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Comment and many of us are forced at gunpoint..... (Score 1) 150

to get our internet from the cable provider as they is no other choice due to the illegal monopoly tricks cable companies use like "franchise fees" in cities to make it more difficult for competition to come in to the town.

So my cost is close to the cable number because I am punished for having internet without cable. $80 a month for 15meg

Because comcast rapes us in towns where there is zero competition.

Comment Proof! (Score 0) 459

That speeding is unsafe.

Sadly most of the "I have a right to speed" morons will chime in and claim they are far better at driving and safer at higher speeds.

I support no speed limits on limited access highways. but only the dumbest of the most stupid speed on streets with lots of cross traffic and in residential areas.

Even more stupid is a moron that sets his autodrive car to speed on such a road, this just adds to my data set that you do not have to be smart to be rich.

Comment Re:a BAD sports team will pay for GOOD players (Score 2, Insightful) 153

A person who is poor will pay a higher interest than someone who is rich.
Why because the poor person has a higher risk of not paying.
A CEO going to a failing company will ask for more money just to account for that job may be a career ending job.

Now this isn't really fair as it causes extra suffering on the poor and marginal benefits to the rich. But the mortgage crash in 2008 shows giving out cheap loans to high risk individual will cause a larger failure.

So if a failing company buys a cheap CEO it may crash much more rapidly.

Comment Re:Try again. (Score 3, Insightful) 91

However with Apple Popularity, You would expect to hear about hacking exploits all the time and some open to the world problems that will demand that you upgrade. and Hear about people with old phones who can't upgrade getting hacked and all this other nasty stuff.

Honestly I hear more about android hacks (inside malware available on the Google Store) then from Apple.

I am not saying Apple is golden. However current history shows it is rather good.

Comment Dear Blackberry... (Score 3, Informative) 91

Does it report when I am on a government spying cellphone tower?
Does it report when the connection is untrusted or detects a MITM?
Does it do encryption without using ANY of your services?
Does it not allow any software to be installed without rebooting to an admin mode and then only allows offline apk installs?
Does it wipe all user storage before reboot?


Then it is not secure.... in fact it's insecure as hell.

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