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Journal Journal: Putting this here becuase people are proabbly sick of...

Hearing me talk about stevia.

Anyways, here's my current primary recipie for kool-aid made with stevia.

1 packet 'unsweetened' kool-aid (any flavor)

3/16ths a cup of sugar. (yes i know, but stevia doesn't counter the 'tartening agents' added to koolaid to make it counteract the sweetness of sugar.)

3 1 gram packets of nutrasweet (I am not whatever the warning is, and SMALL quantities of nutrasweet are OK like 1 can of soda's worth of nutrasweet per day == OK, which is a LOT more than the equivalency of 3 packets)*

3/4 tsp 'liquid' stevia extract. I've got a 90% pure stevocide liquid concentrate, that uses glycern to stabilize the stevocides... so if your stevia isn't that pure adujst quantity accordingly.

Add all ingredient, and fill with water to 3 qt line (I'm using a 1 gallon containter)

If you're using a 2qt container, drop stevia to 1/2 a TSP and adjust other sweetners according to preference. using more than 1/4 a tsp of stevia per qt of water will result in a noticable bitter edge (although it will still gain in sweetness until you approx double the amount of stevia). You may like it, I don't, not when kool-ait already has tarners. I prefer to use the 'safe' amount of stevia, to reduce the need for 'other' sweetners.

This is just the recipie i follow, it is by no means the end all recipie for making koolaid from stevia. In fact the recipie used the 'equivalent' of roughly a cup of sweertner for 3 quarts of koolaid, almost 33% below what it 'should' take to make 3 quarts of koolain and it uses 33% flavorings too. (1 tsp of stevia is equivalent to roughly 1 cup of sugar, 3 grams of nutrasweet is equvalent to 1/8 a cup of sugar according to the box so with the real sugar we're at 1-1/16ths cups of sugar equivalency)

another one of my goals is to make dark chocolate with only stevia as a sweetner :) mmm...

*= Again, because tartening agents blah. (note if you can find pure fruit extracts, with no alchohols you're on the road to making your own 'stevia juice' with no need for anything BUT stevia, however the only ones i can find are 'lemon' and 'lime' and are full of preservatives and are meant to be the equivalent to full strenth juices.. of course koolaid has preservatives and usually has artifical colors too... and lemon and lime are tart (but taste good that way)

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Journal Journal: more on the family of tree dwellers.

i don't talk about em much, but let's shoot, Dad, well, he was 'smart' he should be as smart as me, hell, he even had a Full academic college scholarship, which he lost because he didn't keep grades up. but as smart as he was, he fucked up. He's never worked at a place more than 7 years, and he hasn't left for 'carrer building' reasons. he's left because he's an idiot. he can't handle hard work, he wanted an easy pencil pushing job, and the state didn't offer him that, so he left that. and big companies didn't offer him that, and he doesn't trust them either. so a series of crappy jobs working at various banks across the tri-state area... and he never could support his family.

Mom overspent, she had the power of the purse, and well, she picked my dad (she looked like a beauty queen back then) over all the other guys. but all things told, they didn't make a terrible choice in each other. they'll be married all the way to the grave, and how many people can say that :) Well mom has the best job she'll ever have, a nice state job, and just because she doesn't like the new boss she's all whiny about it. mom, who the hell else is gonan pay you enough to repay yoru massive credit card debt, that You racked up After dad and you got Seperate Finances (dad still is shafted with the 1/4 mil in credit card debt* from years of living off plastic.) That's what i thought, now shut up your whining mom you cant learn to live like white trash then LEARN TO WORK and stop Crying when The Gov't Doesn't pay you to sit on ur fat ass all day.

Just to note, by parents are married still, they have 'seperate finances' because they've been workign different jobs in different places for quite a while, and then it just became easier for them both to keep finances seperate.

*= Yes, I just said my parents have at least a 1/4 mil in debt :p so what? they actually have nearly 1 milllion in debt if you count the two morgages.
but the properties at current assessed values are probably a hair shy of 3/4 a million.**

**= yes i pulled all these numbers out of my ass k thx, but they're damn close enough.

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Journal Journal: God help me, my family is retarded.

Dis-information they've been spreading.

1. People won't move back to NOLA, baton rouge is gonna be screwed with being 'doubled' in pop etc etc..

FALSE, people are dying to move back there and rebuild. This kind of hurricane is a once-in-a-lifetime kinda event people ARE GLAD this big hurricane FINALLY happend, because some of them Knew they were over due for a 'big one' they wanted the insurance claims already etc etc ;) Now i know, there are people who will never move back, and i know many people are still suffering, and there is a lot of anger and fear over these events. But, NOLA is going to be back to normal, this time with newly rebuilt levies designed to withstand a long lasting level 5 hurricane.. And i know, the insurance companies are hurting like a bitch over this one, the claims in dollar value is sure to exceed what they had available to repay them. and they're going to have to investigate claims pretty damn hard, to find people lying about the amount of damage etc..
but damn, my family are a worse idiots than some of my 'friends' on slashdot who seem incapable of adjusting there views to better/new data sets.

2. OMG Bush made bankruptcy ILLEGAL

FALSE Jesus, he made it harder, and yeah if you are a Low Life Scum who has to have a job and Income to you know file a chapter 7 he mighta screwed you into filign a chapter 13 Where Creditors actually Get pennies back on teh dollar (how many pennies depends on your income of course) for more info on this i got an awesome url for you from my favorite law site findlaw.com

So now you know where i get it from anyways. :) cause i know i talk like and idiot and spread dis-information often enough.. but IT's Cause I learned It from my Whole Frickign Family :) TYVM.

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Journal Journal: wow do i suck at taking advantage of opportunity...

been living in hayward for a long time, my mom's friend's friend owns a small computer shop/wireless service place, and yeah earlier on this year i tried seeing if she needed help. Now admitedly my knowledge of computers and such is far from complete, in fact it tends to be a net negative set of incoherant rambling on /. noise as we say :) sometimes with a grain or two of truth in it. but yeah it's my own fault that what i know about computers is so much noise, the tools i need to refine my knowledge from the 'noise' level to the actual 'always insightful' level are right in front of me, very few people have 11 years experience finding information on the intarweb _like me_. damn hard to believe it's 11 years already. but the truth is i'm still working on my own personal quality so even with all that experience, even knowing what i know, and knowing what i'd have to learn... i have a really hard time being a net positive for myself or anyone i might work for in computer related fields.

ugh one step at a time they say, well it's damn hard when you've got a lead overcoat, and are treading through 20' of water, and can only breathe air.

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: FEMA director applogizes, and warns bay area to move..

Michael D. Brown FEMA director since 2001 appologized today, saying "sorry, NYC, sorry Lousiana, Sorry San Francisco. I shouldn't have opened my mouth in 2001, and I'm really sorry but if you live in the bay area you're screwed. I warned of a terrorist attack in NYC, and months later it happened! I warned of a hurricane in Lousiana, and well, you're still calling for my head! Well I'm sorry but you're next san francisco, I already gave you the kiss of death, and now you're next! the only advice I can give you with my budget it to move anywhere else! I mean really, you're screwed I've been shooting 100% on predictions. I'm so sorry, but at least you'll know that the worst earthquake since 1906 is going to hit you sometime in the next 4 years, so i'd move the hell out while you still can."

It's funny.  Laugh.

Journal Journal: I blame The sci-fi channel, and all the puppies and bunnies.

For hurricane katrina's devistatation! http://slashdot.org/~the_mad_poster/journal/116194

You know Wasn't It JUST LAST SEASON that the lost city of Atlantis (on SG:A) survived a MASSIVE HURRICANE the Size of the ENTIRE eastern seabord with a shield designed to use a ZPM operating on just 5 naquedah generators? Clearly the Sci-fi channel, and there evil compatriots the puppies and fuzzy bunnies Lead the POOR INNONCENT POVERTY STRIKEN MASSES of the inner city of New Orleans to stay in there city out of a FALSE SENSE of Security!

fuck yeah, it wasn't the thought that Hey the man is gonna be Gone We can loot this town and burn it to the f--ing ground to get back at the man who Opressed us into poverty.. and it certainly wasn't bosses saying 'you show for work day affter or i find a replacemnt for ur lazy ass' and it most definitely wasn't "damn we get these warnings 10-20 times every year, the weather man always wrong" kinda thinking Surely there couldn't have been people feeling like they were invincible ;)

seriously though, why do you think bad things like this kinda weather happens? because it has to. for all the people dying and being raped, for all the people loosing there homes, and there families, there businesses etc.. there are probabbly just as many people who've opened there eyes for the first time and realized just how petty everything they worried about was, and how much better off they really are... it might be giving some artist somewhere the inspiration to write a novel that's going to put so much emotion into the reader that they cant help but cry..

disaster? all i see is a big old part of the circle of life...


Journal Journal: Google is Teh Evil SPAMMER 3

If you hate Spam, you hate google. but first off, why you "shouldn't" hate spam. Think about it all teh 31337 spammer is trying to do is find you the products you never knew you were gonan die if you didn't BUY NOW for TEH CONSUMER FENZY!one!!!

So google runs teh 1337 spyware on there own googleframe, and they know who you are because of teh cookies that you accept from them... and the 'ads' they 'bombard' you with are all carefully planned out so as to not cause you blunt psychological trauma as you try to find what you went to google/gmail/googlegroups to find. But in teh end they give you that 1337 gig of free email tons of bandwith, and a great service, all because they figured out a way to spam you so as not to upset you.

Evil, ain't it. They built a better mouse trap, instead of crapflooding you with useless crap they build nice spyware algorythoms that figure out what's going on in your measly little head to make you spend money you didn't have all to feed there need to build a better way of indexing the vast archives of data on teh internet. I told you they are teh evil SPAMMER :)

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Journal Journal: in 1885 the ethiopian empire destroyed the world...

and reached alpha centauri. after thousands of years fighting to settle and control 1 measly island and giving up on 'taking' the ai when landers full of mech infantry 'failed' to penetrate his main island (literally about 65 alpine troops took out 10 mech infantry, and they kept coming :p) the ethiopians chose to violate the earth by incuring nuclear winter (i produced 40 nukes, total, and nuked every city within range of my island, twice) and after having spent hundreds of years as 'eco consious' people the dictator decided that recycling was over rated and his "trash the planet!" campain of global environmental devistation sucsessfully turned the entire planet into a desert or tundra ;)

the hard AI cheats, bastards*. they needed 85 cities _85_ to fuck with my perfect defense. (enough to make me resort to nuking them)

*= by 'illegally setting tax/sci/lux rate' anywhere it wants it, never 'falling behind' on tech until i have research labs in every g-damn city (it didn't even have fsking libraries)

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Journal Journal: Freeciv abuse :)

gems/resource/pheasant/buffalo/spices are all the 'same' tile but of those gems absolutely sucks, resource absolutely sucks, buffalo is ok, as is pheasant, but what absolutely rocks is 'spices' as much gold (with road) as gems, as much food as an irrigated grassland :) so, turn those buffalo into spicy swamps it's worth the fact that it takes 6 engineers about 5 turns to make it a swamp. the only downside of this is that 'global warming' can turn swamp tiles into ocean (whale) tiles. which are about as good as a buffalo, but can never be converted back to a swamp/spice (afaik, since engineers can't walk on water) freeciv needs to make a ruleset that adds the new units and rules from later/different incarations of civilization already ;) (like alpha centari, or call to power, or civ 3 rules etc) we like the old civ rules too, one shouldn't be required to abandon the old units/rules just to play the new ones, although new units == new tileset issues... the basic engine seems to be adaptable enough to allow new units/rules... but the ai they have now is carefully balanced for the current units... AI's are damn hard to program,

Linux Business

Journal Journal: recovoring 6.4 gb in anime... using R-Linux

seems to be a good program, very fast, so fast that i may start using it to 'copy' anime from my linux partition to windows. (yeah i have vmware set up to show my linux partition as a logical drive to linux. although i can 'copy' files across the virtual 'lan', that's probably easier and my network adapter seems to only be getting to 30% saturation when i do it..

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Journal Journal: most definitely, the 30 gig hd failed...

some of my anime on it have numerous 'errored' sectors, and trying to redownload failed to 'recover' the errors, and then the drive returned a 'SMART' drive failure imminent code ;)

so we've pulled the log data, misc files, and are trying to extract the 'recently' downloaded anime.

VMware is an awesome tool, and now i no longer need my 'disfunctional' dual boot scenario, as i can 'easily' run the programs that run best in linux/freebsd etc in vmware, and just use windoze for everything else :)

Gentoo is off my list for 'trying' to install for a while. I did a lot better on my third attempt, but clearly i'm pretty egotistical when it comes to thinking i know better than gentoo's walkthrough.

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Journal Journal: Prediction: Tice is gonna blow his top.

and i don't blame him, did the vikings all slack off the past week and get high? they've had at elast a dozen penalties, no wait 13 penalties... for 87 yards... and they're down by 2 TDs because of it, even though statistically they've been playing twice the game that the jets have been... except for the penalties.

vikes loose, 21-28. the primary only got 1 td. our new running back got injured... the game had a chance of getting tied, but there was a commedy of errors, as the vikings had a grand total of 16 penalties to the jets 8 penalties, for like 120 yards... and that last minute turn over caused the jets to get an easy kneel to victory... but frankly i wish our secondary could play the jets secondary in ever matching we have against them ;) because our primary wasn't doing nearly as well agains tthe jets primary as our secondary owned the jets secondary even though they got 3x the penalties of the jets in the second half...

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