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Comment Re:My parents would... (Score 1) 195

That explains your autism.

I was never diagnosed with autism. Everyone just assumed I had autism by my appearance. Never mind that I routinely scored the annual evaluations on the genius side ("statistical flukes"), had a college-level reading comprehension after eight years in Special Ed classes (school officials couldn't call that a "statistical fluke"), and skipped high school to go to community college.

Did you write the hosts file software before or after you were diagnosed as a retard?

You're confusing me with Linus Torvalds. I didn't touch Linux until 1997.

Comment Re: My parents would... (Score 1) 195

Not to put too fine a point on it, but how would you know?

When my late father passed away, I sat down at his desk to sort through his paperwork and discovered that it was organized the same way as I organized my desk. We have never discussed how to organize our desks.That made settling his estate quite easy. The older I get the more I become my father.

Comment My parents would... (Score 1) 195

One of the great mysteries in my family is how I was born (second child) as a ten-pound bowling ball (doctor told my moms she had twins) to two very skinny people. Of course, I had to look like the poster child mongolism and promptly got diagnosed as mentally retarded by the school system. My father stopped drinking, my mother started drinking.

Comment Re:Please stop screwing with it syndrome.... (Score 1) 353

When I took my car over to Sear's to get new tires a few years ago, I was told that I had a oil leak from the drain plug and the mechanic showed me it was the crimped foil gasket. I recently had my oil changed by Jiffy Lube. I drove over to Jiffy Lube, they took a look at it and informed me that the new drain plug got installed wrong. I asked them, "What new drain plug?" They couldn't explain to me how or why I got a new drain plug.

Comment Re:Let's not go to far with this... (Score 1) 70

Is there seriously ANY thread on Slashdot that you don't shit up telling people what a miserable financial failure you are?

Comment Re:Let's not go to far with this... (Score 1) 70

[...] sitting in the corner of an unfinished basement like an unloved piece of dick cheese [...]

When I did a PC refresh project for a local hospital, "the corner of an unfinished basement" was just around the corner from the morgue. Whenever the scent of vanilla was in the air, it meant that another dead stiff was brought down from upstairs.

[...] a couple other mouth-breathing helpdesk trolls [,,,]

I spent six weeks cleaning out their cave in between tickets and deployments by sorting, organizing and recycling old computer hardware, freeing up 600-sqft of floor space that the IT manager haven't seen in eight years.

Comment Re: Louisiana is one big sinkhole (Score 1) 302

yes, but their are several issues with 'carbon taxes'.
1) we really need to apply it to GOODS/Service based on where the worst part/service comes from. This way, it involves ALL nations.
2) we need a standard approach to measuring CO2. The ideal way is to use Japan's new CO2 sat, along with OCO-3, that trump just grounded. With these 2, we can get absolute numbers and can see CO2 moving IN and OUT of an area.
3) need a better form of normalization. Considering that ppl in general do NOT make the choies on emissions, then this should be tied to emissions / $GDP. That way, businesses and govs will work together in their local area to drop their emissions. Otherwise, as taxes go up on an area, the businesses will leave.

Comment Re:Let's not go to far with this... (Score 1) 70

60+ interviews and only 3 job offers? You should have mentioned how good you were at your job where the guy had to lay you off because you were too efficient.

Ancient history. Recruiters and hiring managers are only interested in the last three positions in the last three years. Besides, I didn't really want to explain that I was out of work for two years (2009-2010), underemployed for six months (working 20 hours per month), and filed for Chapter Seven bankruptcy in 2011. Some people find such details... tedious.

Comment Re:Its pretty important... (Score 1) 302

I'm actually pretty impossible to please in this department. I would like to see yet still more indication that the problem is well understood. Predictions that are precise to 15 digits, and that unlike all other scientific endeavors don't need to be "corrected" post hoc would do most of it for me.

But that's the thing: it is very well understood, and scientists have made many predictions that are panning out. No one's ever going to say "the earth will get x.xxxxxxx% warmer on this date". Predictions are in the form of "we believe the atmosphere will get between x and y% warmer, with a confidence of z". And they've been accurate as stated. Any claims to the contrary are radical restatements of history.

Comment Re:Yeah, Climate Change isn't real /sarcasm (Score 1) 302


You're not a student of human nature then. It's quite natural for people to think that OTHER PEOPLE (typically minorities) are unworthy of government assistance and proclaiming their own self-sufficiency from government assistance. But if a storm comes through, floods their home because it was built on a flood plain, and they didn't bother to buy flood insurance, they fully expect to get government assistance. After all, they paid taxes and OTHER PEOPLE did not.

And I note you still haven't provided one.

Others have provided with at least five examples.

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