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Comment Re:resistance is futile (Score 2) 72

Demonstrably bullshit, and exactly the kind of falsehood that the Leave campaign was spouting during the UK's referendum - at least in the way that you are positing. Check out the latest news on the ongoing negotiations over the EU-Canada trade deal that is currently on the rocks because *three* regions of one EU member state (Belgium) are objecting to the deal. Everyone else - all the other 27 members of the EU and Canada want to go ahead, but can't because of those three provinces, and the terms of the deal (5MB PDF) are entirely public knowledge - unlike things like TPP and TTIP where the US is involved and insists on secrecy.

The real irony of the situation (and the reason for my caveat); the three regions that are blocking the deal are Wallonia, the French speaking region of Flanders... and Brussels itself (albeit as a province of Belgium rather than as the EU).

Comment Re:Who should we blame? (Score 1) 169

Another point is DDOS attacks are conducted by bot nets of zombified computers, most of us /.ers take a considerable amount of pride in having our infernal machines do our bidding and only our bidding. Having one of my machines commandeered for a DDoS attack would be rankling for me and most here; I don't mind you making a statement with your resources, but trying to use mine to make your statement is just going to piss me off.

If this leads to some senile Grandma pissing her panties in the White House deciding the Internet needs her protection from itself, I'm going to be beyond pissed off.

Comment Re: Product placement (Score 0) 226

It may be more entertaining than men's soccer, if you're into soccer (I'm not), but it's hard for me to get past the fact that the best women's teams in the world (the ones that win the world cups and olympics and such) can be easily beaten by their own national under-17 boy's teams.

I don't know why exactly, but knowing that the people I am watching are only competitive in the sport because of gender segregation, takes some of the excitement away for me.

Comment "Growing Demand"? (Score 3, Insightful) 408

Putting aside yet another "WE NEEDZ MORE WOMENZ IN IT" crap, did anyone else think "H1B" when they read "growing demand?"

Companies are already doing everything they can to bring in cheaper talent. The "demand" in question has nothing to do with the number of competent and trained talent, but rather the number of competent and trained talent willing to work for peanuts. Encouraging more domestic IT/programming workers to enter the field will only exasperate that, regardless of their plumbing.

Comment Re:Make up your mind (Score 1) 142

Do you have any idea what conditions are like under occupation? Here's a hint: go ask the Palestinians what occupation is like.

Not every occupier runs a Naziesque genocidal regime. Why don't you look at the American occupation of Iraq instead? We instituted curfews, and desegregated populations that were living next to one another in relative peace, causing them to come into conflict and fomenting terrorism. That's pretty close to what American occupation of America is like, except instead of desegregating a segregated populace, our laws seek to segregate it further by demonizing and subsequently ghettoizing some races.

Comment Re:Copseye (Score 1) 142

Alas, our police aren't as benevolent as those Niven depicts. Ours would take umbrage at rocks being thrown at their copseye-equivalents.

Are you kidding? Ours takes umbrage if you cross the street in the "wrong" place (even with no cars coming) or burn a spliff in the top of a tree where nobody can smell it. There's not going to be any benevolent anarchy. Just a boot stomping a human face if it doesn't assemble those doodads correctly, forever.

Comment Re: autism is preferable? (Score 1) 623

Not so fast. If I, in a developed country with good health care, had a child to be vaccinated with the MMR, I would realise that getting the measles is not by far as bad as making him autistic by trying to prevent him from getting the measles. I would never be able to forgive myself if such thing happened.

So you could forgive yourself if they got neural damage from measles, and acted as a vector to give it to other children making you a total shitbag of a parent, but not if they became autistic?

In the USA nowadays 1 in 25 children becomes autistic

Who told you that? It's 1 in 68.

and I'm sure that even if everybody got the measles, only 1 in 1,000 or so would be severely damaged by it.

Measles causes the most vaccine-preventable deaths of any disease. You're a colossal dumbass.

Comment Even IPv6 completely fails to address this (Score 0) 296

So we're going to have to handle it at the routing level. We're going to need a web of trust routing system and when some provider goes full retard and fails to block malicious traffic originating from their network, their peers null-route and refuse to carry their traffic until they fix it.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 0) 75

Some of the land was taken by force, other land was simply unoccupied.

There was no land which was simply unoccupied. Some of it was very sparsely populated, but the natives had over ten thousand years to figure out what the population densities should look like.

Are you trying to get at something?

It's the government's land, because they took it by force! But wait, it's wrong to take land by force. So... give your land back to the natives and fuck off.

Comment Re:progressive thinking (Score 1) 75

as owners of the land that the pipeline runs over, the government is naturally the institution demanding safety. What makes government "evil" is that it usually acquires property by force, gives it away to powerful special interests, and does a piss poor job managing and preserving it.

That is, if this land (and the Indian territory) actually was private property and managed as private property, then there would be nothing to riot and protest about.

Wait, is it evil to acquire property by force, or not? Because... how do you think the government got the land this nation is based upon?

Comment Re:This is actually a good thing but only if... (Score 1) 127

There is probably no reason to block this merger as it would create what is clearly a massive market monopoly. AT&T and Time Warner own pretty much all the cables suitable for communication into people's houses in many areas.

Time Warner, which is what AT&T want to buy, own no cables. Time Warner Cable, which is now a separate company from Time Warner, own cables; they have already been bought by Charter Communications, who also own cables.

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