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Comment Re:I don't any more (Score 2) 138

Another issue with third party ROMs is that some software builders actively block or sabotage them. For example, the AT&T's Uverse streaming service will detect whether you have a rooted or third party ROM and stops working. The Netflix goes only up to 480p resolution on a non-stock ROM. "Fixing" this probably involves editing build.prop and hiding your root, but I haven't tried it recently.

Android Pay also has issues with rooted phones (and, by extension, custom ROMs), but I have it working on an Asus Zenfone 2 running CyanogenMod 13. A combination of Magisk and phh's Superuser successfully fools Android Pay into full functionality. You might want to give them a try with other root-averse apps.

Comment Re:What about saving Linux? (Score 1) 91

nor one like Gentoo where I have to wait a week for everything to compile

If you're waiting a week for Gentoo to build, either (1) you're doing it wrong or (2) you need more modern hardware. It doesn't even need to be bleeding-edge; the Core 2 Quad Q6600 I bought in 2008 and still use at work (!) could do a complete rebuild (including things like Chromium, LibreOffice, and KDE) in maybe 36-48 hours. You almost never need to rebuild everything at the same time, however, so the typical emerge whatever takes far less time than that.

Comment Re:President Pussy-Grabber (Score 1) 1498

South Park did an episode about this when Tiger Woods was caught banging whores, and all the ugly women and fags just for the life of them couldn't figure out why rich and powerful men were banging hot young women. Eventually Obama had to make up a story that it was aliens making them do it or something. You can't figure out the whole "women want to fuck rich guys" thing, so which are you, a faggot or a fat woman?

Comment Re:He won because Hilary didn't campaign (Score 1) 1498

And from what I've heard Bill told them they were fucking up, and she needed to go to Michigan and Wisconsin and talk to workers and unions and they laughed at him.

Trump followed Bill's same plan from '92: It's the Economy, Stupid. So all Trump talked about was jobs, jobs, jobs (and some terror). But all Hillary talked about was Trump and minority pandering.

Comment Re:I think civility is going to go out the window (Score 4, Insightful) 1498

By providing an example of "acceptable" behavior via his constant personal attacks on people, I think he's going to signal to everyone that they no longer need to be civil to one another.

The left hasn't been civil...basically ever. If you have a difference of opinion you are shouted down as a racist, sexist, xenophobe, homophobe, transphobe, literally double mega Hitler. Trump is just the first person on the right who found a way to fight back in a long, long time.

I would love to have polite, civil discussions, but the left is going to need to stop shouting down, deplatforming, and physically attacking everyone who disagrees with them, and understand that it's possible to disagree with leftist politics without being a seething wraith of pure hatred wrapped in human skin. I don't see this happening any time soon though.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 273

I think it's the other way around. You started with the emotional reaction of hating Trump, and so you're looking for additional justification for hating him or delegitimizing him. Hence, you believe the completely known liars from the CIA who say bad things about him without presenting a shred of evidence.

Anyone looking at the situation with no emotional bias towards or against Trump would see the lack of evidence and the CIA's history as liars and manipulators and come to the conclusion the CIA was lying. It takes emotional prejudice, as you have, to believe known liars who provide you with no evidence.

You'll notice in polls the only people who believe the CIA are leftist/democrat partisans. Independents don't because they don't have the emotional prejudice against Trump necessary to throw reason out the window.

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