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Comment Re:Depends what degree (Score 1) 632


I argue that a 'liberal education' is the only *academic* tertiary path and a very worthwhile one at that. Everything else, especially much of STEM (particularly the E) and Medicine, Law etc is a trade training and qualification for guild membership.. Maybe Science is okay, no guild but at least a culture of review.

The question must be asked about the purpose of Universities, not only in terms of teaching/research balance, but also in terms of vocation/thinking balance.

If you think focusing narrowly on your field such as compsci MechEng etc is the way to go, history will show that you are wrong and you will be impoverished. Just as one builds solutions differently in OO Vs Proc, one expresses literature differently in German than in Hindi. If you cannot see the overlap between Requirements Management and sociology fieldwork then you are neither a professional nor a master craftsperson. You are a skilled labourer at best.

Comment Siegfried Giedion (Score 1) 632

Thanks for the reference, I hadn't encountered Giedion previously. Another visionary of his generation was Marshall McLuhan (The Mechanical Bride: Folklore of Industrial Man [1951]). Along with Buckminster Fuller and freeman Dyson (and others of course), they anticipated a lot.

For a light, visual read, I recommend Matthew Frederick:

Good perspectives (pun intended) applicable to Ux and information flow.

Comment Re: FRost (Score 1) 632

Undergrad was BA in USA History and Peace & Conflict Studies. As a student I worked as a tech at a suburban PC retailer. Started my own business as a tech; a few years later became IT Manager at my largest client. After 5 years of that I moved into contracting as a Business Analyst and moved up through various Architecture roles. Mainly today I do information design.

I don't code, I spec.

A humanities background has helped with soft skills and most importantly the ability to form and test a hypothesis; History is all about trying to reach conclusions based on data that may neither be accurate or complete.

WRT art and architecture, if you're not designing something with a holistic approach to userland and their experience, youâ(TM)re wasting future productivity.


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