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Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 877

Slashdot is conservative, but UBI is the conservative alternative to the welfare state. It's the liberals who seem more opposed to the idea, typified by their distaste for getting rid of means testing. God forbid government benefits are distributed equally with no regard to income.

Comment Re:Google maps in NY city does this (Score 1) 254

Self-driving cars absolutely must not rely on map data or GPS to operate properly. A self-driving car must be able to read road signs and traffic conditions at least as well as a human in order to claim the title self-driving. Not to say a self-driving car might not still make the same mistake, but if it makes the mistake 100% of the time due to incorrect map data, it is not a self-driving car. It's a particularly advanced rail system.

Comment Re: Why aren't they getting sued? (Score 1) 118

Pretty sure USA is expecting and half encouraging you to pirate Mr Robot. It's a caché thing for them. Back in the day, networks neede a high quality evening news show to be relevant, even if the shows lost money. Nowadays, cable networks need a high quality, critically acclaimed show to be relevant, even if it means losing some money. Longt term, they don't want to be relegated to the garbage pile after a la carte becomes the norm.

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