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Comment Re:Privacy 2.0 (Score 1) 85

The AC said it: "normal human interaction REQUIRES anonymity, and the ability to forget / forgive past transgressions. Without them we are unable to take risks, we hold grudges..."

I totally agree; However as anonymity is eroded, there emerges a new normal. Call it evolution, call it the dialectic or progress or the singularity or whatever.
If my productivity is measured only in widgets per hour or any single dimension, then those measuring said productivity will increasingly be relying on an inaccurate picture and suffer for it in anything other than maybe a tactical timeframe.

My point is that the information revolution closes a loop that was previously left open and this is hugely transformative to society and economy. Privacy 1.0 is being deprecated and that means has humans, we must focus more on the forgive/forget side of the equation.

Your treatment of what I talked about 15 years ago on FB is *my* filter for gigs I don't want or should not accept.

Comment Privacy 2.0 (Score 1) 85

Privacy based on anonymity is over. My FB, etc are all 100% public. Privacy now is about ownership of your brand(s) for want of a better term.

1) Think of it in positive terms, it's now transparency. Check out your future colleagues and management; "Do I want to work with them?" is just as valid an enquiry.

2) Thinking about networking as "who you know not what you know" completely misses the point. As geeks we recognize thatÂthe network effect (a la Metcalfe or even Beckstrom) is a power law and thus it is more akin to "who do I know who is a valuable *node*?" The smart money is measuring you the same way, so participate.

3) If you FB me and seeÂmy rants against religion for example, perhaps you will be offended or perhaps you will look at my rationale andÂrhetorical capabilities and hostility to dogma. Or not. I don't care. Perhaps you will discover that I donate significantly to charity or that we are already connected.

4)Â Ubiquitous surveillance, big data and facial recognitionÂwhilst they should be rallied against, are only going to expand. They will never recede, so use you fscking brains and findÂwaysÂto surf the paradigm shift.

6) We are at the cusp ofÂphase change in information flow not seen since (and that will exceed the impact of) Gutenberg.Âie geopolitical reconfiguration on continental scale. There is an enormous net benefit to this, but don't kid yourself that there aren't losers on a local scale. Don't be one of them.

7) Opinions are cheaper than ever and yet the ability to measure and tune productivity is enhanced. So any organization vetting me for membership would do to look at exactly that - or my literacy or numeracy and not my opinion on which way the toilet paper roll should be installed or whether I am LGBTQ+Âetc.

8) If you have something to hide and there are many good reasons for this,Âin an age where identities areÂa click away and cost $0.00001, THE SOLUTION OR AT LEAST MITIGATION IS TO OWN SEVERAL.

Comment creating criminal penalties (Score 1) 113

" would require a warrant for all domestic law enforcement agencies to track the location and movements of individual Americans through GPS technology without their knowledge. It also aims to combat high-tech stalking by creating criminal penalties for secretly using an electronic device to track someone.."

Goody. Make sure those penalties apply to the cops too, per person tracked without a warrant.

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