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Comment Re:A Monument to "Software Engineering" (Score 1) 172

Mod Parent up. Seriously, they're basically in alpha here and are opening up for help from the community. They're obviously testing their code like crazy, that's how they know their issues. Why is everyone pissed that a bunch of developers are giving their time to develop a free project that is going to make the internet more reliable and safe in the end. Too many armchair developers in here. "Years! I could rewrite Bind in my sleep with one arm tied behind my back!"

Google Opens Apps Marketplace 54

snydeq writes "Google has launched the Google Apps Marketplace, providing a venue for third-party, cloud-based applications to supplement Google's own online applications. The program enables integrations with such applications as Google Gmail, Documents, Sites, and Calendar. All told, the effort begins with 50 vendors participating, including Atlassian, NetSuite, Skytap, and Zoho. Participation in Google Apps Marketplace is open to customers of the Premier, Standard, and Education editions of Google Apps. Applications are linked to the marketplace via REST Web services and APIs including OpenID and OAuth."

Comment Re:from the wikipedia page (Score 2, Informative) 622

In short, that same article basically says you can use different thorium cycles to make bomb making much more difficult. This article is also fairly old. Wired did a more recent one (obviously not a scientific journal. )

From the article that line is taken from

"A more sophisticated thorium cycle would include a little U 238 - enough to make the resultant U 233/U 238 mixture less than 20% and therefor unsuitable for a bomb without (expensive and tedious) isotope separation. But then Pu 239 would be produced from the U 238 and the problems of the plutonium cycle would reappear. But the LANL group argues that although the problems of plutonium would reappear, they would be less serious because the mix would include a large fraction of the isotope Pu 238 (produced from the thorium) which generates a lot of heat and makes the mixture impossible to use in present designs and difficult to use in other designs. This was raised with considerable optimism by Coops (1995) and was discussed at an IAEA meeting (Altshuler, Janouch and Wilson 1997), but some scientists who are knowledgeable about bomb design insist that a bomb can be made with any amount of Pu 238. But to the extent that it is more difficult, this may be a non-proliferation advantage. "

Comment Re:Cowards. (Score 1) 321

I disagree. My grandfather landed on the beach in Okinawa as a US Marine and I've spent a lot of time trying to understand what he must have gone through.

Reading With The Old Breed while I played through CoD5 was at times a very sobering and insightful experience. Obviously I don't think I "understand what war is really like" if I did, I would have that 1000 yard stare so common to those soldiers.

I don't know if my grandpa would approve or not but I found it to be a very interesting experience that gave me some insight.

Comment Re:Shooting self in foot (Score 1) 322

This is how google search works. If you goto and search for something they give you results. If Google has a tailored special kind of search just for your topic then they will provide a link to that tailored search..

For example, if you search for a swim suit model then they will add a link to search for that swim suit model using google image search

In a similar way, they offer a search specifically for news. Its true that they display ads on that page but you can return to search motivation. When you search for news are you trying to buy something or get information? The answer is get information, therefore you click on the news result, not the ad.

If a user actually wants to read a news article (the only reason they'd come to your news site anyway) then they will click on the news link. No wonder you're "notaprguy" you're way to oblivious to ever be useful in that function. If you are in marketing I cringe for however you work for because you obviously have clue what you're talking about.

Google doesn't force websites to be listed, if you want out then you can get out and Google could careless because anyone with half a brain recognizes that Google listing their content is WAY more beneficial.

Comment Re:Out of curiosity (Score 1) 623

Rape being above the national average probably has more to do with reporting. The Mormon church has a lot of safe guards and members of the church have interviews with their Bishop. Bishops are required to report cases of rape etc so it makes sense because there is a better system for reporting.

Also, before you assume Mormons have bad attitudes towards women consider that Utah was one of the first states to allow women to vote and sponsors the largest Women's service organization in the world.

It isn't all gravy of course. There are polygamist groups (no longer associated with the Mormon mainstream see LDS) that live in Utah and have very different ideas. However these groups also live in Colorado, Idaho, Texas and elsewhere (lots in Mexico).

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