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Comment Hudson: oh jezus, this ain't happening... (Score 0) 139

  • Hudson: this can't be happening man, this isn't happening
  • Alverez: Alright, we got seven canisters of CN20 nerve gas, I say we role them in there and nerve gas the whole fucking nest
  • Hicks: it's worth a try be we don't know it will have any effect
  • Hudson: lets just bug out an call it even, what are talking about this for
  • Ripley:I say we take off nuke the entire site from's the only way to be sure
  • Hudson: (draws a breath) Fuckin A

Comment Re:Broadcast delayed by 1 hour (Score 2) 24

yeah, they have it in slow mo and kind of wind it back a bit to build excitement:

  • Matt: Well Chuck with an annularity of only 6 minutes looks like the sun is about to have it's lights put out
  • Chuck: Matt, the plays tonight have been superative, the moon is really letting the sun have it
  • M: Do you think there is any chance for the sun to make a comeback
  • C: At this stage of the game it looks like in this, the decider, the moon is going to finally break a 4.5 billion year loosing streak
  • M: and look at the crowd out here, a lot of excitement build in the moon supporters, all mooning the sun
  • C: and those sun supporters are sunning their moons
  • M: Chuck it's all moons as we slooh closer to annularity 0
  • C: OMG what a spectacular play from the sun just managing to hold on, I don't know where they pulled that play from
  • C: an incredible upset as the moon gets their ass kicked again by the sun, and I'll get the moon for a post game comment,
  • Moon: like yeah, sun had some great plays, we tried mainly blocking moves, but yeah sun came up again.
  • M: And as can be expected, jubilation over here in the suns box, a few words sun
  • Sun: like yeah, moon had some great moves going around the earth only to come up in the line of play but our game strategy was to just let everyone else go around
  • M:Brilliant play

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