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Comment Re:In a similar vein... (Score 1) 315

I've purchased 2 laptops, a desktop, and a small form factor machine from System 76. They've been solid, but nothing really to call home about. The first laptop (Gazelle) had a touchpad that was shifted a bit off to the left. I understand the design decision to put the touchpad centered below the keyboard letters, but it took a while to get used to. The second laptop (Lemur) was great. For desktop, I have a Ratel. When it arrived I noticed the case was bent a bit. I couldn't tell if it was from shipping or due to bad assembly with the power supply, but it functioned just fine, so I never contacted their support team. The one annoyance I had was that I upgrade it to include WiFi, but it never really got good reception, so I ended up moving the machine next to my router and connecting over ethernet. The small form factor (Meerkat) machine has been great. All of the machines were blazing fast, though I attribute that to running a clean Ubuntu install more than anything.

Comment Re:Public Trading (Score 1) 55

That's one reason to go public. Many companies (especially in Silicon Valley) go public to provide a payout to the VCs and founders. Best case scenario, the IPO is properly priced, everyone gets paid, and the public has an investment that is worth something.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 917

Slashdot is conservative, but UBI is the conservative alternative to the welfare state. It's the liberals who seem more opposed to the idea, typified by their distaste for getting rid of means testing. God forbid government benefits are distributed equally with no regard to income.

Comment Re:Google maps in NY city does this (Score 1) 254

Self-driving cars absolutely must not rely on map data or GPS to operate properly. A self-driving car must be able to read road signs and traffic conditions at least as well as a human in order to claim the title self-driving. Not to say a self-driving car might not still make the same mistake, but if it makes the mistake 100% of the time due to incorrect map data, it is not a self-driving car. It's a particularly advanced rail system.

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