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Comment Re:I'd happily pay $5 more for a SATA port (Score 1) 79

32K? Christ, your generation was spoiled.

I still have my old ZX81 with the 16K RAM pack. You have to put ice cubes in Ziploc bags and rest them on the plastic above the heat sink, or else thermal expansion makes the edge connector lose contact with the board. Of course you can always go old school and just use the onboard RAM chip with 1024 bytes.

Of course by 2050 we'll be cracking up at the thought of a Raspberry Pi- another British computer.

Comment Re:MS pushing more into older OS or Linux/Mac (Score 3, Funny) 235

I had a laptop running Windows 7; Microsoft came in the dark of night and replaced it with Windows 10. Within a week it got trapped in a bootloop, but at least I had my excuse to finally ditch Windows for good. Once Steve Ballmer left, Satya Nadella turned Windows into something that doesn't resemble an OS so much as a paywalled porn site with AdBlock disabled.

Comment Re:Speaking of airlines (Score 1) 135

The man should not feel entitled to fly just because he thinks he is more important than every other passenger on the plane.

Um, I think he assumed he was as important as every other passenger, not more important.

The job market for Russian trolls must have slumped after the election, nice to see you're working again.

Comment Re:BASIC (Score 1) 467

Kids today don't seem to appreciate 8-bit machines quite like previous generations. I learned to program a Sinclair ZX81 in assembler because I could read BASIC faster than its interpreter. I got it to count to 65536 in less than a second which was so amazing that I was bragging to all the other kids. They thought I was lying.

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