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REDUX: I for one welcome our new oil baron overlords

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  • Good thing I don't believe a word the red commie Bushies say and have 2.5 percent of my retirement in an Energy Fund (and about 50 percent in various Euro Stock funds, especially value ones).

    Basically, if you own US stocks - until probably about April 2008 - you're not going to do well. The money's being siphoned off by the CEOs and other execs, even though the average corporation made 11 percent this past year, CEOs/execs made 33 percent, and the middle class made - wait for it - -1 percent (yup, NEGATIVE
    • No one can blame you for following the example set by Dick Cheney, at least, not his financial examples - you'll please forgive me if I decline in advance any invitations to go quail hunting with you?
    • Perhaps you mean April 2009? I'm trying to figure out what's significant about April 2008. The new president (whoever that'll be) will be inaugurated in Janurary of 2009. April is the corresponding tax deadline. Perhaps (likely) I'm totally missing your allusion.
      • Sorry, old investing axiom. Even during Republican presidencies (when you're best investing outside the US), you want to start moving your money back to the US in the final year, as the incumbent, even if leaving office, always uses various tricks to pump up the markets as he goes, to make things look better than they are.

        Thus, if like me you're invested mostly in European funds, you start selling them and moving the money into the US market in 2008. I used April because the uptick usually hits around the
        • Although I'm tempted to say that "past performance is no indication of future returns" - mainly because I'm so ignorant it's the only thing I can say to try to cover it up some. :)

          (I do know enough to know that this is kind of like the old "correlation does not prove causation" statement. Although true, it certainly does not imply that correlation disproves causation or even that correlation doesn't improve one's argument for causation.)

      • I believe that would be the end of the first fiscal quarter after Bush leaves office. For the sake of humanity, I hope that he is the last Bush to ever come within 100 miles of the White House.
  • ...those $33.6B applied towards alternative fuel/energy research.

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