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Journal Journal: I am awesome

I just wanted to let you all know - I am awesome.
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Journal Journal: bad karma

So I have bad karma. I have only been modded down a few times, so I dont know why. Now it's hard to get modded up with my karma already being bad. Anyone know how to increase it? Bad Karma is captain lame.
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Journal Journal: Wow

This journal is so full, Ive started a new one over at its cool
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Journal Journal: Work is slow

I earn my keep by slaving away in the architectural and industrial coatings industry. That means I work at a paint store. In the winter, people don't paint much so it's been very slow. The boss man has to come up with all sorts of weird things to do to stay busy. That means I'll be cleaning and recleaning the toilets until spring.
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Journal Journal: Deleted Journal Entry

Ummm...I made a journal entry last week and it has now disappeared. We'll see if this one stays.

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