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Comment Re:International Space Station (Score 0) 20

The last time China "leaped" forward over 30 million Chinese died from hunger and state sanctioned purges. It was Mao's way of getting rid of all the excess dead weight who did nothing but complain about his plans to turn China into a communist based utopian society. He was also able to jettison some more dead weight by sending a million bullet catching peasants into Korea to reverse UN territorial gains. While Mao's legacy has taken a hit because of China's conversion into a capitalist state at least he can take credit for foisting NK on the world.

Comment Re:No need for Microsoft to spy on the Chinese (Score 2) 98

There are Muslims in China. The largest concentration are the Uighurs who have clashed by the Chinese government for years.

The Chinese government also has an official policy that calls on people to report their neighbors, friends and relatives for âoeluring minors into religious activitiesâ in the province where the countryâ(TM)s largest Muslim population lives.

Comment Re:One thing is for sure (Score 1) 70

If the world wants protection under the Bill of Rights and Constitution they should start paying US taxes. And I think the other poster was talking about foreign intelligence operatives not the people visiting for vacation, education, or other such mundane reasons.

"Nothing in the Bill of Rights inherently limits these rights to only US citizens." Only because the idea is so ludicrous that nobody gave it a second thought.

Comment Re:2nd (Score 1) 126

"give up more and more freedom and the courts seem willing to help it happen in the name of social justice, political correctness or even the judge's personal feelings... "
I think the judgment in the article refutes your opinion. Nobody has giving up or lost any of their constitutional rights. Even child pornographers still have their rights. If the suspects in this case are guilty the law enforcement agencies will just have to find and rely on other evidence to prosecute the offenders. If that isn't possible then the suspected child pornographer is free to go on their merry way. Maybe some more evidence will be found after their next offense.

Comment Re:So an American hero might be jailed for life (Score 1) 294

Totally remove Snowden from the argument and there is nothing wrong with any US President putting the US native workforce ahead of foreign workers. And complain all you want about Trump, and there is a lot to complain about, there is nothing wrong with any US President putting US interests ahead of any other countries.

And how can anyone be surprised that Russia is more than willing to put Snowden on a plane back to the US to cultivate favor with the US government? In our cynical world that is just politics 101. There is no downside for Russia handing him over to the US. There would be no Russian protestors storming the Kremlin to protest the decision. There will be no impassioned speeches in the Russian legislature imploring Putin to change his mind. As far as Russia is concerned Snowden's propaganda value has been used up so why not hand him over.

Comment Re:Our Windows Server 2012 R2 servers have been... (Score 1) 64

I didn't mean to imply all administrators are idiots. There are a lot of very good administrators out there but at the same time there are also a lot of not so good administrators.

"If a system/domain/network administrator needs a class or a book to setup a stable basic system, they are in the wrong line of work"
Maybe they are just entry level newbies that do need books and classes to supplement their real world experience.

Comment Re:Our Windows Server 2012 R2 servers have been... (Score 2) 64

Crashing all day? I suggest getting a book or taking a class on how to install and configure 2012 servers. Or maybe just get someone who knows what the hell they are doing to setup your server(s). The #1 cause of server exploits in both Windows and Linux OS's are the idiot administrators.

Comment Re:Let's hope it does better than Shoreham Nuclear (Score 4, Informative) 119

"It's doubtful they understood the risks of nuclear back in the 70s"
I am pretty sure they started learning about the dangers of nuclear processes starting back in the 1940's.
"It took a Fukushima accident... "
Have you ever heard about the 3 Mile Island incident back in 1979? The Chernobyl accident was in 1986. The Fukushima accident didn't happen until 2011.

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