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Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 1) 188

This needs moderating up. Talk to an Ocaml programmer and a Haskell programmer about what makes a functional language and you'll see very different opinions and these two are languages that were actually designed as functional languages: the bits that end up in other languages are a tiny subset.

Coming from the Haskell side, I see functional programming as programming without side effects and with monads. You can implement monadic constructs in other languages, but it rarely makes code cleaner. Just having higher-order functions doesn't make a language a functional language any more than having structs makes C an object-oriented language.

If the question is 'do you think using higher-order functions simplifies the expression of some algorithms' then the answer is obviously 'yes': programmers have a lot of tools to choose from and most of them are useful at least some of the time.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 1) 188

In C++14 in particular, lambdas with auto parameters dramatically reduce copy-and-paste coding. If you have a couple of lines of code that's repeated, it isn't worth factoring it out into a separate templated function (in particular, you'll often need to pass so many arguments that you'll end up with more code at the end), but pulling it into a lambda that binds everything by reference and has auto-typed parameters can reduce the amount of source code, while generating the same object code (the lambda will be inlined at all call sites).

Comment Re:Cautiously saying yes to this (Score 1) 162

My process is that if you go around the robots.txt, you're hostile, and you route to null on the next access. If you attempt to directly access cached URLs, you're hostile, same answer. The file of IPv4 and IPv6 addresses that have attempted this is easily a half-mile long.

Happy to add to it. Baidu, Bing, and yes, Google, are already there. Most of them have been from AWS instances snooping around. They get the same answer.

Comment ALGOL-W (Score 1) 539

I played with Basic in high school but did my first undergrad stuff in ALGOL-W. As an undergrad I messed with Pascal, Fortran and PL/I. One of my profs at the time was an author of the ALGOL 68 report, thought BCPL was cool and that C (a relatively new language at the time) was a mental disorder. He gave us an assignment in APL once. I guess I'm showing my age.

Now I do 99% of my work in C. My boss and I agree to disagree on scripting languages. I like Python. He thinks Python is ridiculous and insists on Perl for production work.


Comment Re:Basic (Score 1) 539

Delphi, which is Borland Pascal for Windows

No. Borland Pascal was a rebrand of Turbo Pascal and was object oriented.

Delphi introduced Class and was a much stronger OO language. Syntactically it had a lot of overlap with Borland Pascal but it was very clearly a different language.

I programmed professionally in both. Delphi was an interesting deviation from what I'd done before; Delphi 2 really just stepped away in 'never coming back' way.

Comment Re: Fortran (Score 1) 539

Old enough to have not encountered a different language on a computer in your home first.

Fortran tended not to be available on the ZX81, vic-20, C64, Spectrum, Amiga or indeed most DOS or Windows based PCs, where most people first encounter a language, let alone the variants on Logo and other weird shit taught in schools.

Comment Re: Time to switch (Score 2) 204

Volume licensing for Office 365 is a lot cheaper per seat than simply multiplying the list price by number of employees. It also has a much simpler licensing model than previous Microsoft volume licensing, which makes compliance easier (you get all of the desktop apps for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android included). The latter point alone is worth it to a lot of big companies.

Comment Re:Money stores value (Score 1) 124

The American Revolution is proof that you are wrong, as they won the war using only paper money.

Might want to brush up on your history a bit. They won despite the paper money, which was a major hindrance. Google for the phrase "not worth a continental". When the constitution was written, the memory of America's first hyperinflation was very fresh in their minds, which is why the gold and silver clause in the constitution forbids fiat currency.


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