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Comment Re:Criminals use ICQ... (Score -1) 319

Of course, they could easily just use encryption, which is dead easy and widely available. Just encrypt the message and send it over some clear channel like IRC. If you don't mind a little centralization, run a Jabber server and connect securely to that, and you don't have to fiddle with PGP.

HEY! Why do you hate America? Why are you aiding the terr'ists? Dey want to take our jerbs!

Comment Re:Criminals use ICQ... (Score -1) 319

If you are into big time crime you can even get news media to communicate for you, but that means that you must have exchanged some protocol first. Let's say that you agree that news reported in a certain newspaper online can contain some key information - like where a bank heist shall occur. You can then communicate a lot of information through other channels to coordinate the "when" and "how". Then just cause some other happening - like a large fire that will be reported in the news in the area where you shall pull it off.

I like your approach. Can I join your gang? I can drive fast, have a high tolerance for alcohol, can field-strip an AK-47, and perform well under pressure.

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score -1) 174

I too have heard this claim repeatedly, on commercials for indoor air purifiers from Sharper Image.

You mean the ones that cause your lung tissue to dissolve and cause you to die from drowning in your own blood?

Comment Re:Seriously? (Score -1) 174

I carry a Colt .45ACP semiauto pistol when I bicycle. The driver of the last car that hit me died on the scene. The good news is that he will never run another cyclist over!

I get mixed reactions to my packing heat when I ride in the monthly Critical Mass events; some fellow cyclists approve, some disapprove, a few are simply terrified, and I've run into at least one that was also carrying a gun. You should see the SUV drivers take off in a hurry after I pop a few rounds through their back window, though. It's absolutely hilarious!

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