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Comment Re: Pitch contest? (Score 1) 79

I strongly agree with you. Xinchejian in shanghai is going to run one next month. No business agenda. Just a challenge. You own what you make. Its basically a weekend party. Lots of booze and food. The plan is to put the others to shame and have a long party! Along with hacking with fun people. Its like the hacker space but more people doing stuff!

Comment Re:I've worked with the ATtiny85... (Score 1) 44

Just saw a demo from dfrobot last night at xinchejian hackerspace that has super potential. It was designed to make entry to arduino much more attainable. At a 20rmb retail price and 3pwm 3analog spi and a tiny connector for programming makes it a much better solution for wearable electronics. They said its coming out in Feb.


Submission + - First Shanghai Maker Carnival ( 1

spanner888 writes: "The First Shanghai Maker Carnival was held this weekend in conjunction with a Creation Exhibition, an arts and crafts expo with about 200 exhibitors. Makers attended from Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen and visitors came from around China.

Article & photos:

More photos are in this post:

Videos are in this post:

Other photos can be found in this thread:"


Submission + - Nevada Approves Driverless Car Legislation (

An anonymous reader writes: Nevada has successfully managed to get some legislation in place to regulate driverless cars, making them the first state to do so. This is big, big news, as this could be the opening that Google needs to prove its vehicles are safe and reliable.

As this is the first time that driverless car legislation has ever been handled, Nevada had to figure out the specifics for how driverless cars would be regulated. What they have settled on is a bit conservative, but not bad for a first draft, though it does keep driverless vehicles for the rich, at the moment...

Submission + - Teambox goes closed source (

An anonymous reader writes: Starting from Teambox 4 given the huge success of open source, the Teambox team has now closed the source, only time will tell if this was a good strategic move. From the site "Teambox 4 is not available as an open-source download. We believe it would take at least a small team of full time developers and thousands of dollars a month in servers to get it running the way it's meant to run."

a slight contradiction to what one of the main developers Pablo Villalba promised last week on the community site: "The repo for Teambox 3 is still open, but Teambox 4 is a work in progress and we won't open anything until it's stable enough, which is still months away. There will a self-hosted install."

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