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Comment Sadly, he's kind of right already (Score 5, Insightful) 305

If you want to keep unprincipled actors in the datamining sphere from getting (too much) information about you, you *can* avoid patronizing internet services that are run by them. That means you don't get to enjoy 95% of the internet, because every-fucking-thing is run/owned/exploited/controlled by Google, Facebook, Akamai, Cloudflare...

I'm unusually careful with what I do on the internet compared to most people I know, and every year I feel more and more socially handicapped. As in:

"Oh, you don't do Facebook? I'll send you the invite by email then".

"What do you mean you didn't find it? It's the first line in Google search... What the fuck is Duckduckgo?".

"You should have used Waze instead of that offline satnav: it shows traffic jams and speed cameras live! What do you mean it's evil?"

Etc etc etc...

Comment Re:I miss software that works. (Score 3, Interesting) 467

No, I'm saying software back then was buggier than it is today overall - either shoddily coded, taking certain OS settings for granted, or using undocumented system calls - in an environment where any old rogue program could do anything it wanted or take down the entire system. Anybody who remembers software working better back then remembers wrong.

Incidentally, to the credit of Microsoft, Windows was a masterpiece of backward compatibility for a long time, considering the amount of badly coded 16-bit and 32-bit shit programs it had to run properly.

Comment Re:I miss software that works. (Score 5, Interesting) 467

Hmm, I think memory is failing you here. I clearly remember many, many programs randomly crashing and taking the entire OS with it - and losing hours of work in the process, having to fiddle with hi memory and extended memory in DOS for hours to get some half-assed program to work, installing version after version of certain buggy drivers and goofing around with interrupt jumpers to get a somewhat stable system, etc etc etc. And the worst thing was trying to figure it all out on my own, without any internet forum to help me out.

It was fun at times, but mostly frustrating. I sure ain't missing those days...

Comment Re:some perspective (Score 4, Insightful) 755

Put those together and this is a very limited way to "must do something" that so many people have been calling for. It also sent a message to North Korea and China. Hopefully nothing more comes of it.

Agreed. I want the US to have nothing else to do with Syria. But using chemical weapons is simply too awful and too horrific to ignore. We can't stop parties from making or using the things, but we can damned well make sure there are painful consequences to doing so.

Personally, I find it implausible that Assad ordered a chemical attack now.

If not Assad, then who? The Russians aren't this stupid.

Comment How Are These Devices Getting Public IPs? (Score 1) 163

So potentially a stupid question here, but given that we have a severe shortage of IP addresses due to exhaustion of the IPv4 space, how are all of these devices getting publicly addressable IP addresses to allow an incoming connection in the first place? If they're behind a NAT they should be naturally firewalled, otherwise who has the spare IPs to hand out to crappy little IoT devices?

Comment And the funny thing is (Score 2) 138

For a long time, I thought "Android - and its awful datamining daddy Google - is more and more pervasive, but at least Windows isn't serving me ads, and with moderate efforts, isn't putting me under surveillance." Well... ahem... that sure turned out well lately :(

So the irony is, Android has overtaken Windows as the most used OS, but Windows has overtaken Android as the most evil. And the losers in all that are all of us users.

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