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Submission + - MIT sues architect of $300 million tech building ( 1

bednarz writes: "Architect Frank Gehry's celebrated design for the Stata Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is making headlines again — this time because of a lawsuit claiming deficient design work is the cause of leaks, cracks and mold in the 730,000-square-foot building. MIT dedicated the $300 million Stata Center building, home to its Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL), in May 2004. Soon after its completion, the center's outdoor amphitheater began to crack, leaks sprang up throughout the building and mold grew on parts of the exterior, the lawsuit alleges."
The Internet

Submission + - World's first Web-wide content monitoring platform

Stony Stevenson writes: Attributor has launched the world's first Web-wide content monitoring and analysis platform that allows publishers to see how and where their original content is copied across the Internet by scanning billions of pages on the Internet. The company already works with the Associated Press and Reuters. The technology allows publishers to register and digitally fingerprint paragraphs, images, and video to identify content. It also allows publishers to specify terms of use, including how much can be copied, whether they require a link back to the original content, and under what terms they permit advertising. It will be interesting to see how intelligent this software is and how it will impact "innocent" use of material, such as quotes and references.

Submission + - Astronomers Announce 5-planet System

An anonymous reader writes: Astronomers have detected a record-breaking 5th planet orbiting the star 55 Cancri. This planet orbits within the Habitable Zone, where water could presumably exist, but it's probably another gas like Saturn, so any liquid water would have to be on a moon. There's still a big gap between this planet and the outermost planet where no planets detected yet, so there could yet be a rocky planet in the system.

Submission + - The Battle Over Your Bandwidth And Computer (

MrF0ck writes: "Dozens of companies offering peer to peer content delivery networks have started up- each one trying to get deals with content providers. Content providers are thrilled to be able to use all that free end-user bandwidth, CPU, and storage. The peer to peer guys even have their own industry association now: Distributed Computing Industry Association. Each peer to peer app is unique- so what happens when every video provider requires you to have a different program installed and each one wants to use your storage and upload over your network connection? And the counterattack ensues- Tiversa is the "MediaDefender" of P2P for government- offering consulting services to government and corporations and P2PCleaner gives away free software to examine your machine for peer to peer programs. Will we be able to watch any video without contributing to an "upload" network as well?"

Submission + - Darwin 9.0 Code Released (

mr100percent writes: MacNN reports that Apple has released the source code to Darwin 9.0, the backbone of OS X 10.5 Leopard. x86 and PPC versions are available. According to Apple's developer mailing list, some key drivers are missing however.

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