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Submission + - Tax-deductible organizations inspiring children with science and art (omsi.edu)

mykos writes: I would like to inspire children into the same fascination and wonder for science that I've only recently discovered. I've begun buying Portland-area families year-long memberships to art museums, OMSI, and zoos, but I'd like a few more ideas on what to do with the money.

Can you recommend any other organizations that accomplish this purpose? Preferably, one that does it in a fun way. Kids love fun, I hear.


Submission + - FBI sites "open source information" as primary ste (theatlanticwire.com)

mykos writes: Never mind the fact that the alleged hacker is also facing 121 years in prison, the FBI's "Anatomy of a Hack" flowchart cites, as step number 1, "open source information to reset password". The scourge of open source software continues to endanger the American public by exposing us to nude photos of Scarlett Johansson and other attractive celebrities.

Submission + - Whistleblower protections on the way out? (typepad.com)

mykos writes: Sean Hoare may be rolling in his grave at a proposed bill (HR 2483) which is, perhaps ironically, named "The Whistleblower Improvement Act" will require employees to inform their employers that they are about to say something. Presumably, it allows the employer to "correct" the problem themselves. The bill strips employees of nearly all legal protections if they don't clue in the employer that the employer's illegal activities are about to be reported.
The Internet

Submission + - Egypt flips internet kill switch; could the U.S.? (pcmag.com)

mykos writes: Human rights and government control are on a crash course in today's world. How much power do governments get when push comes to shove? Do they have the power to cut your entire nation off from the rest of the world? Senators Joseph Lieberman and Susan Collins have proposed the "Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act". But from whom are they protecting cyberspace? Egypt is answering this question for themselves right now.

Submission + - Lighthearted friends could make you join NAMBLA (pcmag.com)

mykos writes: The Facebook groups feature is causing bit of a stir with its users. TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington was allegedly added to a group about NAMBLA, and in turn, he added Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It's all in good (albeit tasteless) fun, except when a harmless joke goes awry and you find yourself being detained by customs when a friend decided to drag you into a mock terrorist group. Facebook representatives are aware of the matter, but are dismissive of it. A Facebook spokeswoman said "If you have a friend that is adding you to Groups you do not want to belong to, or they are behaving in a way that bothers you, you can tell them to stop doing it, block them or remove them as a friend – and they will no longer EVER have the ability to add you to any Group".

In somewhat related news, guillotines ensure you won't have dandruff on your shoulders anymore.


Submission + - Pentagon Makes "Operation Dark Heart" a Success

mykos writes: Remember when the Pentagon said they were arranging a taxpayer-funded, government-sponsored book burning a couple weeks ago? Well, they made good on that threat., purchasing 9,500 copies of the book to be destroyed. The publisher, St. Martin's Press, has redacted anything the Pentagon told them to redact in the upcoming second run of the book. They Department of Defense has not yet paid for the burned books, but says they are "in the process". Pentagon spokeswoman Lt. Col. April Cunningham gave this statement: "DoD decided to purchase copies of the first printing because they contained information which could cause damage to national security."

Whew, looks like we're safe now.

Submission + - France Could Be Months From Going Dark on the Web (torrentfreak.com) 2

mykos writes: According to a report from PCINpact one of the major ISPs confirmed that the first batch of IP-addresses was submitted just a few days ago. This is the final step before alleged file-sharers receive warning letters. The scope of the operation is mind boggling. The copyright holders will start relatively ‘slowly’ with 10,000 IP-addresses a day, but within weeks this number is expected to go up to 150,000 IP-addresses per day according to official reports. The Internet providers will be tasked with identifying the alleged infringers’ names, addresses, emails and phone numbers. If they fail to do so within 8 days they risk a fine of 1,500 euros per day for every unidentified IP-address. To put this into perspective, a United States judge ruled recently that the ISP Time Warner only has to give up 28 IP-addresses a month ( 1 per day) to copyright holders because of the immense workload the identifications would cause.

Submission + - Gaming at 18 watts or less on 32mn AMD processors (techreport.com)

mykos writes: AMD's new 32nm Zacate ultra-low voltage Fusion processor, handling both graphics and CPU functions, will be heading to manufacturers at the end of 2010 destined for PCs in 2011. AMD showed off some impressive technical and practical demonstrations including video games and web browser hardware acceleration, showing off some impressive performance numbers in 3D gaming and hardware-accelerated web browsing. It looks like 2011 is shaping up to be a good year for ULV devices.

Submission + - How do I get NASA to hear me out? (uservoice.com)

mykos writes: I just had an idea for the space program that might be useful someday. How do I get someone at NASA to look at it? Since I have no connection to any space program (my background is in Air Force satcom, though), I have to pursue other avenues.

Surely there are a lot of people who could get great ideas to NASA if there were a centralized outlet for them. Is there some place where NASA crowdsources brainstorming?

The link goes to a longer description of the idea.

Submission + - Thought Crimes Imminent; Lobbying Dollars Pay Off (dailytech.com) 1

mykos writes: Thought crime legislation is on the way in the United States. U.S. President (and apparent RIAA/MPAA puppet) Barack Obama and his administration are rolling out a vision to make it a civil crime to even consider piracy, with a concept called "imminent infringement". Additionally, the proposal makes it a criminal offense to bypass DRM. Tax dollars at work--we may be falling behind the rest of the world on education and science, but we'll be damned if a movie executive can have only one yacht.

Submission + - EVGA Bans Users For Discussing Using Hybrid PhysX (gamephys.com)

mykos writes: From the article:
As you may or may not know, Nvidia has robbed its customers by disabling the PhysX technology (GPU and PPU) anytime a Non-Nvidia GPU is present in the system (even IGPs) since the release of 186 GeForce drivers. As predicted, the community responded critically and eventually a user by name of GenL created a patch that removes the blockage and reclaims the feature. This patch is justifiable since we believe if a user bought a GeForce card, he unquestionably deserves access to all its features.

Now, it has come to our attention that EVGA is preventing users from discussing the PhysX mod on their forums. "Sorry guys, but this thread must be locked here. We've stated multiple times in the past that discussion of the PhysX mod is not permitted on these forums, as it is a violation of Nvidia's Intellectual Property rights. This is non-negotiable, and as a partner of Nvidia, we must also respect its rights. Next thread discussing the PhysX mod will earn a warning." said nordicjedi, a forum moderator on EVGA.

Submission + - How can I argue my way out of a cell data plan? 2

mykos writes: My cellular provider has decided that owning a smart phone is grounds for forcing me to have a data plan which I don't wish to have. Are there avenues which I can take to get out of this (legal options, employee suggestions)? I feel as if I've walked into a grocery store to buy bread, then the cashier says "well you need meat with your bread. Otherwise you can't make sandwiches so I'll just have to ring up some corned beef for you, too." There must be some way to avoid being forced to so, right?

Submission + - 2.7 million jobs lost to piracy in Europe. (theregister.co.uk)

mykos writes: Thanks to flawless empirical evidence, we now have information that proves beyond any doubt exactly what piracy truly costs. The outcry from those 2.7 million Europeans currently unemployed due to piracy is deafening. The study, unfortunately, does not list how many people have had their freedoms and rights infringed during the pursuit of pirates, but no cost is too high, apparently.

Submission + - Google moves censorship from China to Australia (smh.com.au)

mykos writes: Mr Newhouse said Google agreed to take the link down after he filed an official complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

"Lo and behold they agreed last night to take down the sites."

Mr Newhouse believes the site would be filtered under the Federal Government's mandatory filter.

"Sites that promote racial vilification would actually fall within that description [illegal sites] and therefore would be filtered."

The Federal Government plans to introduce legislation this year requiring all service providers to ban "refused classification" material.


Submission + - Apple sabotages Atom hackintoshes in Snow Leopard (crn.com)

mykos writes: Apple has launched a new salvo in the ongoing war against non-proprietary hardware. A recent snow leopard update (10.6.2) gives little warning, just a cryptic message: "You may experience unexpected results if you have third-party system software modiýcations installed, or if you've modiýed the operating system through other means. (This does not apply to normal application software installation.)" Installation of the update will result in an infinite restart loop for those using atom processors.

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