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Submission + - Tax-deductible organizations inspiring children with science and art (

mykos writes: I would like to inspire children into the same fascination and wonder for science that I've only recently discovered. I've begun buying Portland-area families year-long memberships to art museums, OMSI, and zoos, but I'd like a few more ideas on what to do with the money.

Can you recommend any other organizations that accomplish this purpose? Preferably, one that does it in a fun way. Kids love fun, I hear.


Submission + - How do I get NASA to hear me out? (

mykos writes: I just had an idea for the space program that might be useful someday. How do I get someone at NASA to look at it? Since I have no connection to any space program (my background is in Air Force satcom, though), I have to pursue other avenues.

Surely there are a lot of people who could get great ideas to NASA if there were a centralized outlet for them. Is there some place where NASA crowdsources brainstorming?

The link goes to a longer description of the idea.

Submission + - How can I argue my way out of a cell data plan? 2

mykos writes: My cellular provider has decided that owning a smart phone is grounds for forcing me to have a data plan which I don't wish to have. Are there avenues which I can take to get out of this (legal options, employee suggestions)? I feel as if I've walked into a grocery store to buy bread, then the cashier says "well you need meat with your bread. Otherwise you can't make sandwiches so I'll just have to ring up some corned beef for you, too." There must be some way to avoid being forced to so, right?

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