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Comment Re:Please, it's Frivilous Regulation (Score 2) 242

You've completely missed the purpose of the regulation. Airbnb is driving up housing costs because people are purchasing homes and then renting them continuously as hotels. The company is providing meaningful support for people to circumvent existing zoning laws. The regulations are an attempt to put a stop to that.

Comment Re:What? (Score 5, Informative) 621

We abandoned that shit here in the U.S. decades ago. We setup black sites to hold innocent people so they fall between the cracks of the constitutional system We even had to set up special courts specifically designed to circumvent constitutional rights and push victims through the system more rapidly and cheaply.

And the Republicans and Democrats just cry "terrorism" and "gun violence" and think that solves the nation's problems.

Comment Re:The usual way (Score 1) 515

To my knowledge, Visual Studio is straight-forward to get up and running. I haven't used in years, though, maybe it's become a mess?

PHPStorm is the first IDE outside of Visual Studio I've ever used that just started doing its job immediately upon "install" (which was extracting a tarball).

But yeah, Eclipse and XCode are a needless pain-in-the-ass (Eclipse, especially).

Comment Re: In other words... (Score 1) 359

Your piddly Microsoft PC might no able to handle it, but my piddly Linux PC regularly handles large memory tasks just fine.

Of course, in the Linux world we solved this problem back around 2002 when it came up instead of throwing our hands in the air and tucking our tails between our legs and whining that 64 bit is too hard.

Comment Why did you give your TV your Wifi password? (Score 1) 304

I don't get this.

If you don't provide a Wifi password for your TV, it can't change features on you, it can't effectively spy on you, it can't inject ads. It can't do anything "smart".

I bought a Samsung "smart" TV years ago. I never bothered setting up internet access on it. Why would I? In what world would that ever make sense? I also don't have a problem with the TV being "smart", because I never granted it the resources required to actually DO anything.

I don't understand the feature, but I really don't understand the kerfuffle over the feature. If you give your TV internet access, wouldn't you expect it to deliver internet content? Isn't that the point?

Comment Re: Hydogen is just a way to store energy (Score 1) 630

Whenever I have heard hydrogen proponents, it is usually tied in with nuclear power. His entire premise is wrong. The point is NOT to decrease energy consumption. The point is to decrease the environmental impact of our energy use. Nuclear and hydrogen does that quite nicely. In fact, the environmental impact of an electric battery far outweighs the hydrogen cell and corresponding nuclear energy.

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