, 2016 @08:05PM  2
   attached to Yahoo Secretly Scanned Customer Emails For US Intelligence
Why no card?  *Friday September 30, 2016 @09:49AM  2
   attached to New iPhone 7 Case Brings Back the Headphone Jack

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