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Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

That is still a bad idea. Not as bad as that of a wrist-worn one, but still bad.

Why? Why is it a bad idea to acquire data on the performance of my body when I train? I have to make weight to fight and cramping can mean I loose anywhere between 5-30mins of training time.

Have you ever competed? What do you suggest?

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

People who earn them.

Ah, so now saying "Hey, would you sign this?" is called 'earning something'? If you've indeed had a lot of training as you imply, I feel sorry for you.

Well I'm sorry I failed you, Obi Wan.

Truly, the idea of wearing a fitness tracker during training is something that should have never entered your mind and apparently your trainers have not been able to instill such wisdom in you.

Well the issue is being competitive and winning fights. I've already explained the rationale of the use case is to arrive at weigh in at the right weight. and other slashdotters have my exact use case scenario and proposed a solution. Cramping costs me time I could be using to train and is a vector for injury I'd rather avoid.

No. I take martial arts seriously, have taught several of them (albeit as a substitute in most cases) and have seen many people with various flaws in their demeanor, with lack of respect for (the safety of) their training buddies being the worst.

That's a shame. All my training buddies are great, I can't think of one asshole...not one, they don't last, it's too real. Good for you that you can teach, I'm still focused on competing - if all goes well.

Most 'accidents' are the result of such flaws.

In our gym it's because people are going too hard, out of respect for each other.

There's a Dutch proverb which roughly translates to "Mild physician, putrid wound." Also: I like to call out stupid shit when I see it.

The appropriate place to point it out is in the gym, with the issue right in front of you, however I appreciate your concerns.

I did not suggest people wear them

This is true. You did not explicitly suggest it, but you definitely implied that it was a reasonable (if unwise) thing to do.

The only thing I did was be ambiguous about if I wore one or not, which I've already cleared up elsewhere, yet you are hanging on to your interpretation and criticizing me for that. pi explains my point neatly.

Some Slashdotters might read this: "I've considered wearing them around my shoulder or ankle however I'm not sure you can do that with them", think "Challenge accepted!" and subsequently some trainers somewhere could have to deal with jackasses wearing fitness trackers while training.

Well holding me responsible for what some data mad martial arts freak slashdotter might do with their lethal fitness tracker is a bit absurd. Let's hope that a swarm of them don't descend onto your gym and inconvenience your martial arts journey. It would be a hilarious game though.

I'll be purchasing the chest sensor variety, as suggested, and continuing with my journey.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

I have Gracie signatures on two of my old belts, so go figure out how far, so far.

Christ, who gives a fuck about signatures? Even if you'd have mentioned the color of the belts, it would have meant little.

People who earn them. You posited, incorrectly, that I was an absolute beginner. That I have trained with one of the pioneers of the art was a polite way of telling you that you are wrong.

jeez mate, chillout.

I'm just trying to prevent people from trying the same stupid shit.

No you're not. You're taking an opportunity for some recreational outrage so you can feel superior.

Failing to comply with that is potentially dangerous and disrespectful to everybody you are training with.

A lesson you have obviously not learned: be humble and respectful to everybody.

Suggesting wearing a fitness tracker is fueling bad behavior (although only highly unprofessional trainers would even allow it).

Your comprehension skills are poor and you are trying to twist what I said. I gave you the benefit of the doubt and instead of being graceful about it you use it to launch an attack.

I did not suggest people wear them, I said it was a bad idea that insurance companies are moving towards forcing people to wear them because they do not fit in with my use case. I pointed out why I see them as a bad idea for my training and you used that information, your assumptions and poor understanding to launch a rant. Next time try reading something you intend to reply to more than once.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

He must be an absolute beginner.

I have Gracie signatures on two of my old belts, so go figure out how far, so far.

No martial artist worth his salt is retarded enough to wear anything but the required gear for that art.

Yes, I did point out in one of my other post how I could see people would come to that conclusion.

You know: "They also injure training partners."

Not as much as sharp fingernails.

Yeah, no shit, Sherlock (-GP).

jeez mate, chillout.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

Training at your level, you're probably so healthy that it should be pretty trivial to demonstrate to your insurance company that you're fit.

Indeed. Currently I'm missing it a lot.

Aetna covers wellness exams, and it probably wouldn't hurt to have one.

I'm still recovering from an extended injury period. I had to have surgery on my neck (C4) and recover from a head injury. So a few more months of doctors checking me.

you could always execute a gogoplata or flying omoplata on your doctor and then suggest he certify your fitness.

Ouch, nasty dude, that would really hurt someones shoulder at my mass. I don't think I'd have the agility or control to pull a move off like that without it coming across as something personal. I'd more likely meekly follow his advice and go home.

And who knows, implantable fitness detectors will come soon enough

errrh, you are right about that. The data is interesting to me personally however all the insurance company involvement often makes something cool, really, really, creepy.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

You put on the chest-strap heartrate sensor, linked to a recording device (phone or watch) that's off on the side of the mat. Safe and easy.

Thank you for the problem solving approach. Does the sensor package get in the way when you're doing side control?

Is there one in particular you've used when training?


Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

If you train Jui Jitsu, why do you feel the need to quantify the amount of work you're doing?

My point is they are inappropriate device for my use case. I *don't* want to be in a position where I *have* to wear one for insurance purposes to quantify the amount of work you're doing because they are inappropriate for me.

If you need to quantify your martial arts workouts

I don't need to, I should have been more clear - apologies. I've never used one during training, I've seen people wear them. They take them off before we roll. I wanted to collect the data because I'm curious if there is something to learn, I still haven't scratched that itch because it was obvious why that device won't work for me.

I hope it is not something I am forced into for insurance purposes

In thirty years of martial arts training, study and instruction, it has never occurred to me that knowing the number of calories I'm burning will be in any way enlightening.

I have considered data collection for preparing for a competition and training more intensely. I cramp more frequently than general training. I was curious if I know the amount of kilojoules I'm burning can I better estimate if eaten enough food at lunch so I don't cramp and, balance that with hitting a certain target weight before weigh-in in however many weeks I have to prepare.

It would be nice to know, but my point is that these wrist devices aren't the appropriate device to collect that data for what I like to do.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 149

and give you workers comp for work-outs injurys as they you can say it's part of the job.

Well, if it's a pre-condition of insurance, then why not. Injuries are as inevitable from sports at some stage as long term health implications of not exercising. Injuries don't happen all the time and the productivity gains being sought are tied to health and well being in the first place.

As far as I know there is no, better than I was before the heart attack or stroke.

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