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Comment Re:So an American hero might be jailed for life (Score 1) 294

Totally remove Snowden from the argument and there is nothing wrong with any US President putting the US native workforce ahead of foreign workers. And complain all you want about Trump, and there is a lot to complain about, there is nothing wrong with any US President putting US interests ahead of any other countries.

And how can anyone be surprised that Russia is more than willing to put Snowden on a plane back to the US to cultivate favor with the US government? In our cynical world that is just politics 101. There is no downside for Russia handing him over to the US. There would be no Russian protestors storming the Kremlin to protest the decision. There will be no impassioned speeches in the Russian legislature imploring Putin to change his mind. As far as Russia is concerned Snowden's propaganda value has been used up so why not hand him over.

Comment Re:Our Windows Server 2012 R2 servers have been... (Score 1) 64

I didn't mean to imply all administrators are idiots. There are a lot of very good administrators out there but at the same time there are also a lot of not so good administrators.

"If a system/domain/network administrator needs a class or a book to setup a stable basic system, they are in the wrong line of work"
Maybe they are just entry level newbies that do need books and classes to supplement their real world experience.

Comment Re:Our Windows Server 2012 R2 servers have been... (Score 2) 64

Crashing all day? I suggest getting a book or taking a class on how to install and configure 2012 servers. Or maybe just get someone who knows what the hell they are doing to setup your server(s). The #1 cause of server exploits in both Windows and Linux OS's are the idiot administrators.

Comment Re:Let's hope it does better than Shoreham Nuclear (Score 4, Informative) 119

"It's doubtful they understood the risks of nuclear back in the 70s"
I am pretty sure they started learning about the dangers of nuclear processes starting back in the 1940's.
"It took a Fukushima accident... "
Have you ever heard about the 3 Mile Island incident back in 1979? The Chernobyl accident was in 1986. The Fukushima accident didn't happen until 2011.

Comment Re:Yeah, not a surprise (Score 4, Insightful) 564

The only thing Assange worried about is fading into obscurity and losing his cherished martyr status. The US has not even filed an extradition request and since he is not a US citizen he hasn't broke any law that the US could realistically prosecute. He didn't steal anything and publishing the information delivered to him is not a crime. That being said this guy is still a narcissistic drama queen.

Comment Re: Two questions (Score 1) 69

Almost all of the money the US has given to Israel over the years could only be used to purchase US military tech. The most recent deal with them is the first time they are allowed to spend a higher percentage on non-US weapons.
"The entire country functions on favors and shady backroom deals"
Can you name one other country on the planet who doesn't do the same thing?

Comment Re:Great News! (Score 2) 263

The biggest investors in alternative energy research are the major oil companies. The people controlling the fossil fuel based markets are not stupid. They know alternative energy usage will continue to grow in the future. They know all the money they spend on alternative energy development can be recouped by the tax credits the government hands out to companies investing in alternative energy related projects. They all have enough cash and political power to make sure they can eventually control and profit from the emerging alternative energy markets the same way they control the fossil fuel markets.

Comment Re:Public information? (Score 1) 104

"Would that have a chilling effect on free speech?" No. At least not in the US. Some of the most incendiary public speech in the history of the country has been documented in one format or another and distributed to the widest audience possible. Today the Internet has made capturing a large audience easy and fast. The people testing the limits of their 1st amendment rights go out of their way to draw attention to themselves and their statements.

Comment Re: And so it begins.... (Score 2) 78

"how can we even be talking about attacking another nation under the table"
Nations have been attacking one another "under the table" since the dawn of civilization. Some are just better than others when it comes to gathering intelligence and running counter intelligence operations. And foreign intelligence operations are not unconstitutional. The key word being "foreign". The only rule when conducting foreign intelligence operations is don't get caught. That's why everyone's foreign embassies are staffed with intelligence officers who manage and conduct HUMINT operations against the host country. If something goes awry they are covered under diplomatic immunity.

Comment Re:Irish Brexit? (Score 0, Troll) 71

Ireland gave tax breaks to lure foreign investment in their country while also creating jobs for their citizens. In the US states and municipalities try to attract companies using the same method. It was done openly. This also was not illegal or prohibited by the EU myriad of laws and rules. In this case the EU bureaucrats and paper pushers are trying to re-interpret the existing rules covering this situation and then apply penalties retroactively.

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