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Comment Re: Be ready to pay more for internet (Score 1) 195

Except, no I don't. My bandwidth is not metered. I pay for access to the network. Netflix users use bandwidth that is being subsidized by other non-Netflix network subscribers. I see zero issue with Netflix and the internet providers hashing out the cost benefits, then having Netflix pass the costs on to consumers.

Comment CA (Score 4, Insightful) 271

As a white midwesterner working in CA, I can sympathize with the idea that CA tech companies have toxic cultural problems. I can only imagine what it's like to be a black dude.

CA runs on passive aggresive behavior. It can be psychologically damaging to someone who grows up and has worked with real people their whole life.

Comment I do to an extent (Score 2) 415

While I wouldn't want to program in a pure functional, no side effect language, a good mix of differing paradigms seems to me to be the way to go. Java and .NET went overboard on the OOP, and it leads to these poor abstractions in many cases (I.e. AbstractFooProcessor), which are much better approached with some FPd

Pure functional code is super easy to reason about, though, especially asynchronous code. OOP has its role, but oftentimes you find yourself on loose footing, with its focus on always changing state. This can be addressed with good practices, which leads you down class hiearchy hell. Throwing some FP in the mix gives you (mostly) the best of both worlds.

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