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Comment Re:Well, good (Score 1) 67

It's like you've never heard of SQL injection, can't imagine an indirect attack could be possible.

We weren't talking about that, we were talking about having databases accessible to the public. I'm fully asware there are other attack vectors, but having your DB on a public port/machine is up there with using "p@ssword" as your password.

Comment Re:Well, good (Score 2) 67

When we got rid of DBAs (developers know how to use databases yeah? why do we need people who can only do one thing really well?) we lost a lot of knowledge and culture - including the basic tenet that you simply do not expose business-critical database systems to the outside world.

To be fair, it's not a hard thing to check for. Just run a portscan. If you can see the database from a different box, you fucked up and need to fix it.

Comment No ransom? Unthinkable! (Score 1) 67

> the attacker simply replaced all the tables with a data entry named NODATA4U_SECUREYOURSHIT. "What's strange about these attacks is that the threat actor isn't asking for a ransom demand," reports Bleeping Computer. "Instead, he's just deleting data from Hadoop servers that have left their web-based admin panel open to remote connections on the Internet." Glad to see there's still some people doing it for the lulz.

Comment Re:Saved passwords (Score 1) 112

Still stupid. I have seperate passwords for all the sites/devices I own. The trick to remembering them is to have a system - so if you forget it you can work out what the system is depending on the site. Don't do something stupid like have the website name as the password though, obviously...and I can't tell you my system because then it would be compromised. Have a think though, and I'm sure you could come up with something.

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