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Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 343

Several million times a year, guns are used to deter or prevent crime. Most of those are merely showing the gun or announcing its presence. Very very few of these make the news, because they are boring. But they work because guns are simple and effective. If all guns were smart guns, they'd bo so unreliable that very few criminals would be deterred by them, and crime would skyrocket.

On, and all your police would be be effectively disarmed too. Unless of course you think police (who commit more crimes off-duty than conceal carriers) are more responsible than "civilians".

Fuck off, slaver who is too stupid to think.

Comment true (Score 1) 489

MY 2012 MBP still works perfectly and with the recent SSD drive install will go another 2 years just fine. I bought it brand new when work bought me a piece of garbage $900 consumer laptop. and then 2 years later bought me a $800 crap laptop to replace the previous one that the screen failed on, and then finally a $650 piece of crap lenovo that prompty had all kinds of issues and the hinge cracked on in 30 days.... all the time the macbook was used the same amount every day, even dropped a few times.

the macbook pro cost $2000 and outlasted 3 Garbage windows laptops from Dell, Toshiba and then Lenovo. My current job is not ran by retards and bought me a $3000 dell precision 7510 it's built well and has decent parts in it like my macbook (no marvell garbage) it has been FLAWLESS for far longer than any windows laptop I have had previous except for when I used to use Panasonic Toughbooks.

It's not the OS, its the hardware being build decently. It's why I utterly ignore the idiots that claim that macbooks are overpriced and they can get a $600 laptop that will do the same thing. No you cant.

Moral of the story.... pay for the hardware up front, or pay for it over and over again. That last lenovo went through 5 keyboards as letters keys would stop working and have to be struck hard. not a problem for those that dont use them for work... but whne you are programming at $125 an hour havignthe fucking O key stop working will make life hell.

Now my current laptop actually runs a hypervisor as the OS and then runs a windows VM... if I have a problem I simply reboot and launch a working VM image. downtime is less than 60 seconds. Oh and we only use windows 7, windows 10 is completely banned corperate wide until further notice.

Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 90

So in your opinion "shoving stuff into space" is insightful commentary.... Nope, it's knuckle-dragging commentary well deserving of ridicule.

If you want to come off as informed/insightful why don't you inform us exactly what orbit categories microsats have been launched into up to now, proving that microsats are a long term menace due to their multiplication in long term orbits and not a category of objects that reenter and burn up before ever becoming one. Ah but that'd be _hard_, certainly too hard for a knuckle-dragger.

Comment Re:Tired of this space obsession (Score 1) 90

Two specific points:
The Microsat movement isn't going to contribute much to space pollution as low lifetime sats deployed to low orbits aren't the problem.

We already have a government/military component spending hundreds of millions of dollars every year tracking every single piece of space junk we've put out there in our artificial asteroid belt. And if the planet is any indication, any place we humans occupy we manage to fuck up with garbage. This will become a problem because of the exponential growth in interest they're hoping to drum up with this capitalist space race. Forget low orbit. Higher orbits will become the issue when human arrogance labels low orbit for "losers" who "can't get it up" or some stupid shit. You know, kind of like the bigger-dick syndrome we suffered from in the 60s with planting a flag on a moon.

Millions of $$$ every year just to track space debris?!? You're delusional. The tracking radars were not developed and paid for in order to track space debris, but to detect attacks upon the U.S. Until the U.S. no longer fears missile attack, the cost will be borne by the military. Use of those radars to track debris in an incidental and beneficial side effect that is almost free, not the reason we continue to spend hundreds of millions/year to do so. If, in your opinion, mankind is such a problem I'd suggest that you help us all out by removing yourself as part of "the problem".

Creating an space-based economy and self sustaining workforce aren't objectives beyond our means unless we allow ourselves to be hobbled.

Speaking of hobbled, tell me how well our electronic world that is critically dependent on communications would fare if a catastrophic event occurred where the majority of our major satellite system were inadvertently destroyed. It would be at minimum years before we could fully recover communications and capability at this level. For the fucking planet. Good luck with your "self-sustaining" workforce then.

TL; DR - Humans fuck up any space they occupy. History has shown this, so don't be ignorant about the inevitable dangers of exponential growth.

Ah, because you think that because you've never heard of anyone preparing for a situation where a major solar storm or nefarious action that no-one in the Military has ever thought that loss of GPS and comm Sats would be critical to our Defence? You think that the Military that has plans for everything including invasion by Canada wouldn't have thought of that and prepared for it with sufficient spare satellites on a black budget to restore minimal function within ASAP? The capability certainly exists and anyone with half a brain would have figured that out and that it isn't publicised to keep it as safe as possible.

History has also shown what happens to the stagnant. They're the ones that used to live where you do now.

Comment Re: OMG that's a dodgy check (Score 1) 325

Here's the problem I have with this:

Program Expenses
(Percent of the charityâ(TM)s total expenses spent on the programs and services it delivers)

This doesn't say exactly what those expenses ARE, because it could well be that they spend 95% of their "program expenses" on admin, salaries, bribes, and various other overhead, and that only 5% actually trickles down to the nominal recipients.

This is something I became aware of while perusing tax info from a particular class of charities -- where "administrative expenses" is typically charity-speak for "owner's salary"... explaining why "administrative expenses" tends to be an upper-five to lower-six figure number even for charities that are basically one-man bands.

Comment Re:Different election this time? (Score 1) 325

Someone pointed out that if Trump actually had a proper collection of skeletons, they'd already be on parade... if one jock-talk tape is the best they can do (at least, with documentation so the tale can't be promptly refuted by genuine witnesses) there probably isn't anything all that terrible waiting to be unearthed.

Comment Re: Can't read my posts either. Strange obsession (Score 1) 546

Nope, just tired of crappy ad hominem arguments that don't actually say anything beyond "we're right, you're wrong". Give me reasons and rationale and hard data (and I don't mean conveniently doctored data, like Mary Koss did), not just BS, and I'll listen. I might even change my mind, like I did on basic income -- once hard facts got laid out, not just leftist whining about their mythical notions of equality.

But hey, keep that bag over your head and complain how everyone else is in the dark.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 570

Freedom of speech doesn't mean there isn't any repercussions from your speech.

There is a common misconception that just because you have free speech you can say what you want and your life should be unaffected from it. Sorry Speech is too powerful to be unaffected from such actions.
Freedom of Speech is primarily to insure the at Government will not imprison you just because of your beliefs and if you feel such systems are wrong you should be able to speak up against them, without having the government try to silence you.

This doesn't mean your job is safe or your career in general.

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