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Submission + - Nuclear plant in Slovenia causes major concern

nbert writes: ECURIE (European Community Urgent Radiological Information Exchange) issued a warning yesterday at 5:38 pm local time regarding a malfunction of a Slovenian reactor in Krsko near the Croatian border. ECURIE was founded in reaction to the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. The system obligates members of the EU to inform other members in the case of a critical incident within their borders. Since such warnings are only issued if the affected country is taking measures to save the population it is fairly raw to receive such warnings. For this reason the warning has caused major coverage in European news shortly after the incident.

However, current articles imply that the situation is under control. Apparently cooling fluid has leaked from the primary circle but has been kept contained within the reactor.

The reactor in Krsko was built over 60 years ago and has been criticized by organizations like Greenpeace for its lack of maintenance and general design. Croatia and other neighboring countries have previously protested against ongoing operation.

Since I wasn't able to find English sources I can only refer to the following non-English sites: Spiegel.de and ElPaís.com

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