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Comment Re:Girl Power! (Score 2) 35

How much of the hype behind this company centered on the fact that its leader was a young, attractive, blonde woman from Stanford?

How much actually focused on the product and the likelihood of it succeeding?

Our news today is more entertainment than fact.

Well at this point the primary story is the meta story about how otherwise sophisticated investors put in tons of money behind the the young, attractive, blonde woman even though they were shown very little evidence. That meta story is both entertaining and fact based.

Comment Re:Prepare to be (Score 5, Informative) 397

Well within experimental noise - and certainly nothing you're going to propel anything anywhere with.

I agree I'm still far from sold on the EM drive. I want to see it working in a vacuum, away from earth's magnetic field, and I want an explanation for the physics behind it. But if there's new physics, then who can say what the eventual application will be? Our first experiments with radioactive materials made things a little warm and glowy (and poisonous) but then fast forward a few decades and we've got mushroom clouds and nuclear reactors.

Comment Re:Could you gush a little more? (Score 2) 367

The documentation for C# (and to be honest all of Microsoft's recent offerings) is phenomenal. Easy to read, easy to search, well referenced, lots of examples. The language itself is modern, sleek, well thought out, and has incredibly useful features like LINQ that simply no one else has.

As a linux nerd I spent two decades laughing at M$'s incompetence. But I have to give credit where credit is due. I hate the fact that C# is my current favorite high-level general purpose language.

Comment Excellent (Score -1) 526

So, Apple, evil globalist corporation, is getting slammed by the European Union, evil globalist supra-government. Fight more, fight longer...I love it!

One of you is going to say Apple are the good guys and don't deserve biased anti-American treatment like this, and another is going to say the EU are the good guys and deserve the extra tax revenue. You're both wrong, that's what makes this so beautiful! From one of my favorite Chevy Chase movies, Deal of the Century: "Whoever wins, we win. Whoever loses...we win."

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