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Comment Re:I humbly disagree. (Score 1) 251

Stop comparing apples and oranges; automated dependency management is separate to the package manager. openSUSE has Zypper, for example, which does fantastic dep checking and resolution. Lots of recent innovation has been happening in RPM anyway -- the move to LZMA compression in some places for smaller packages and faster decompression is a good example.

Comment Distro support is abysmal (Score 0, Redundant) 251

It's thoroughly disappointing to see a team of programmers only able to produce releases for Debian-based systems – the "couple of distros" referred to in the story are Ubuntu and Debian. It's also a huge hassle getting it to compile because it's such an enormous download from SVN (gigabytes, I believe; I gave up when it got to 480 megs). Make it a little easier to test please, guys.

Submission + - Qt becomes LGPL!

Aequo writes: Qt, the highly polished, well documented, modern GUI toolkit owned by Nokia will be available under the LGPL starting with version 4.5! It was previously only mainly available under the GPL and a commercial license. Selling licenses was an important part of Qt under Trolltech as it was the company's main source of income, but Trolltech is a fruit-fly compared to Nokia, who want to encourage and stimulate the use of Qt Everywhere [PDF]. This is fantastic news for all commercial developers looking to create cross-platform applications without the need to buy a $4950 multi-platform license per developer.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 2, Informative) 853

I remember lining up A-level ... papers from the 80s and 90s, you could see the questions get easier almost year-by-year.
Interestingly, did you compare the Further Mathematics papers? I sat Maths and Further Maths A-levels last year. Whereas the Maths syllabus that was fiddled with almost annually got easier, the difficulty of Further Maths has stayed pretty much static; we regularly practiced papers from over half a century ago. That is why most quality universities -- while not mandating Further Maths as not all schools can teach it -- look highly favourably on it, and most serious mathematicians that I know studied it.

Submission + - First Open Source ATI Drivers Now Available (

apokryphos writes: "After AMD partnered with SUSE to release open source specs, they have now made some alpha ATI Radeon 5xxx/6xxx drivers available, supporting initial mode settings. The next steps are adding support for more hardware, RandR 1.2 support, video overlay support and 2D acceleration. The source and packages for Fedora, Mandriva, openSUSE and SLED are available in the openSUSE Build Service, with Debian and Ubuntu packages following shortly."

Submission + - AMD Backs openSUSE with Huge New Infrastructure (

apokryphos writes: "AMD has helped sponsor the progress of openSUSE with leading-edge hardware and development expertise. "AMD is helping to ensure that the openSUSE Build Service continues to be an important collaboration and development platform for developers of all distributions," said Terri Hall, AMD vice president of Commercial Systems Marketing. "AMD recognizes the value of the open source development model, and by providing hardware for the openSUSE Build Service, we are able to actively participate in the continued innovation for which the open source community is known."

Are these continued announcements of huge support from large OEMs an indication of a new era?"


Submission + - IBM and Novell Join Forces on Open Source

An anonymous reader writes: At the opening of the LinuxWorld/Next Generation Data Center trade show in San Francisco, IBM and Novell today announced a new agreement to join forces to capture a larger piece of the growing open source application server market. Under the agreement, Novell will deliver and support WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE) as part of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, making it the industry's most comprehensive open source-based server offering.

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