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Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 225

Populate the moon. Seriously. It is the closest body on which we can install a backup culture of human DNA. Extinction events happen with certainty and regularity on this big blue orb. Going into the future without a "Plan B" is just incredibly fucking stupid.

That being said, nothing you humans do can be considered particularly intelligent. You poison your sources of sustenance. You kill each other for unknowable reasons you are completely certain about. You put yourselves through hell every day of your life to make sure a very select few of you get everything they could ever want and more than they could ever use. When confronted with the possibility of the Earth doing what it always has done your best retort is to steal money from everyone. It seems logical that you would completely ignore your own species survival, even when you have discovered the undeniable truth of the future from legacy of the rocks under your feet.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 684

Shocking was finding out after the fact from my father who this guy was. While we worked together I had no idea he had worked with my father, I only knew he had worked for the same LARGE PETROLEUM COMPANY before he started at the company I worked for. There were many layoffs in the petroleum sector during this time and he wasn't the only person from the petroleum industry to come work for us.

It was quite chilling to realize this guy knew who my father was, who I was, and was mentally unstable enough to kill his whole family. He could have started with me.

Comment Re:What I find most sad (Score 1) 684

Experience has taught me to be cautious.

I have met many self proclaimed "intellectuals" that are more than happy to prance off on a tangent, avoiding the subject at hand, vociferously counterattacking on a completely different issue, all because I left them the opportunity by not practicing conversational prophylactics.

I have noticed that this is the normal MO for people who have an agenda where their brain is supposed to be.

This seems to be more and more of the population. I am constantly in wonder of people who seem perfectly capable of thinking for themselves and yet continually choose to regurgitate an adopted agenda. The result is that no real communication occurs with them. They don't consider what the other person is saying. They just look for keywords and subjects that they can reply to with their agenda. Conversational prophylactics are designed to try to eliminate some of the opportunities for these sub-human robots to spew their agenda-speak.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 684

What you just described is where I start to (against my better judgement) veer into support for zero-tolerance policies. If you have a policy you need to stand by it continuously, without fail, for managers, VP's, janitors, and everyone in between. The first slip in application tells your employees that your policies are without merit, merely lip service to doing the right thing, and that integrity and honesty are not core components of the company's management. From that point it's just a free-fall to the bottom of the ethical ladder as your culture has been undermined by your shortsighted mismanagement.

Interestingly enough, if you consistently apply good policies without regard to persons and positions you can be a complete fucking scumbag with shit for brains and your employees will think you a genius paragon of virtue. Just put the rules out there for everyone, starting day one, with frequent reminders. Then uphold those policies militantly.

If however, you have an HR department that covers for management, ignores employees complaints, doesn't even maintain it's own policies against harassment, and won't even allow for people to move departments when they are in jeopardy of being harassed by a superior they get what they deserve, which is a metric shit ton of bad press and eventual insolvency.

Comment Apollo 8 patch (Score 1) 224

I love the Apollo 8 patch. That's a logo designer's dream. It practically designed itself. I almost wonder if they made sure it wasn't 7 or 9 just so they could do that.

Anyway, that mission made sense as a stepping stone to landing on the Moon. Doing it again *sort of* makes sense just to dip our toes back into something other than LEO operations... but if Mars is the next target maybe other missions are more logical steps...

Comment Re:Cake or death (Score 1) 684

So Uber's HR department was quoted in the article stating they said it was his first time offense when it was not? Oh, maybe it was the CEO at a press conference? No? Was it the accused manager doing it then, in some cathartic confession of his guilt?

Oh, so the person who is throwing all this shade also gave this uncorroborated piece of evidence along with the others? Got it. How did you miss that there is no evidence of this being substantiated in fact?

I wonder about your ability to parse reality correctly.

Please understand that I am not in any way saying that harassment in the workplace is OK. What I am saying is that you just used hearsay to forward your position without revealing or even admitting to yourself that it was hearsay.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 684

It is a huge problem. Hit on a supervisor in conversation. Lay it on thick. Get sexual in your tone and meaning. Then just wait for the texts to come from your boss with the same tone and meaning.

BINGO! You just won the sexual harassment lottery! If you think subordinates don't have power you are as stupid as the guy in the summary.

I am VERY married, but if I weren't and were looking for a fun partner I would eschew the workplace completely. There are too many crazy immature money hungry spiteful degenerates that will lie to you, set you up, and cash your ass in for a meal ticket without a second thought.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 2) 684

I'll go farther: everyone has bad days where they do things they shouldn't do. Especially in matters of the heart and loosely affiliated organs. I'm not a big fan of knee-jerk firing in response to an accusation.

It's the inevitability of this that means an organization needs to be prepared to handle problems like this, and that's the problem here: the organization, not the supervisor. If the atmosphere described here is accurate, then management and HR aren't doing their jobs.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 684

Agreed. However, one caveat presents itself, please don't shoot the messenger or blame the devil's advocate.

If these comments were sent subsequent to a verbal conversation between the two that included some kind of signaling that this subject matter would be acceptable...well, this would be a very different situation.

I am not saying this is what happened. I am not saying that if it is what happened it would not be incredibly stupid to fall for this. What I am pointing to is that there are a number of circumstances that could make this guy out to look quite a bit worse and more guilty than he actually is.

I am not defending him. Just remember that there are more than 2 sides to an issue. What you hear from the participants is definitely not the full truth.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 684

One can hope that is the case now. I will relate a situation I was very close to at one of the VERY LARGE PETROLEUM companies that started with sexism and misogyny and ended in tragedy.

In the mid 90's my father became romantically involved with a woman at work who was employed as an executive assistant in another department. As their relationship evolved she confided in him that not only was she the recipient of unwanted advances from a certain employee in the sales department, but she had heard from other female employees that they have been harassed, fondled, and even sexually assaulted by this person. Apparently his favorite tactic was to offer to take a young lady to lunch. Then he would mention having left his wallet at home and that they would stop there for a moment to get it. He would invite the young woman inside and then assault her. Management's response to this had been to move this salesperson around the US, kind of like the Catholic church did with pedophiles in their employ. This salesperson was a "high performer" and made the company significant profits, and was protected by the HR department and managers from retaliation.

My father, having a firmly defined standard of fairness and an even more deeply entrenched allergy to injustice, decided to do something about this sexual predator. Over a period of almost 2 years he managed to use the internal electronic message board at the company to rally enough employees into speaking up and the man was eventually fired. In one of the craziest twists of fate ever this person ended up in my industry, working at my company as a salesperson. My father and I have the same exact name, sans the suffix so he had to know who I was.

He also knew one of my coworkers. A stout christian woman, deeply involved in one of the largest churches in our city, and she vouched for his upright character, his beautiful wife and children, and their wonderful christian character. Then after about 4 months on the job he decided he had had enough. He left work in the middle of the day and went home with a purpose. He first killed their 19 year old nanny. It was later learned he had been having an affair with her. Then he killed his two children, 20 months and 3 months, followed by his wife, aged 36. All of them were murdered by stabbing. The police described it as a "very brutal, violent scene, lots of blood."

After killing his family the scumbag in question stabbed himself, shot himself, and drank rat poison. When these methods of ending his life did not work he drove about 70 miles outside of town, parked his car on the side of the road, and stepped out in front of a 18 wheeler cruising down the freeway, thus ending his miserable life.

I can only imagine how this situation might have developed differently if only the company he worked for had not decided to protect this awful human being from the consequences he deserved. Maybe if he had been fired right away with the first offense he would not have progressed to where he killed his entire family and then offed himself.

Whatever the conditions were that eventually led to this, the initial seed of this problem was how he viewed people, especially women, around him. This was, I am sure, exacerbated by his company defending him. Maybe in his mind he thought he was entitled to do with women as he pleased. I don't know. Whatever the reasons are, I see this as a condemnation of sexist activity of this type, as it belies a lack of concern for and malice toward others that resulted in someone killing 4 people and then themselves.

So, I would recommend to anyone who encounters this kind of activity, report it immediately. Don't feel flattered. Get evidence. Remove that person from the workplace immediately and hopefully place them in prison. You are dealing with a predator who does not care for you one bit. They see you as an object that they deserve. Something they can take, use, and discard without a flicker of emotion. Your life could be at stake. Or, maybe the lives of a couple of innocent children.

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