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Comment Re:Not surprising (Score 1) 132

I used EPA data to find out about the CFC114 emissions from uranium enrichment from Paducah. The data was presented as CSV that I downloaded and then put into a spreadsheet to find out just how much was being released.

It wasn't easy, however when you put in the work the EPA data is pretty useful. So much for progress, I doubt polluters will see this as bad news now that public accountability isn't something they have to worry about.

Comment Re:firewall (Score 2) 101

I had frequent debates with idiots who couldn't comprehend why personal firewalls were fucking stupid.

It's hard to understand why if you don't explain yourself.

Just close the fucking ports

Should have told them to pull out the ethernet cable, hey why not just drop network support altogether.

But maybe you have something to offer, so why don't you enlighten me?

Comment Re:Fingerprints of the Gods (Score 1) 235

"Members of the scholarly and scientific community have described the proposals put forward in the book as pseudoscience and pseudoarchaeology"

Quackademics have years invested in their thesis, they don't want their investments disturbed by new evidence.

And Carl Sagan didn't have much positive to say about the second one

Well he was dead for 15 years before it was published, so maybe he hasn't had a chance.

Comment Re:Going Howard Hughes... (Score 2) 119

Yes, but its first use would not be to move factory-built houses, but pieces of windmills.

A major limitation and expense on wind farms is the need to transport oversize blades to the sites, which requires some serious road building, considering that many of the best sites are in rugged terrain, and maneuvering a truck with a 36m payload means you need to build a route without any sharp turns. If the airship can also function as a sky crane, then erecting the windmill's mast and attaching the blades is a lot less expensive, too. Very likely the only roads that a wind farm would need would be the kind of dirt roads that would service the power lines.

Other low hanging fruit would include moving lightweight but bulky produce like lettuce from farm to market, a lower cost alternative to helicopter logging, installation and servicing of cell towers in remote sites, and use in regional emergencies such as floods (Katrina) or earthquakes.

We are 20 years overdue for a new airship industry. We had the technology to produce commercially viable airships before the turn of the century. It is long past time to see these air whales overhead.

Comment Re:Truth (Score 2) 173

It is insightful and about sums up the issue.

I think a lot of this has to do with (excuse me while I silently vomit as I say this) 'thought leaders' - (or in proper terms) 'influential people' deciding that Google should or shouldn't offer up - from politicians to the heads of certain political, social, or other advocacy groups.

In so far as Google intends to placate these concerns, it's up shit creek if it just wants to return actual valid results that aren't influenced by such concerns. That ship has sailed. It has become too big and so must 'reflect society's values'.

Unless it's a little crafty.

All it has to do is create a seperate domain for unfiltered results that operate as old Google did (I know, nothing is unfiltered/unbiased) and let the politicans and media mouths have their sanitised Google results, while anyone who wants real(er) results bookmarks, or whatever.

Comment Re:Correlation is not causality (Score 1) 232

It's also possible that the ride itself reduces stress and that has a beneficial effect on the immune system.

My main concern from cycling to work is being able to have a shower when I get there so I don't stink everyone else out. I used to ride to work when it was close enough and now I am close enough again it is something Ive been looking forward to do to improve my fitness after recovering from injury.

The biggest issue I've had with cycling to work is some drivers. They approach from behind and don't realize that sometimes I'm swerving to avoid holes or other obstacles they would just drive over. Then there are some real jerks. Once when riding to work a driver positioned the front wheel of his vehicle about a metre or so from the back wheel of my bike and maintained that position while I was trying to avoid obstacles. Probably not the worst story out there but it shows that some people will menace you for riding a bike for no other reason than they can.

So I think the unmentioned thing in this article is all the bike riders that have suffered some injury because of someone driving a car and how careful you have to be so you don't end up mangled by one.

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