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Comment Re:Y'know... Actually... (Score 1) 211

Dying is also a natural process. But that doesn't mean we should stop investigating murder and prosecute killers. Just because there is a natural process that (if you ignore time scales) looks from a certain angle a little bit like what we see right now, it doesn't mean that we are looking at a natural process.

I know that many people don't like xkcd, but he had a nice cartoon where you can see the difference between a natural changing climate and what we have right now: Timeline

Comment Re:Ask Slashdot (Score 1) 124

There is enough buzz with Apple, Google, Amazon and Microsoft to make a point that it is popular technology and shouldn't be dismissed because normal techies (myself included) find voice command technology lacking. However I see a lot of melenials using it as well in cars or other hands free devices. In some way voice commands are bringing back the command line interface.

The problem with open source versions is having a cloud system or massive computing willing to put up with the demand without a solid business model to pay for it. The reason for Siri success isn't the speech to text interface nearly any system can do that. But being able to interpret what you say and then come up with results is what we need the addition Horse power that we can get from a larger remote system.

Comment Re: How is this different from any university? (Score 2, Informative) 239

For Profit, NFP, self taught... I have had good and bad experiences with them. It really comes down to how willing they are to learn after school.

I found For Profit there is less hand holding in teaching on how to use the app but covering theory and concepts are hard.
For NFP the theory and concepts are easier but getting them on different tools and showing them when you need to break the rules gets harder.
Self taught are often experts in some areas however they will have unpredictable gaps in their knowledge.

Now if the person is willing to learn, ask questions, and think about what they are learning then in the long run their education will not matter much.

Comment Re:Unusual situation (Score 2) 67

Jawbone is more known for high quality Bluetooth ear pieces. When they were popular in the mid 00's. However that isn't a name I would think to look at for fitness monitors. I guess they realized that they weren't going to win early on so never built up the stock to try to flood the market. Especially Jawbone like Apple tries to sell their product at a premium, and flooding the market will lose out their name status.

Comment Re:"it was used for children's writing exercises" (Score 2) 229

The problem is the old lame argument of trying to prove your point by changing the wording to a negative context.

Calling a Religion a FairyTale implies it is a set of overly simplistic stories meant for children.

While most religious text are a combination of written history philosophy of the time, mixed with rules for often a nomadic society to function in a world which is often against them.

The 10 commandments (where they are more than 10, and different religions count them differently and group them in different ways) were less about how to be good. But dealing with property and inheritance rights.

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