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Comment Re:Even if it is money, I get it.... (Score 1) 60

I believe the correct answer is not only do you not change the money, you are obliged to contact the police and report the person.

Yes and no respectively. But if the cops ask you, you have to answer honestly or you're an accessory... unless they're asking about your spouse, then you don't have to answer. Whee!

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 2) 121

It's even giving me pause how deep the roots of Amazon and Facebook go in the internet, the only thing that surprises me now isn't how long ads for something I've looked at follow me, but that they don't stop after I've finally bought it.

One bizarre thing I've notice is a lot of links on Facebook to Uber-Conservative sites are redirecting to sites that my anti-virus is blocking in the last few days. I thought it was just my paranoia over some wonky adds served up on the sites, but now I'm not so sure. Seems like with all of the programming chops they have, it would be trivial to insert some malicious adverts into sites they disagree with philosophically.

Comment Re:Pegg's Star Trek is an abortion (Score 1) 102

Science fiction is a reflection of today's society.

So why is there so little gay crew?

ST:TOS made TV history in the 1960's with the first interracial kiss when the civil rights movement was ongoing. I'm sure critics called that pandering as well.

I'm sure they did. But the difference is that Trek isn't breaking any ground here whatsoever, and they're going against the wishes of both the original, revered creator (who envisioned the character as straight) and the actor who made the role famous. Put it all together, and it spells fail.

I am not offended by gay characters. I am offended by this senseless pandering. Not because it's gay, but because it's senseless.

Comment Re:Please (Score 1) 102

Obviously 99% of the crews of Star Trek ships could've been automated away, but who wants to watch a TV series about machines?

It's not that obvious, if you take the Trek universe as a given. There's a bunch of times when the people kept working when the machines didn't, so they clearly were not redundant.

Comment Re:doesn't matter (Score 1) 706

I call my secrets privacy, your secrets are called obstruction of justice; if you tell my secrets you're a snitch, if I tell your secrets I'm a whistle-blower.
Wikileaks sounded like a good idea, but I always knew it was a double-edged sword, the Dems chuckled under their breath when Wikileaks became a "Let's bash Bush and America Society", now that their sights are set on outting of Hillary's and the Democrats secrets, I bet not so much.

In this day and age it's hard enough to not fall under a microscope for typical run-of-the-mill embarrassments, why tempt the fates with the bad stuff; karma is a harsh bitch.

Comment Re:Horse Hockey (Score 1) 706

When you get a security clearance, you sign a paper agreeing to not divulge classified information and to safeguard it; stupidity and carelessness are not mitigating factors. If anything the bar should be set higher for the Secretary of State because we expect our leaders to set the example; a competent leader can not discipline their subordinates for doing the same thing they are doing.

Comment Re:Always the same with Hillary... (Score 1) 706

They have little choice, they have to at least try to maintain the illusion of impartiality. Liberal bias in the media has been a conservative meme for almost 1/2 a century, but most of Con assumed it was a selection bias from Liberals being disproportionately drawn to the field; now it looks like deliberate and ongoing collusion between MSM and the DNC.

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