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Submission + - Inside the HPC and storage tech supporting the bleeding edge of neuroscience (

AJ_Levy writes: Each time researchers at the Queensland Brain Institute build a 3D map of a living organism they create another 30 gigabytes or so of data. Recent advancements in both the speed and sensitivity of imaging equipment mean that researchers can see far more of the brain than ever before, and at far greater speed. They can now visualise the brains of animals, observing their neural activity at a cellular resolution while they are still alive. According to IT News Australia, in order to process all that data, QBI has assembled some heavy-duty on-site compute capabilities, including 1800 HPC cores in the form of Xeon E5 V2 and V3, multiple GPU arrays that include 19,968 Nvidia K80 GPU cores, and dedicated big-memory nodes for unusual workloads paired with GPU-based deconvolution applications.

Submission + - Big brother is watching university students (

An anonymous reader writes: Australia's Swinburne University is leveraging its fleet of 930 IP-based CCTV security cameras to tap into analytics on everything from number plate recognition to abnormal behaviour. It plans to further bolster its capabilities in the future by adding heat maps and facial recognition platforms in the future. The combination of surveillance cameras and analytics helps the uni's physical security teams pick up things that happen around the university without having to monitor hundreds of cameras on screen at once, a senior staff member told IT News.

Submission + - Australian researcher calls for wildlife research drone code of practice (

AJ_Levy writes: From IT News:

Researchers at the University of Adelaide's Unmanned Research Aircraft Facility (URAF) are working on a code of best practice for government agencies and researchers when using drones to monitor wildlife. To lay the foundations, URAF will undertake research aimed at quantifying the levels of disturbance in order to figure out which types of flying are the least disturbing and how to minimise the impact of drones.

Submission + - Australian university connects a rainforest to the internet (

AJ_Levy writes: Forget the internet of things – this is the internet of trees. Australia's James Cook University is just weeks away from connecting more than 600 sensors at its Daintree Rainforest Observatory to the internet, giving researchers access to real-time data and video feeds from the forest.

Submission + - Why Apple is succeeding where Sony failed

AJ_Levy writes: In many ways, Apple and Sony are similar in that they are design-focused hardware makers with a pechant for proprietary standards. SmartCompany examines why this has led to record profits for Apple and market failure for Sony.

Submission + - Australian man attempts to trademark iPhone 7

AJ_Levy writes: StartupSmart reports an Australian man has attempted to take out a trademark on the name of the next iPhone:

A Melbourne-based IT consultant has made an audacious bid to trademark the term “iPhone 7”, a name many expect Apple to use for its next iPhone. According to IP Australia’s ATMOSS trademark database, Southbank-based IT consultant Michael Tantouri has filed for the trademark (number 1669572), which has a lodgement date of January 19, 2015.

Submission + - Homeopath attacks Australian regulator over vaccination claims (

An anonymous reader writes: SmartCompany reports the Federal Court in Adelaide found an online store called Homeopathy Plus! breached Australian Consumer Law for claiming whooping cough vaccine is “unreliable at best” and “largely ineffective” in preventing whooping cough, and that homeopathic remedies are a proven safe and effective alternative. It also has a section titled “reversing Autism” and recently posted a column supporting US anti-vaccination campaigner Dr Sherri Tenpenny.

Submission + - Apple attempts to trademark the term "startup" in Australia (

An anonymous reader writes: Apple has lodged a trademark application for the term “startup” in Australia. If the application passes the examination phase, and isn’t successfully opposed, the term could become officially protected after seven-and-a-half months.

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