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Comment Re:Caring (Score 1) 104

I have no right then to rob then bank if because they ignored me.

It's trespassing, it's harassment, it's denial of service, but it is not theft. This is basically the copyright infringement vs. theft argument all over again.

No it isn't. I said it was illegal, which it is. You brought up the theft thing just now to somehow discredit my argument, but it has nothing to do with me.

What do you think "rob" means?

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 1) 878

Except that in an open relationship, I imagine getting to know someone you're sleeping with is probably not a good idea. Too many common interests with the bit on the side can lead to an unplanned change in relationship status.

I recently joined a poly group with 30,000 members on Fb to get more info on what it's really all about and what I've learned is that there is some of everything out there, and there's a label for everything. And there's people whose relationships are at all levels of openness from completely, to completely rules-based. And there's examples of each of these both succeeding and failing, or doing one and then the other... or vice versa.

Comment Re:I'm not surprised. (Score 2) 878

So you want to ban any kind of sexual advances?

From a superior to a subordinate? Absolutely. But the rule for harassment is that if it's unwanted, it's harassment. If you're not absolutely sure that it's desired, don't do it. Sex with coworkers is usually a bad idea anyway, because even after you stop, you still have to work together. Sure, some people are mature enough to handle situations like that. Unfortunately, there's no reliable way to identify them ahead of time. That's how you can get an astronaut in a diaper.

The second problem obviously was that it wasn't his first encounter like that, but one does have to ask whether his other encounters were with his subordinates as well, or whether it was simply with other coworkers (which is okay).

It's not automagically okay. There's lots of ways in which it can be inappropriate. If your first advance is not welcomed, then you should stop immediately. This is not that complicated, but a lot of people want to make it complicated to excuse some shit behavior that is creating hostile work environments all over the world, let alone the country.

Comment Re: Jacobin Jeopardy (Score 1) 878

I know, right? Communism never led to any abuses ever!

Communism has never been faithfully attempted at scale. It has always been a cynical ploy to fool the populace while the rich stayed rich. (Sometimes they are killed and their wealth absorbed by other rich people, but the wealth doesn't make it into the hands of the people.)

Neither did theocracies, anarchy, or monarchies!

I didn't say any of those things were good, did I?

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