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Comment Re:Here's a crazy idea (Score 1) 64

Which is funny, because the replacements on the N7 were bad. They still would have had to recall the units in shame, and with the black mark from the CPSC you wouldn't have been able to use them with 3rd party batteries either. Still a brick.

By the way - removable batteries suck. I had them on the LG G3 and G4. You have to shut the phone down to remove them and then cold boot. By the end of the run on my G4, I found it was less weight and more capacity* to carry an external battery with a slim cable and just plug it in to charge. Plus I never had to shut down in the middle of what I was doing or drop a call for a minute to wait for power down/swap/powerup. Just plug and go.

*remember, LiPos can't be safely stored in your pocket or purse without a fire resistant case/pouch, so the advantage of their slim form means nothing if you don't want a fire in your pocket.

Comment Re:It's just smart business. (Score 1) 346

Yeah! Look at all the office clerks sitting out of work because computers automated their jobs! Individual banks alone used to employ thousands of people who've all been replaced by computers automating their job. What will all those people ever be able to do? How will they survive!

You should stop using a computer and go back to hiring people to do the same work instead. Think of how much more benefit you'll have on society!

No need to respond to this post unless you decide it's actually just fine for you to automate the work involved in posting on /. with a computer instead of hiring real people to do the work for you...

Comment Re:Democrats (Score 1) 381

So in summary, the FCC goes back to not regulating this, just like they didn't regulate this until oh... all of 6 months ago?

The rules Congress just disapproved were passed in October 2016. The Internet survived just fine for decades without the FCC's rules. Pretty sure the sky isn't going to fall as a result of these regulations only lasting a few months.

Comment Re:Book recommendation: Song of the Dodo (Score 1) 74

Extinction is sad, but only like death is sad. Something that is one of a kind is now gone forever. A gentle reminder that nothing is permanent, hopefully preparing you for your own eventual demise. Life, in a collective sense of the word, is a process larger than individual cells, organisms, or even species. Extinction does not eliminate Life, it enables it to transform.

It is natural, predictable, inevitable. A necessity as well. Humans would not be here to observe and record extinct species if it were not for previous extinctions.

It has been happening since life began, it will continue when mankind is gone. You can view it as a loss, or you can take it as another step along the pathway of Life and celebrate it for what it is.

Comment we don't have blacksmiths, either (Score 1) 346

Well, we do, but only people who really WANT to be blacksmiths - the whole 'artisinal' thing.

Societies evolve, technology evolves. Yes, the Horse Buggy Whip industry jobs have largely entirely gone - so have (essentially) the jobs of Elevator Pilot, Farrier, Town Cryer, and Jester.

Don't like it? Maybe make an effort to be more of a human and less of a drone. There are LOTS of jobs out there for people who want to actually learn how to do something - electrician, for example. Never going to be replaced by a factory in Vietnam.

Comment Re:Costco is the one suing (Score 1) 247

And this, kids, is why big companies rarely ever go after other big companies.

Big swingin' dick lawyers can be stalemated by OTHER big swingin' dick lawyers and then the aggressor looks like an idiot and wasted money.

Would any of us have any doubts about the outcome if it was 'Bill's Golf Balls', a $100,000 business in Madison WI instead of Costco?

Comment Chinese only do this for one reason (Score -1) 52

If Chinese have invested in Tesla you can be sure it's not with the goal of making money from an investment. They are going to get their people in the company and then those people are going to rob Tesla blind of technology. Then Chinese firms will "invent" the technology and Chinese people will cheer for the home team.

Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 2) 238

Yep. I moved to Idaho and can relate. I grew up in Silly Con Valley and will never go back. I won't even visit I hate that place so much. I earn more here, I have a cost of living thats 60% less than it was there and the people are chill. My commute is about 26 minutes though but thats by choice as I chose to move further out of town than most.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 247

I love the way this looks on paper:

Patent infringement:
"You totally copied all of our best secrets for making awesome golf balls!"

False advertising:
"Your golf balls are shyte Costco!"

Which is it? Did they take your awesome patented ideas or are the golf balls nothing more than under-performing over-hyped sales gimmicks?

Or, maybe they both are...

Comment Not the best advocate (Score 1) 325

"One of the scientists who demonstrated conclusively that global warming was an unnatural event with the famous "hockey stick" graph..."

If by "demonstrated conclusively" you mean:
- used sketchy, statistically dubious 'smoothing', omitted the Medieval warm period, and cherry picked data to 'prove' an already-supposed conclusion, and
- then when called to produce his data, "lost it" ....then yeah, he's the guy.

Comment Re:Ulterior motive (Score 4, Interesting) 58

And if Facebook knows what issues you care about and what parties/politicians you support, they can easily put all that together in order to sell political advertising campaigns targeting you to specific politicians and give them the specific issues to put in the campaign.

So really, this is about Facebook improving their product (you) for their advertisers (political buyers, in this case). Happy data collection. I'm sure Google and the other big advertising companies will follow suit if they can.

The fact they can get additional less informed voters (those who don't vote currently are on average less informed than those who do vote) to show up at elections (which will make the average voter knowledge lower) is just the bonus cherry on top of their advertising Sundae. But hey, as long as that gets them more advertising money to propagandize those less informed voters, it's all good, right?

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