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slashdot and friends/fans/

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  • I don't understand what happened to you here. To me I can see that I am a fan, you are still my friend, and I can see that you're a friend of a friend as well... but you are right, when I click on your friends link it says you are all alone, even though the orbs that I see say otherwise. Do you know if this has happened to anyone else?

    I'll try adding you again and see if that changes anything
    • Yup. It looks like re-adding norwoodites causes us to reappear in his fans list (and the form defaulted to having "Friend" checked -- so it knew he was already a friend).

    • It is even worse because I cannot add you back or anyone back.
      • Well, that's because we're not gone. I still see your journal entries in my list of friends' journals. You still have the green and blue dots.

        You still have the same friends and fans -- they're just not listed on your friends and fans pages. Can you add a friend who was not previously on your list?

        • I re-opened the bug report, and added a link to this journal entry. You may want to add a comment yourself (or keep an eye on it and respond to comments from the developers).
  • This happened to me yesterday when they did a code update. I emailed krow (krow at users dot sourceforge dot net) and he fixed things up damn quickly for me. What it looks like is that if someone added you as a friend (i.e. became a fan of yours) while the code update was occuring, your entire fans structure was lost. They can resotre it easily (minus that one new fan).
    • Thanks for the fix, but that was weird, should this have happened?
      • There were a few Slashcode bugs open for that, of which Turg mentionned one. The problem can be fixed by an admin fixing your blurb manually. I guess that the blurb is some sort of hashed version of your friends/fans/etc lists used to cache the data, in order to prevent too many queries on the server). However, the root cause of this problem was never fixed to my knowlege.
      • Nope. Shouldn't have happened to either of us. Just one of those flukes of a live code/database update.

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