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Journal Journal: Meta-modering broken? 4

I have a `Have you Meta Moderated recently?' but every time I click on it I get `No comments available for meta moderation!', any one else sees this.

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Journal Journal: Honors Physics Project and hits on web page 2

My Project (DLA--Diffusion Limited Aggregation) for Honors Physics 3 years ago and I have not really looked at it for a while but I have been getting hits on the page (http://www.physics.uc.edu/~pinskia/dla.html). I would have expected someone to written to me about it, but no one has. I might update now I have the time to, I might even write it better.

Warning this entry contains UTF-8 characters: -- is like - but longer.

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Journal Journal: why going to orange? 1

This sounds stupid to go to orange alert, because it is letting the terrorists win because they are causing terror in the American people.


Journal Journal: Going to Apple

Well I am going to Apple, I will try to start next Monday but it is going to cut it close. Hopefully I can get a place to live before then.

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Journal Journal: /. and slowness

Is it just me or is /. getting slower when you try to submit a form on /.?


Journal Journal: Co-op and apple

Well I might be going to work for Apple soon.
One of my dreams of finally came true.

Update: I am going, I will going soon. I will post in my journal when I get the written offer.


Journal Journal: helpdesks software and their uses 1

The real uses of helpdesks:
        1) to show that you are working but in fact you are not.
        2) to recieve jobs for users who do not want to talk to you otherwise
        3) to keep a log of what is done.
        4) to work less
        5) to get get paid more
        6) ??

What do think helpdesks should be why they are used?

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