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Comment Re:FINALLY! (Score 5, Interesting) 280

AMD- lately- is 90% of the performance at half (and often less) the price. I'll take that any day. My 8300 with R9 270x plays every game in existence without a problem. Well, it stutters a little on Star Citizen. But so does every PC ever made, no matter how much of a gaming beast it may be.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 392

you need to critically examine every claim made, and track it to source. Not where they got it from- SOURCE. The original. ANd you need to review all of the data provided in that source to compare to the claims made about it.

Example- brietbarts claim that DeVos generously donated lots of money to education. Citing her own tax records.
Don't accept it as true-go look at the records they cite. The lie/spin- she donated heavily to organizations that were dedicated to removing the Dept of Education and replacing public schools with religious instruction. A very very twisted soul could call that philanthropy to education, but a sane one cannot. Thus the detection of bullshit by comparing the claim to the data referenced.

Comment Re:Okay, how about this one. (Score 1) 405

False. the picture of trumps was authenticated as taken at the same time. There was simply no comparison of numbers, for a variety of reasons. The reason they finally quietly let it drop was even their alternative facts could do nothing to make it true. There was a LOT of empty space at trumps inauguration due to far lower numbers than Obama's.

Comment Re:fool me once (Score 2) 106

When do the staff who failed to create an adequate backup strategy, or the brass who shut down the staff who wanted to do that, be similarly fired for gross incompetence?

this hits home. I had a remote site with critical data that had no backups. for 3 years I kept telling the CFO we need this budgeted to add backups. Always put off "till next quarter". Not even a small budget for a CD-R and manual backups. nada.

Then it happened. Failed system, data lost. No way to recover. Somehow, all my fault. I was fired for it. Presenting my emails and disaster recovery plan requests fell on deaf ears. I was IT, it was my responsibility to prevent.

Comment Oh, for fork's sake (Score 0) 106

We need to start having MASSIVE fines and petty jail time for this. training, phising warnings, attachment warnings- these things happen daily. Someone that still does this needs to be made to suffer. Then, maybe, people will take the warnings seriously.
  Is there a malicious negligence or depraved negligence charge we can level at them?

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