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Comment what's up with codeide.com? (Score 1) 244

I was actually looking for one of these the other day, not to be my main IDE, but for when I was out and about and away from my computer. I came across http://codeide.com/ which is mentioned in TFA as well as several other places, but the site doesn't seem to work..

Their old blog is still live ( http://codeide.livejournal.com/ ) but it links to the new blog which is now dead. (last week it was giving me a copy of the home page.)

Does anybody know what these guys are up to?
Wireless Networking

Submission + - Men Cautioned For Wi-Fi 'Theft'

sfxdude writes: "Two people in Worcestershire, UK, have been arrested and cautioned for using someone's wi-fi without permission. The men were cautioned for 'dishonestly obtaining electronic communications services with intent to avoid payment'. They had attracted attention by putting cardboard up over the window of the car they were using, but the light from the laptop could still be seen and so residents contacted the police."

Submission + - Google Docs and Spreadsheets Expanding

dhinckley writes: "Google announced today that they will indeed be adding Presentation software to their Docs and Spreadsheets package. With the announcement they revealed that they have purchased Tonic Systems to help them with the new Presentation software and hope to have it ready by sometime this summer. Google's office package is starting to look a bit more comparable to Microsoft Office."
Operating Systems

Submission + - Fragmentation in Linux Documentation?

twilight30 writes: While trying to figure out why a supposedly-supported SATA-II controller isn't recognised on my motherboard I thought I'd go back and visit the Linux Documentation Project's pages. It was a trip down memory lane, but I soon wondered about the state of many of the documents there. Much of TLDP is old, maybe even crufty.

So I'd like to ask what Slashdotters think of TLDP.org and its 'competitors' — do people get info from other sites or wikis? Are people more likely to look at their distro's forums first? Is TLDP still relevant to you? Are distros good enough now that TLDP is basically irrelevant? For the BSDheads, do you think the BSDs' documentation pages have lessons to teach TLDP?

What would have to change for TLDP to become relevant again? Thanks.

Journal Journal: A great web host

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Feed Wi-Aquarium: the WiFi-enabled fish tank (engadget.com)

Filed under: Wireless

We've seen everything from WiFi-enabled PMPs, robots, and even gardens, but a recent creation showcased at the Embedded Systems Conference in California took remote access abilities underwater. While not as profound as a bay-patrolling nuke detector, Lantronix's Wi-Aquarium was able to grab the bronze for its snazzy internet-enabled fish tank, which reportedly "allows users to remotely control and monitor their aquarium anytime from anywhere in the world." Moreover, users can login and keep an eye on the situation via webcam, and they can even dictate the water temperature, lights, and filter from afar. The standout feature, however, is the ingrained ability of the tank to send the owner emails containing status reports of several key metrics, which should certainly keep you connected to your sea-dwelling pets no matter your location. Now this is what Tamagotchi should have been from the start, eh?

[Via The Raw Feed]

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