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Comment Re:All or nothing (Score 1) 117

It's apparently all-or-nothing with liberals.

I could retort that it's always gross generalizations with conservatives but I should let you know that as a liberal I'm capable of identifying that many conservatives aren't so stupid as to think it's all-or-nothing with *all* liberals and that it isn't all-or-nothing with *all* conservatives. From there we could start to have a meaningful discussion of trends. That is, I could have that discussion with other conservatives, but perhaps not with you.

Comment Re:Cool? (Score 1) 117

Considering you don't agree with a liberal law, no you're not. You are actually a centrist. If you believe in private ownership of property, you are center right.

I'm assuming you mean to say that if you want to take one cent from someone who received money from the market to support something else, like bridges or medicare, then you "don't believe in private ownership of property"? I mean, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find very many people at all who would agree they don't believe in "private ownership of property," at least after you subtract out taxes and fines. Writing it this way makes your position seem uber reasonable but you probably mean something more divisive and want to label it as the only reasonable position with this language. An analogous statement might be, "If you have compassion as a value, you're center left."

Also, by your definition, since I disagree with many laws written by self-identifying liberals including the one in the article, I'm a centrist? Despite wanting single payer healthcare, free college, free pre-school, to reduce the prison population to 10% of what it currently is, and to legalize all drugs? Seems hard to swallow your metric.

Comment Re:So an American hero might be jailed for life (Score 1) 294

While I appreciate the sincerity of your response, it is about security and not economy, unlike the thread. The post I responded to was claiming that Trump was putting our "native workforce" first. I was responding to say that it does not put our native workforce first. Yes, it is isolationist not to take refugees from some countries. We abrogate our ability to use our soft power to spread our ideas and further connect the world which would benefit the native workforce. If you think that the value of interconnectedness is thoroughly appreciated in the population, then we must be watching and reading different news sources. There seems to be a lot of senseless and hysterical immigrant bashing as well as very weak public support for things like the TPP, which our withdrawal from has caused macro economists of all political stripes to suggest that the United States has basically lost the game in Asia.

Comment Re:Glad they made amends (Score 2) 259

Ahh the old every woman who exposes herself is a whore argument. Mixed with, "pornography should be about appreciating inner beauty." If people want to objectify women in porn while fapping, let them. As objects of lust, no two women are the same. As interview subjects, no two women in pornography are the same either.

Comment Re:both outcomes were hostile. (Score 2) 294

Did it ever occur to you, oh pea brained little oik, that the reason terrorist acts are relatively rare is because the security services are busy 24/7 trying to prevent attacks?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? The constitution says, "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Do you believe that we should be willing to shred our basic law in order to protect against terrorists? The NSA appears to have systematically ignored the constitution. The necessity of which to protect against terrorists is not obvious, the amount it helped is not really known generally, and the dangers to our future when such vast information gathering is in the hands of people we should not trust too thoroughly is also unqualifiable.

What makes you unpersuasive is your certainty that you have the answer to these concerns. Yes, I've considered your perspective. Maybe you should give credit to the idea that there are other perspectives that warrant more consideration than your exasperated "good grief" suggests you've given them.

Comment Re:So an American hero might be jailed for life (Score 1) 294

Yet the majority of macro economists agree the US native workforce will suffer under these immigration policies. Many thought leaders on the right (and left) see isolationism as a sure path to worse domestic conditions. Our inability to collectively acknowledge the argument that our success is interconnected is proof of how thoroughly the frame job has been during 2016.

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