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Comment Re:PTSD Cure Illegal (Score 0) 64

My daughter (age 14 now) suffers from PTSD. It's pretty severe. You can literally see her eyes dilate when she has a flashback. She's gone -- somewhere else. And when she comes back she's terrorized. Those little "trips down memory lane" have become shorter and the recovery time has become shorter as well but it's not gone or fully controlled yet. Also, silly things like startling her can send her in to a flashback or any type of mild anxiety completely unrelated to the original event.

We've played the "meds" game for a while but gave up after the last "lets try this and see if it works" game that seems to be the norm. The last time, my daughter tripped like she ate a 'shroom'. Light trails, solid objects moving on their own, thinking she has 6 or 7 fingers on each hand. After she "recovered" from that my daughter demanded the 'honor' of flushing those pills down the toilet.

We went back to EMDR therapy (non-medical) which, while a rollercoaster, is having an overall positive effect. I wonder if there's a similar trigger with the EM of EMDR and the effects of playing Tetris...

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 520

Hum, lets just remind everyone that 40% of our food is imported. Hey it gets even worse much of our food that is not imported is packaged in materials that are imported. Nothing worse than an angry *hungry* mob, at which point the leaders of the leave campaign will probably need to claim political asylum abroad or be lynched if still in the UK assuming Scotland and Northern Ireland have not decided that such a prospect is not worth it and there is no UK left.

Invest in local agriculture, quick!

Comment Re:This is absolutely sickening... (Score 1) 506

Not "we". It's the dummies. If we had an educated populace, it wouldn't be happening.

But a greater percentage of educated whites* voted for Trump than Hillary. And something like 75% of STEM majors voted Trump. So I don't think a more educated populace will help.

*I use whites because they vote less along racial lines than anyone else. Blacks vote democrat regardless of education.

Comment Chinese only do this for one reason (Score -1) 64

If Chinese have invested in Tesla you can be sure it's not with the goal of making money from an investment. They are going to get their people in the company and then those people are going to rob Tesla blind of technology. Then Chinese firms will "invent" the technology and Chinese people will cheer for the home team.

Comment Re:While its not my cup of tea (Score 1) 636

Are confederate Civil War re-enactors to be vilified, even if they don't share those views?

They will be soon. We've removed nuance from history. The only socially acceptable explanation for why individual rebel soldiers fought is "because they were evil and hated blacks."

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